Tuesday, November 28, 2017

An evening dedicated to poetry and music at ladies club Multan

Masooma Sibtain, giving away the token to Ayesha Durrani

2017 had been extremely happening for the ladies club Multan. Non-stop partying, games and fun-filled activities went on taking place on monthly basis. which kept members, charged, full of energy and in great mood.  In November, it was the turn of Fariha Munir's group to arrange the party, which included the names of Madam Shagufta Khaksaar, Masooma Sibtain, Begum Sardar Afroz, Begum Shahnaz Khakwani and Farrah Khawaja. This group of ladies decided to dedicate the evening to music and poetry. Members, fond of reading and writing poetry, were invited to recite their favorite poems on stage and they arrived fully prepared for it.

The function took place on 23rd November and was divided into two parts. First for poetry, the other, music.  Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar, being the program secretary of the club, conducted the function. Well versed, as she is, Shagufta has this capability of speaking extempore beautifully, quoting poetry and wise words. Which encouraged the audience to participate. Mrs. Afroz, who was also among the hostesses, dedicated verses of her favorite old song to her husband and her 45th wedding anniversary. She received a lot of cheering and admiration. Among the other seniors, Mrs. Azra Wajid also recited funny romantic poetry, which made everybody roll down in laughter. There were other participants too. Including, Tahira Najam and Imrana Komal, who narrated her own verses and earned admiration.

For the music session, the professional singer, madam Tania was invited, who not only entertained the audience but kept them engaged too. She involved everybody. The seniors and the juniors, all gathered around her and enjoyed singing along. She seemed to be an expert of old movie songs and ghazals, close to the hearts of the majority of the members. While she took a break, members started the game of singing traditional wedding songs, ''tappay''. Which resulted in groupings, whispering in ears, shouting, laughing, a fun-filled competition, which everybody throroughly enjoyed. Ayesha Durrani and Farah Karim Khawaja remained higly active during this session.

As mentioned earlier, the legendary lady, Masooma Sibtain, vice president of FPCCI and a great achiever at many a fronts, was also among the hostesses. Being the extremely busy and committed person that she is, she rarely manged to attend functions at this ladies club, but this time, she personally offered to host the event, as she was present in the city. Women of the ladies club, who had heard her name a lot, but had not seen her in person, were excited to see her around. They requested her, to come on stage and narrate her success story, which she gladly did. As an acknowledgement of her efforts and committment, she was declared 'the chief guest of the event' and was bestowed upon the honor of distributing prizes among the members of admin and participants. Prizes were actually small tokens of love by Fariha Munir to her co-workers.

At the end, a scrumptious dinner was hosted for the guests. Cupcakes by the little cake company by Zahra Shah are always a super-hit at this club. Members treated them like jewels, when they were served as sweets, alongwith tea, at the end. This event was beautifully lit with fairy lights and the atmosphere was so cordial. It felt great to see, how members of this club get charged, ecstatic and excited for the love of music and poetry. It just proved to be the best program during the year 2017, at ladies club. Congratulations to all the participants, organizers and admin of the club. Keep up the good work.

Masooma Sibtain, giving the token to Farah Karim Khwaja
Mrs. Gillani
Mrs. Naseem Rahim and Azra

Our beautiful admin members,
Ayesha Durrani and Farah Khawaja
Mussarat, Shaheen and Mrs. Afroz
Masooma, giving away the prize to Mrs. Afroz
Mussarat, Asma and Farrah
Mrs. Qalab Abbas Naqvi and Mrs. Gillani
Masooma, awarding Imrana Komal
Masooma, giving the prize to Shagufta Khaksaar
Farah Khawaja, Asma and Shaguta Khaasksar, in love with
the cupcakes by the little cake company
Beauteous cupcakes by the little cake company

Two of the hostesses and admin members
Fariha Munir and Shagufta Khaksar

Masooma and Farah Saqib

Masooma giving away the prize to Tahira Najam
Masooma Sibtain, giving away the prize to madam Azra Wajid

Stage is set

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Exhibition of paintings by Mahnoor Anis Sheikh

The bright, young artist , Mahnoor Anis Sheikh

The city of saints, is no ordinary place. It is the hub of creative geniuses. Where singers, musicians, writers, actors and painters abound. There is an artist in each individual who treads on this part of earth. Some have yet not discovered their dexterity and some have excelled at their skills. Among the fortunate ones, who have succeeded in dicovering their path is a young girl, named Mahnoor Anis Sheikh.

Painting is not just a hobby for her, but a fiery passion. An expression to spontaneous flow of emotions. Canvases and paints are her realm and she creates fascinating shapes and forms through different mediums. Her paintings represent modern contemporay art of international level and she thorougly believes in what Pablo Picasso said,

 ''Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.''

The protagonist in her paintings are womanly angels, with eyes closed and wings stretched out and spread around. Female figures, relevant to her own existence. Conveying messages to ''embrace'', to ''let go'' and much, much more. Yet, no comment can be a final interpretation, as Philip Guston once mentioned.

''Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see.'' 

 Mahnoor did not create ripples, but tsunami of her artistic presence, by displaying her paintings in her first ever, solo exhibition, on 10th November, at Ramada hotel, Multan. Widely attended by art critics, media, notables of Multan, alongwith friends and family, it was a one day event, which turned out to be such a massive success that she sold all her creations within few hours of its inception. Talk about the entrpreneurial genes that she has inherited from her business family, the owners of, ''Allah Wassaya, textile mills''.

This beautiful, young girl, Mahnoor has recently completed her graduation in Architecture, from Ravensbourne university, UK. She is the daughter of  a very elegant and refined lady, Mrs. Rameen Anis and renowned industrialist Mr. Anis Sheikh. These proud parents did not leave any stone unturned to encourage the capabilities of their talented daughter and this exhibition was also one of their gifts.

It was no ordinary matter. The chief guest was, Dr. Sophiya Omer, professor of fine arts, from Bahaudin Zakariya university, Multan. Who not only cut the ribbon to inagurate the event, but brought a team of students to study Mahnoor's work. The entire event was a generous affair. With running hi-tea for all the visitors, irrespective of buyers or non-buyers. The respledent display was a treat itself. Artistically lit, statuesque partitions, reminded spectators of alluring halls of art galleries and museums. In short, everything was perfectly done and was extensively covered by media.

Congratulations, Mahnoor and family, for this endeavour of yours and we wish you even greater success in the future. 

The artist with her work

Mahnaz Fareed and Zahra Shah
The chief guest Dr. Sophiya Omer
with Rubina Arsahad and Rameen Anis

Bakhtawar Sheikh and Sidra with the artist Mahnoor
The stunning Rabia Rahman

Rameen and Romana Tanvir

Zahra Shah and Nadeen

Saima Faisal
Shazia Fareed

The ribbon cutting ceremony, Mahnoor next to the chief guest Dr. Sophiya Omer.
Whereas, her parents Mr. Anis Sheikh and Rmeen Anis can be seen at left &right
  Art experts and spectators, enjoying the exhibition
The paintings speak for themselves

The beautiful display

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rameen Anis and group host a party for friends of SOS

The hostesses
Rabia Bosan, Tehmina Munir, Rameen, Haleema Khokar and Hafsa

There is no doubt that 'friends of SOS' have the most happening committee party group in the city of saints. Full of fun, maximum number of members and an extremely sacred purpose at the back, the philanthropic spirit to build the lives of children of SOS village. Month after month, year after year, all the kind-hearted and caring, lovely ladies of Multan, gather together and implicate unique ideas of entertainment and raising funds.

 The party for the month of October was hosted by a group of stunning ladies. Rameen Anis, Tehmina Munir, Rabia Bosan, Haleema Khokar, Hafsa, Zahra and Shazia. The theme they selected for the party was equally appealing. To bid farewell to summer and say 'hello' to autumn. The venue was, one of the most exquisitely designed, prize winning lawns of Multan cantonment. None other than of Rameen Anis. Who went on to implicate this romantic theme, intricately and artistically. Starting from dressing in the rusty shade, which made her appear beautifully elegant.

Smiling scare crows unveiled happy face of autumn, instead of the usual morose one. Rust, Yellow and Orange colors were stretched out at the scene. Table cloths, napkins, even dried flowers of the same shades to emulate the hues of changing weather. Enormous artificial pumpkins and corns were also part of the decorations. Beauty further enhanced by spot lighting, glass pots, fancy candles and stands. In short, the season of fall was assembled at one place, in a lush Green lawn.

There were plenty of games to entertain the guests. 'Find way in the mine', balloon race and musical chair, kept everybody engaged, laughing and cheering. Lots of fun and exhilaration, swept away the gloom of smoggy days that the natives of this city were facing during those days. Breathing the fragrance of fresh flowers and fauna was a gift in itself. Yet, the hostesses were generous enough to reward the participants for being a sport.

The comfortable seating arrangement in the open, neatly lined up tables, seemed to be a work of some event organizer or designer, but it was all done by Rameen herself. Amazingly good job indeed. Which went on to extend in form of a fabulous treat of eatables and desserts, which everybody enjoyed and admired her skill at the culinary art as well.

Mahnaz Fareed, addressed the gathering, admired the efforts of the hostesses and dedication of all the friends of SOS for being an extra ordinary team. She also praised Haniya Shahid, who manages this arduous task of dealing with 180+ committee members and collecting the amount from them. She said, each and every member is valuable and even the smallest of their contribution is bringing a sizable change in the lives of children of SOS.

Not to forget, the gorgeous Tehmina Munir, who is always willing to lend a helping hand and is full of unique ideas. She remained a great support for Rameen in the whole affair and proved a wonderful hostess. Whereas, Rabia Bosan, was content, just being there, looking good and being her sweet, smiling self. All the hostesses showed great courtesy and tried their best to impart to their guests a wonderful time. Great work ladies. It was indeed, one of the best parties of this round. Congratulations, you deserve a pat on the shoulder.

3 gorgeous girls. Tehmina Munir and Rameen Anees
With Mahnaz Fareed
Haniya Shahid, playing the game

Romana Tanveer's turn
A friend with Rimsha

Hania, Mahnaz, Rameen on Left,
Rabia Rehman, Saliha and Zahida on Right

Beautifully decorated autumn props

And the autumn theme continues
Such creative ideas, scare crows, dry potpourri and all

Beautiful layout