Friday, March 27, 2015

Blue fair by Women's chamber of commerce and industry, Multan.

Itratt Gillani, Farah Faisal, Humera Ejaz, Mahvish, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar, Cheena Gillani, Masooma Sibtain,
 Fariha Munir, Mrs. Naseem Raheem, Filza Akber, Mrs. Zahra Khitran, Ambreen Khan and Mahnaz Amir
From territorial point of view, the city of saints, Multan, lies in the heart of Pakistan and is the biggest city of South Punjab. Women of this area are they epitomes of strength, endurance, dedication, creativity, beauty and love. They have always remained a helping hand in the financial and economic stability of their households. From working in the fields as farmers, to cooking and cleaning for their entire families, they hardly get any leisure time for themselves. If they manage to find some, they utilize it in stitching, sewing, creating remarkable embroideries and fascinating handicrafts. Some of which are bought by national/international businessmen and sold as extremely expensive handmade items, out of which these women merely receive a scratch.

Women's Chamber of commerce and industry, Multan (WCCIM) formerly known as SPWCCI, has provided, female artisans of this area, a chance to shape their own destinies. The chamber provides these women access to national and international markets, alongwith educating and training them for bigger platforms. Undoubtedly, it is a big source and vehicle of women-empowerment in the region.

Recently, inorder to honor all their member female entrepreneurs and to promote, project their businesses and to link them to their customers in efficient business environment, the chamber, in collaboration with TDAP organized a four day event, at Railway club, Multan. Which consisted of a fashion show, an exhibition and seminars. As, this chamber is all about cherishing womanhood, there could not have been a better date for organizing it, than international woman's day. The final day of culmination of the entire event was 8th March and its motto was 'Empower a woman, empower a nation.

THE FASHION SHOW: The city of saints, never witnessed a fashion event of this caliber, before this. Although, the same chamber organized another fashion show, back in 2013 but it was less in pomp and magnificence than the latest one. It will not be wrong to say, the genius behind the entire event was solely of Masooma Sibtain, who is the current spokesperson of the chamber and also had the chance of serving as the president of this chamber few years ago. Although, Masooma, gives full credit to current president of WCCIM, Humaira Batool, her support and willingness to go along with it, paved a way for such a splendid event.

And once again, as a support to this fashion event, Mr. Saeed Tamimi, the fashion consultant of TDAP was in Multan. Not alone this time but with Mr. Adnan Ansari and Mr. Chris East of BBC from UK. Mr. Adnan took care of the entire choreography and styling of the models, whereas Chris was handed over the comparing. Together as a brilliant team, these gentlemen produced miracles, which the natives of the city of saints avouched on the eve of 6th March.

The models were specially flown in from Karachi. And the responsibility of their hair and make was taken by Itrat Gillani of Alle' Nora. Which enhanced the already, stunning, slim, smart, tall and pretty girls to enchanting damsels.

Zubia Zainab, Masooma Sibtain, Novaira Fahad, Khshnood Naeem, Ambreen KhanHumaira Batool and Zahida Khakwani were the designers, who showcased their fashion apparel, bridal dresses, purses and clutches, during the fashion show. The leading brand Chen One also participated in this segment, with its chic and trendy outfits and accessories.

The show started with an awesome 'Sufi' theme based collection by Zubia Zainab and Masooma Sibtain. The models wore traditional, Sufi head gears in Blue, to signify that the designers hail from the city of saints and sufis and the color of Blue fair. Indeed very thoughtful. Bridal to formal party wear was included in this breath taking collection.

Whereas, Humaira Batool's line of clothes highlighted simple, yet beautiful traditional Multani embroideries, which is called 'seep' in Seraiki (the language of the native Multani speakers). Ambreen Khan and Khshnood Naeem, presented traditional bridal and formal wear in stunningly bright colors.

Novaira Fahad's product traversed from all the exhibits presented in the show. Her field of expertise is 'purses and clutches'. The models swayed beautiful, digitally printed purses with great style on the ramp.

And something which totally mesmerised the gathering, something totally unexpected, came in the form of the Saree collection by Zahida Khakwani. The models stepped up, in a row. Holding their arms with pallus high, half hiding their faces. Beautifully choreographed by Mr. Adnan Ansari, it was more of a classic performance than simple modelling.

Last but the most significant, was the chic and trendy 'Chen One' collection. Which at once brightened the scene and got the audience cheering and clapping. The models, who were definitely modern, young girls, seemed much more comfortable and stylish in these clothes and accessories. Also gave their best performance, with comfort and ease.

The entire show was simply remarkable. The chirpy, witty comparing of Zubia Zainab, alongwith Chris East, really added charm to this glamorous evening. The event was followed by a scrumptious dinner at the same place.

THE INAUGURATION CEREMONY: On Second day of Blue fair, the exhibition was launched at the same venue. The patron in chief of the WCCIM, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar was the guest of honour. She was warmly welcomed by all the members of the chamber and was made to visit various stalls. She was highly impressed by the quality and standard of products of the exhibitors and greatly  admired the efforts of those involved in arranging the event. The exhibition continued for the remaining three days.

As is the tradition of WCCIM, every event must educate the members and increase their knowledge about improving their products and developing better terms with the clients. A special seminar was conducted on the third day. The topic was 'Branding'. The speakers included Masooma Sibtain, Mr. Adnan Ansari from UK, Mr. Saeed Tamimi from TDAP and Zubia Zainab from PIFD Lahore. Attendees highly appreciated the information imparted by the experts.

PRIZE DISTRIBUTION CEREMONY: On the fourth and final day of Blue fair, On Women's day, 8th March, a formal closing ceremony took place. Mr. Alqama, Vice Chancellor, Bahauddin Zakria University, Multan was the chief guest. 

The ceremony started with the recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Saeed Agha. Comparing was done by Filza Akbar and Seerat Fatima. Masooma Sibtain initiated the ceremony and thanked the members of the chamber and people of Multan for believing in her. She said, it was the faith people had in her that this event which was a dream is now a reality. She invited Humaira Batool, president WCCIM to address the gathering. Then she invited the chief guest to come on stage and give away the prizes. Shields were awarded to those who remained actively involved with the chamber.

Special recognition was extended to the media personnel. Few of the gentlemen and all the women associated with press from the city of saints were acknowledged and special shields were awarded to them.

Congratulations to the organizers and all those, who were involved in this fabulous event. We look forward to more in the future.

The pioneer, the motivating force of women's chamber Multan,
the visionary behind Blue fair & the fashion show Massoma Sibatin
with her daughters Bisma Shoaib & Zubia Zainab

Filza, Seerat Fatima, Humera Batool, Ambreen Khan, Ms. Naseem Raheem, Fariha Munir,
Mrs. Zahra Khitran and Fatima Leghari

The wonder woman behind the dazzling make of the models
Ittrat Gillani, owner of Alle' Nora, Multan.

President women's chamber Humera Batool, Mahnaz Amir, Fariha Munir Shah, Filza Akbar, Farrah Faisal

Masooma Sibtain, welcoming the audience with Zahra Shah

Welcome address by president of the chamber, Mrs. Humera Ejaz & Zahra Shah

The strength behind women's chamber & many other women's institutions of Multan
Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar

                                                            THE FASHION SHOW

                             The Sufi Collection of TRENDS boutique
                                by Zubia Zainab & Masooma Sibtain 


The designers Masooma Sibtain and Zubia Zainab with the models

                                                 The Seraiki embroidery collection by
                                                    Humera Batool

President of WCCIM, Humera Batool with her show stopper

                    The amazing purses and clutches by Novaira Fahad

The designer of the clutches & purses,
Novaira Fahad on her stall

                                                       Ambreen Khan's Collection

Ambreen Khan on Right, with her show stopper at Left
& her daughter in the middle

                                                       KHUSHNOOD NAEEM COLLECTION

Khushnood's daughter with models on ramp

                    The Stunning, Sizzling Sarees by Zahida Khakwani

Zahida Khakwani with her her collection and models

                                 The Chic & trendy clothes by Chen One

                  Models' hair/Make up, by Ittrat Gillani of Alle'Nora
Ittrat Gillani on the ramp with models.

Chris East from BBC, with Mr. Adnan Ansari

Alina Gillani, Khushnood, Humera Batool, Chris East, Adnan Ansari, Saeed Tamimi, Mr. Shoaib, Masooma & Zubia

Sehrish Anjum, Anam Khich and Saima Salman

Shahnaz with Farrah Karim Khwaja

Masooma, Fariha, Fatima Shah, Zahra, Zubia Zainab, Yumna Athar

Mr. Saqib with Mrs. Farah Saqib
Mrs. Naseem Raheem

Group selfie time

Professor Ejaz Khokar, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah and Professor Naveed

                                     The Exhibition and Seminar

Zubia Zainab and Trends boutique, stall at the exhibition
Mahvish with her Jewellery collection

Mrs. Naseem Raheem on her stall, with Fatima and Zahra

Filza Akbar at her beautiful stall of Multani embroideries

Mrs. Cheena Gillani      

The students from a school of design 

Mrs. Zahra Khitran

Shamshad Begum from Muzaffargarh

Uzma Buran with her traditional shoe stall.

Dr. Amna Awan, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar & others visiting a stall

Humera at her stall

Mrs. Humera Batool, president WCCIM addressing the seminar

Mr. Adnan Ansari

Masooma Sibtain

Zubia Zainab, delivering lecture at seminar about branding

The audience at the seminar.
Few of the participants at seminar

Masooma and Humera, giving souvenier to Mr. Saeed Tamimi

Adnan Ansar, receiving his award from Humera and Masooma
                            8th March, Women's day. Annual prize distribution 

All set to welcome the chief guest

President Humera Batool and Masooma, welcoming the chief guest.
Vice Chancellor Baahaudin Zakria University, Multan.
Ribbon cutting ceremony

Fariha Munir receiving her award.

Shazia Naheed and Shaireen Rana from Jang group

Masooma, Chief guest Mr. Alqama, President WCCIM Humera Batool and Agha Sahib