Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Friends of SOS, April 2016 party

Aarfa Waqar with other hostesses of the party
Friends of SOS committee group is the only one in the city of saints, which has a cause behind it. That too of no ordinary nature but a noble one; the sincere intention of nurturing future of children, who have been deprived of the care of their loved ones, due to unfortunate reasons. By being a member of this committee, women not only get to socialize with maximum number of happening ladies around, but the satisfaction that they are contributing for the betterment of other humans, is simply implacable. If you are a member of it, you know the feeling. If you are not, but are interested in joining it, as this committee is about to end and will restart soon. Contact SOS village Multan. You can also access their facebook page  SOS Children's Village Multan - Official.
For the month of April, the hostesses were Mona, Fauzia, Neelam, Iram, Seemi and Aarfa Waqar. On 11th April, they hosted a hi-tea at the most aesthetically refreshing restaurant in the city, Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch. The beautiful ambiance was further brightened by lovely ladies clad in new 'lawn prints'. The party was like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. Aarfa Waqar and other hostesses personally reached out and attended the guests. Each and every member appeared beautiful. One advantage of hosting friends of SOS party at Chatkhara is that you get an additional hostess in form of Hania Shahid. A perfectionist that she is, she doubles her effort as the owner of the restaurant to give the best that she can provide. Interestingly, Hania's partner in the restaurant, the gorgeous, multi talented, innovative lady Ittratt Bano Gillani also presided over this function. So, it had to be amazing. Everybody had a wonderful time and enjoyed the scrumptious, sumptuous treats at the restaurant and generous hospitality of all the hostesses. Keep it up girls! You know it well, how to combine charitable cause with fun and keep it rocking.
Rameen, Saleha, Mahnaz Fareed, Masooma, Zahra Bassat

Itratt Gillani.

Saima Faisal, Rabia Rehman and Shazia Fareed

The two owners of Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch,
Gorgeous girls, Itratt and Hania Shahid

Hania Shahid, Mrs. Safia Riaz Qureshi and a guest with Rabia Bosan

A friend with Beena Younas

The one and only, Masooma Sibtain

Aarfa Waqar, her daughter and other hostesses with Hania Shahid

Selfie time, Fariha Munir Shah and Itratt Gillani

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bismi-Allah of Al-Makhdoom, Dr. Munir Husshain Shah's residence

Fatima Shah, Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah Bokhari

Among the unlimited blessings that Almighty Allah showers the humankind with, the one most celebrated is an individual's own house. The happiness then goes on multiplying, alongwith the number of family, friends and well wishers, who are there to share the joys and honour the place with their presence. 

A house is made of brick and stone
but a home is made of love alone;

''Al-Makhdoom'' is the new residence of Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, Mrs. Fariha Munir and their three beautiful daughters, Fatima Shah, Zahra Shah and Hajra Shah. Although, this house was ready for a long time but the family was slow, in moving into this place, as the kids were too attached to rest of their family and to their grandparents and were not ready to leave them.

Before shifting here, they lived in Munir's family house for twenty two years. Which was also a big, beautiful house, centrally located in the city.  As God had even bigger and better things planned for them, eventually they had to give in and they moved here in Dec 2015. Since then, they were looking for opportunity for inviting their friends and family to a gathering at their new place.

Finally, the visit of one cherished family friend Mrs. Farrah Khawar Qureshi from America, provided them a reason to arrange such a function. They really wanted to honour the presence of this lovely lady (who had been an exceptional hostess to them on their several visits to America) and two of her aunts Mrs. Shahida Ahmad and Mrs. Shamim Akhtar Chaudhary

It was supposed to be a simple lunch but Fariha Munir, the lady of the house had solemnly pledged that the first party she will ever arrange in this house, will be in the name of Allah and His prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). So instead of ''house warming'', she preferred to call it ''Bismi-Allah'' as a sign of true gratitude to Almighty. And at the same time, she decided to keep it light, instead of shaping it to a strict religious gathering. So, in preference to some scholar or  senior performer for recitation of Quran and naat, she invited girls from SOS village (a cause so dear to entire family). 

On 19th March,  Arabic styled gazebos in Black and White were set up in  the vast front lawn of Al-Makhdoom. Professionally made Black and White balloon arches at the entrances and flower arrangements everywhere, reflected that the little girls of the family did contribute their ideas in decorating the place.

Keeping up the spirit of religious gatherings like milaad, tables were topped up with candies and saunf saparis. Although, the month of March remained very pleasant this year, with continuous rains, but on that day Sun also showed of, raising the temperature a little, making it a ''
house warming'' in true sense. To keep it cool, house-maids remained on their toes, serving juices to the guests.

As Fariha has a great reputation of having best of best as her friends. All the beautiful and happening ladies of the city of saints had gathered there to shower their friend with love and priceless gifts. Each and every guest was precious, well loved and valued.

The program started with tilawat-e-Quran by Mehrunisa from SOS. Then, Riffat and her friend, also from SOS, recited poems in praise of Allah Almighty and the holy prophet, Muhammed (peace be upon him).

At the end, a prayer was offered for the owners of the house, good fortune of their daughters and for blessing, all those present in the gathering. Again, the selection for this assignment was offbeat. In place of a a regular religious scholar, this special task was assigned to the special guest of honour, 
Mrs. Farrah Khawar Qureshi. A lady truly blessed, as she remains actively involved, in mosques and Islamic centre in Florida and now, also in Georgia. And she did a splendid job with the prayer. She kept it easy, short and to the point. Hats off to her perfection and a lot of thankfs on part of her hosts that she accepted their request.

At the end, the lunch was served. It was scrumptious and sumptuous. Menu was mainly based on desi cuisine. The guests loved, live barbecue tikka and kebabs, fish, spinach, along with other delicacies. For this, the credit only goes to the man of the house, 
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah. Actually the entire show was his, but he selected his wife and daughters to host it. A thorough gentleman indeed. A loving father and a nice husband.

We request you all to remember this family in your prayers. That the new house they have moved to, should bring lots of good luck and happiness for their entire family. They promise, they return, all the wishes and prayers in the same way, for those who pray for them. God bless them and you all. 

The guest of honour Mrs. Farah Khawar Qureshi in the middle with her aunts Shahida and Shamim at sides

Mrs. Aziza Naseem Ahmed Khan Pitafi

Ittrat Bano, Farrah Faisal and Masooma Sibtain

Hania Shahid, Zahra Bassat, Mahnaz Amir Sheikh
Sadia Yaqoob, Mahnaz Farid Sheikh, Rameen Anees

The special guests from SOS village, Riffat on Right with her friends

Romana Tanveer and Beena Younas

Shahida, Farah Khawar Qureshi, Shamim and Aarfa Waqar

Mehriya Omer, Mala Ahsan, Beena Younas, Rabia Bosan and Yasmin Durrani

Rabia, Yasmin, Uzma Burana, Ayesha Farzana Khwaja

Farrah Ilyass and Misbah Ali

Farah Saqib, Dr. Huma Ather, Naema Batool Mehdi

The guest of honor Farah Khawar Qureshi, getting ready for the prayer
Sidra Bakhtawar, Mala Ahsan, Rabia Bossan
Dr. Huma Ather and Mahnaz Amir Sheikh

Hania Shahid, Zahra Bassat and Farrah Faisal

Uzma Burana and Yasmin Durrani

Farah Khwaja and Ayesha Durrani

Ittrat Bano and Naema Mehdi

Masooma Sibtain and Aasma Suleman

The buffet lunch

Arabic themed set up in Black and White
Black and White themed balloon arches
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, the man of the house, Al-Makhdoom

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A bridal shower by Amna and Summaiya Khan

Amna Khan and Sumaiya Khan, the organizers of the show.

What are little girls made of, made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and everything nice
That's what little girls are made of

They have to be exceptionally sweet and productive when these girls are Amna Khan and Summaiya Khan. Daughters of an extremely talented and innovative designer Ambreen Abbass Khan, who is not only the creative force behind Rawayat clothing but exceedingly active member, rather, office bearer of Women's chamber of commerce and industry, Multan (WCCIM).

Recently, Amna and Summaiya Khan acquired an order for arranging a bridal shower, their first business venture into the fascinating world of entrepreneurs. Using their 
demiurgic skills, they went ahead to present the best bridal shower that the city of saints had ever seen.

Being young girls as they are, they were fully aware of the priorities of 'the bride to be' and her friends. So, the colour pallet they selected was every girl's favourite combination - Pink and Purple. And how was it possible if Midas' touch was there and Gold was not? Gold was there too, which added grace and elegance to entire set up.

Flower arrangements, fairy and candle lights, balloons, party props to photo booth frame, they provided everything that a 'bride to be' could think of. Curtains, table cloth, also the chairs dressers were custom made, Pink and Purple, according to theme. The decorations were simply breath taking. It made all the girls at the party to wish, it was their bridal shower. Some were totally surprised to hear that all the arrangements were done locally by these two sisters, Amna and Summaiya Khan and not by any designer from Lahore or Karachi.

Amna and Summaiya upholsted the photo frame for photo booth in Black Velvet and pearls. A beauteous way to save the memories of this respledent function. The crockery all used was regal and aristocratic in style. Which spoke volumes of the great taste of the selectors.

Even more alluring was the layout on the table. A scrumptious variety of candies and chocolates. Exquisite cakes in shape of formal gowns. Coloured cupcakes and gummy bear lollipops. In short, all this narrated the story of the innocence, creativity and sterling taste of Summaiya and Amna. It was due to these two Power puff girls that a 'bride to be' had the best bridal shower a girl can get and a lifetime of priceless memories.

We congratulate Amna Khan, Summaiya Khan for this brilliant show of event management and wish them, all the best for their future endeavours. Indeed they have selected a wonderful field of business to jump into.

Hats off to 
Ambreen Khan, for brilliantly transferring her own creative and entrepreneurial talents to her children. May they always make her proud.   

Cake cutting ceremony

The beautiful backdrop

A treat for eyes and appetite 

The elegant photo booth

The perfect cake for the bridal shower

A touch of Gold

Sweets anybody?

Party props

Ambreen Khan, the proud mom of Amna and Summaiya receiving her prize at Blue fair.