Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A lunch by Bushra Gillani and Mona Gillani

The beautiful hostesses, Bushra & Mona Gillani.

              Summer has come and passed
               Wake me up when September ends

             Bring out the bells again
                Like we did when spring began
                 Wake me up when September ends

This song by 'Green Day', truly expresses the feelings of the natives of 'City of saints'. For most of them, the beginning of fall is more romantic than the onset of spring. They desperately await the end of September, so that they know, this cool but short winter season is going to stay with them, a little longer than the Spring itself.

And end of September is, what  Mona Gilani and  Bushra Gilani selected to hold their party in FMS committee. The arranged a lavish lunch at Shahjahan Grill, on 20th September.

As their surname suggests, these ladies are indeed related to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani. Fresh as flower, this gorgeous young lady Bushra is his niece, his real sister Madam Nargis' daughter. Although, she has just got out of her teens but Bushra is happily married and mother of two beautiful toddlers. Her sociable and loving nature has already landed her, among the top socialites of Multan.

It seems unbelievable but Mona Gillani is a mother of teenagers. Her husband is a landlord and an entrepreneur. She prefers to stay at home and socialize with a small circle of friends. It is the good fortune of FMS committee that these two amazing ladies became a part of it for the first time.

Back to lunch now. A good number of members managed to attend the function and feasted over delicious desi cuisine selected by Bushra and Mona. Yellow seemed to be the favourite colour, as more than one lady selected to appear in it. It turned out to be a pretty colourful occasion, with lots of discussions, shared jokes and laughter.

Thanks a lot Mona Gilani and  Bushra Gilani for hosting such a lovely lunch and we look forward to more soon.

Bushra and Kiran Dogar.
The gorgeous, Mala Ahsan (Shimaila Jabeen)
Rabia Bossan.

Rameen Anis and Romana Tanvir

Dr. Huma Athar.
Rabia Bosan, Bushra Gillani and Mona Gillani.

Tehmina Munir in Red.

The party in full swing.

The little ladies,
Anam and Maria with Maha Bokhari in the middle
and Hamza at the back
FarihaMunirShah with beautiful surprise visitor,
former member of this committee Naema

Saturday, September 20, 2014

White Angel's party by friends of SOS.

The White Angels together.

Summers are almost over and so are summer vacations. All the Multani-ites, who fled to hill stations or countries abroad, to take refuge from the seasonal heat, returned at the end of August, because the vacations ended. Which ultimately brightened the social scene in the city  in September.

Friends of SOS, also got reunited after a break of two months, over a hi-tea at Ramada by Romana Ahmed, Shumaila, Mrs. Iqbal Khakwani, Asiya Mahay, Maria, Zeb Khan, Saira, Sara, Hina, Madeeha and Amra.

Living upto the traditions of this committee group, another unique theme awaited the members. White Angel, was the desired look. Ladies were requested to appear, wearing White to compliment the theme. The response was amazing. Most of the angels, embraced the idea with open wings and flew, floating in the party, all draped in White. A treat for the sight indeed.

There were games for entertainment of the guests and surprise gifts for the participa
nts . The prize for the most well dressed lady, went to Mehreen Buccha. Whereas, Anjum Sohail was acknowledged as the most punctual of them all. Romana Ahmed, gave away the prizes. 

As, Eid-Qurban (Annual Islamic ritual of animal sacrifices at the time of Hajj) is approaching. All the friends of SOS, were requested to donate, hides of their sacrificial animals to SOS Children's village. Those present at the occasion were also provided big shoppers for the purpose. A reminder that they should not forget these under privileged children at the village, who look forward to the community for love and care, at events like eids, etc.

And here is a request or all the visitors/ readers of this blog. Kindly, donate whatever you can for SOS Children's village, Multan and the skins/hides of animals for eid-e-qurban is a great way to begin with. This is one place, where you can see the living charity, happening infront of your eyes. This is one place, where no terrorists are raised but a great future for the society is being nurtured. Always, remember SOS children's village Multan for your contributions. And dump the skins at any 'collection point' by SOS village point near you.
Bushra Gillani.

Bushra & Mehriya with friends.

Romana Ahmed with more of White Angels.
Romana Ahmed giving the prize for best dressed lady
to Mehreen Buccha.
Anjum Sohail receiving the special prize
for punctuality.

Bushra Gillani & Mehriya Omer

A beautiful White Angel.

Zeb Khan & a friend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dr. Huma Athar and Farrah Saqib in FMS committee.

The hostesses, Dr. Huma Athar & Farah Saqib with  Moeeza Kashif.

Few people of the city of saints are blessed to have identities, which surpass, age or time. Such figures remain, a happening part of the society, throughout their lives. Dr. Huma Athar is one of them.

From early student life, she was respected for her versatile, multi talented personality. She never missed out, any extra curricular activities, even when she was a hard working medical student. From 'the ladies club' to her own colleges, she won prizes everywhere and carved a niche for herself and made her family proud. She served as 'program secretary of ladies club' for several years and with all those duties that she carried on, as an office bearer, her dedication towards her children was not effected. She taught them well to earn scholarships and excel everywhere. Exactly, the way she was brought up by her mother Mrs. Naseem Raheem, another famous senior name in the social circles of Multan.

Huma is currently teaching 'sports medicine', in the department of Social Sciences and Anatomy in department of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakria university, Multan. She is also a private practitioner and runs her own medical clinic in the evening.

The author of this blog FarihaMunirShahTimes, takes great pride in declaring Dr. Huma Athar, her oldest of acquaintances. From the times, when she had newly entered the world of married people, where she had no friend and desperately needed one. Her husband introduced her to his class fellow Dr. Athar's wife, Dr. Huma Athar and ever since then (almost spanning over two decades) the bond of friendship remains flourishing every day.

Farah Saqib, is not just Dr. Huma's partner in the committee but is also married to her brother. So, they do share the relation of being sisters in law. Farah is also a very capable woman and runs her own group of committee parties, which also contribute to the social scene of this city. Farah has already embarked on the journey of performing 'Hajj', we wish her, a safe and happy travel.

Farah Saqib's plan for hajj, made these two ladies to reschedule their committee from September to August. And on 18th August, they arranged an exclusive hi-tea for the members of FMS committee, in Ramada hotel.

The menu for the hi-tea was extra special that day, as Farah's husband had requested a special one, for the party, his wife and sister had arranged. Moeeza Kashif, wife of Huma's younger brother, was there too, from Islamabad. So, it also turned out to be a great family event. Others, also enjoyed the kind hospitality of these wonderful ladies and everybody had a good time.

We thank Huma & Farah for arranging such a nice party and look forward towards more in the future. Lots of prayers for both the ladies and extra wishes for safe travelling of Farah Saqib. Don't forget, members of FMS committee in your prayers. God bless you and us all.

Masooma Sibtain.
Aasma Salman, Afsheen Bhaba & Fozia Buccha.
Mona Gillani
Rabia Bossan

The little guest of honour, Maha Bokhari.

Another little guest of honour with the hosts, Rimsha Anis with Dr. Huma, Farrah Saqib 
Freeha Ismail & Aasma Suleman.

The one and only,
FarihaMunirShah. FMS.

Dr. Huma Athar.
Farrah Saqib.