Friday, September 30, 2016

Friends of SOS bid Rukhsana farewell

The hostesses of the event Freeha Ismail, Rubina Ashraf, Mahnaz Fareed, Ayesha Najeed, Masooma Sitain, Esha

Friends of SOS Multan committee re-started with a big band of record number of 180 members and a very pleasant news in the month of September. One of the senior children of SOS village, Rukhsana was to be married and the recipients of the committee, Mahnaz Fareed, Rubina Arshad, Freeha Ismail, Masooma Sibtain, Ayesha Najeeb, Saira, Eesha and Humna Chatta decided to host her Mayoon/Mehndi function on their party. And these ladies did their best in arranging this event, as they would have done for their own kith and kin. Their hospitality was simply remarkable.

The venue was Multan Garrison Mess (MGM). The main hall was completely booked for the event. Adorned with Yellow flowers and bouquets, entire setting was draped in the same hue. All the members, old and new, were requested to attend the function in complete formal dresses, as they would attend a Mehndi of their own family. Everyone came up to the expectations. Each and everyone shined and sparkled beautifully. And were generous enough to shower gifts and presents for the bride to be.

Hania Shahid welcomed all the members of this new committee and made them aware of its terms and conditions. Rameen Anees made some special announcements. Including a request to all members, whenever they host a party, they must include activities to involve children of SOS village. 
Mahnaz Fareed also addressed the gathering and expressed her joy at the happy occasion of Rukhsana's wedding.

Rukhsana looked adorable in Yellow traditional mehndi outfit and jewelery made of fresh flowers. In order to cherish this resplendent event of their friend's life, girls from SOS village were there too. All dressed up, looking fabulous. All the mehndi essentials were present there. Every nook and corner was decorated with conventional decorative ornaments. Dholak, music, lots of singing and dancing. Hostesses had also arranged Glass bangles as giveaways for the guests (another wedding tradition from the city of saints). To top it all, a sumptuous dinner was served at the end.

It was no ordinary occasion. The event exhibited the seriousness of SOS village Multan towards establishing its children. When she arrived at SOS Multan, Rukhsana was little child. She was raised with care and encouraged (like rest of the children at the village) to work hard in her studies and she turned out to be a shinning example. She did her Masters and was immediately picked by SOS Herman Gmeiner school Multan to serve as teacher. The same institution, which raised her, provided the livelihood and found her a match, when the time came to tie her nuptial knot.

Rukhsana is not the only one. Many other girls were raised by SOS village Multan, in a respectable fashion and married off at suitable time. Not just girls but boys are also dealt with same care. They are followed around for studies. 
Mahnaz Fareed remains on a constant hunt to find opportunities of higher studies, professional colleges/universities and jobs for these children. Establishment of SOS Herman Gmeiner school and SOS Multan institute of technology had the same purpose behind them. To educate and employ, the SOS children, alongwith others.

We truly admire these efforts and wish all the children at SOS village, well established future. Also, we congratulate the hostesses for creating such a wonderful event. Alongwith lots of prayers and best wishes for Rukhsana, wish her a happy, content and blessed marital life. 

The bride, Rukhsana

Hania Shahid
Rubina Arshad, Huma Athar & Farah Saqib

Fariha MunirShah and Rameen Anees
Mahnaz Fareed and Zahra Basset

Mahnaz Fareed, Tehmina Munir, Rameen, Saadiya Yaqoob

Farah Kareem Khwaja with a friend
Masooma Sibtain, Marium Farrukh and Freeha Ismail

Zooni, Saima Salman and Hajra Noon

Misbah Ali

Kiran, Mudassara, Asma Nadeem
Masooma Sibtain and others, singing together
Mrs,Erum Mannan & Afshan Waseem


Rukhsana ready for mehndi ceremony

Rukhsana's house mates from SOS performing the dance ritual
Rukhsana's friends from SOS setting the Mehndi

SOS children, Mrs. Mughees A. Sheikh and Mahnaz Fareed, with the bride and groom on the wedding day

Rukhsana in her bridal glory on her wedding day

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Itrat Mujtaba Gillani and her Alle' Nora Multan

The stunning Itrat Mujtaba Gillani

The city of saints is full of proficient female entrepreneurs. Who ventured into the challenging world of business, during the times, when women were either restricted to households or were only honoured, in the roles of teachers or lady doctors. Itrat Mujtaba Gillani's name is on top of the list of such ladies, who defied the norms of society and stood up to make a difference. Who nurtured their children and their m├ętier together. Today, in Multan, Itrat owns the franchise of Alle' Nora, the most established chain of beauty parlours in Pakistan. And is also a partner with Haniya Shahid in the franchise of ''Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch'', the most successful restaurant in the city. Itrat is an executive member of chamber of commerce and a well loved personality, in the social circles.

Though, this stunningly good looking and tall lady was then fit enough to become an international model but Itrat preferred to set up a Beauty parlour, Salon and Spa, exclusively for ladies. Aimed at providing beauty services to ladies only, yet it was a less trodden path in the early 1990's for a woman with a background as prestigious as Itrat had. Being the wife of renowned landlord and political personality, Mr. Mujtaba Gillani. Who happens to be the brother of Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani, who always held a towering stature in Pakistani politics, even before he became Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Fortunately, instead of becoming obstacles, her family and husband proved to be her strength and supported her on every step. She had all the finances and liberty to pursue her ambitions. So, she started her parlour in 1994, after completion of vigorous training from famous, beauty clinics in Pakistan. In 1996, she travelled to U.S.A. Where she had to stay for some time. She utilised that period and started her studies in a school of cosmetology in Chicago. On completion, she was awarded license to practice in the U.S. She preferred to return to her country and continue her work in her native city.

Well accomplished and extremely qualified in the field of beauty, Itrat had more to discover. The demands of Pakistani customers in make up - were totally different from what she had learnt abroad. Although, her clients loved her work but her drive for something even better, made her look around for options. Personally, she was a great fan of the work of renowned beautician Annie, the owner of Alle' Nora, Pakistan. Itrat accessed her and asked for training, but Annie declined, as she only offered her guidance with the franchise of Alle' Nora. Fond of striving for better, always looking for a room to improve, Itrat did not let go of the opportunity and bagged it. This liaison started in 1998/99 and is going on as raging success, till date. 

All these years, her quest for perfection didn't stop. She kept on holding special training sessions by branded skin, hair and make up companies to keep her staff updated about the latest trends. Brides who get their make up applied from Itrat are immediately identified because of the glitz, glam and elegance, as the Midas touch Itrat possesses, speaks for itself.

Her work is her passion. She wants to provide the best of everything to her clients, including the ambience of her workplace. 
She keeps reinventing, redecorating the set up at a constant pace. Recently, she managed to get a state of the art, brand new make over for her palatial salon. She took the help of  renowned decorator of Multan, Mr. Ali Nasir to redesign it, according to the latest 'shabby chic' style. And now, Alle' Nora is not just a beauty salon but more of a piece of poetry, full of beauty and sophistication. Visitors like to take pictures and selfies in every nook and corner. Even the music played at the place is of superb quality.

So, the next time you are looking for options to visit a salon or spa, head straight to Alle' Nora. It is a real treat for aesthetics, alongwith brilliant services they provide. Keep up the good work Itrat Mujtaba. All the best for your future endeavours.

Itrat Bano

The spectacular newly renovated reception of Alle' Nora Multan

The custom designed mani pedi station
For the sake of aesthetics
A touch of elegance


                 Participants and trainer of L'oreal class

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Little Cake Company by Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah, the little girl behind The Little Cake Company
Creativity at best, cupcake box by the little cake company

It is popularly known, all the good things come in small packages, same goes for 'The Little Cake Company'. As the name tells, it is a small baking company by a very talented young girl, Zahra Shah. Who has recently passed her teenage years and with this business venture has become youngest, successful entrepreneur of the city of saints. She takes orders and operates from home.

Zahra Shah's success story is not complete without the mention of her father, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, who is an enlightened, broad minded person and considers, his daughters to be equally important as many people believe their sons to be of significance in Pakistani society. He never imposed his choices of career on his children but encouraged them find their own way and supported them.

The incident, which brought 'the little cake company to limelight' was none other than Blue fair in March 2016, by Women's chamber of commerce and industry, Multan. Zahra decided to take a stall and try her luck on selling, her baked items. To her surprise, she sold, all her stuff within half the time. The encouragement was amazing. Clients at the exhibition requested her for more and she started taking orders.
Zahra Shah is a very accomplished young lady. Other than her proficiency in baking, she is a very capable art student - who created masterpieces in her A-level 'fine arts' class at Beaconhouse School Multan. She is a swimmer par excellence and has won many prizes in swimming competitions.

From early childhood her love for pets was quite well known. She is an expert of handling all kinds of animals. From Turtles to dogs, fish to cats, she personally raised many kinds of pets under her care at her home. She often volunteers to baby sit, pets of her friends and family. Indeed a great favour and service to society.

Make-up is also something, she is extremely passionate about. She has great collection of cosmetics, bought from around the world and her make-up skills, can transform anyone from ordinary to a gorgeous being.

But she was not interested in pursuing any of these as career. Instead, she selected 'baking'; a dexterity which allows her to practice, all her capabilities together. And while working at it, she gives her real best. She completely dedicates herself, inorder to produce best taste and quality. 
Although, she learnt to bake at home and practised since childhood but with the passage of time, she did attend different courses and baking classes to gain mastery in this art.

The cupcakes she makes are simply fabulous. 
Chocolate, Blueberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Nutella, Oreo, Red velvet, Mint chocolate, you name it and she will make it for you. Apple pies and Gnash cakes made by her, are a treat for the taste buds. Chocolate mousse, Chocolate pudding and lots of other desserts are on her menu. On great public demand, Zahra Shah has decided to start baking classes for ladies at her home. The first class will take place on 4th and 5th July 2016, in the afternoon. Those interested in participating can drop an inbox message at official Facebook page of 'the little cake company' or can call or whatsapp at this number
0323-6500013. The story of this upcoming class will be featured on this blog as well. Also, for her clients, who order her baked items on a regular basis, at the end of this year, Zahra Shah will gift any of her selected client's event, to be featured on FarihaMunirShahTimes. So, join in and become a part of her baking world.

The logo

The Little Cake Company is so proud to have Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar as their regular client.
She also honoured their stall a visit every day at Blue fair

Masooma Sibtain relishing the cupcakes, at the little cake company stall at Blue fair
Cupcakes and cupcakes by the little cake company
Yumilicious cup cakes by the little cake company
Above:Two varieties of Apple pie,
Below: After Eight Chocolate pie at Left, Gnash cake at Right
Supported by her cousins, Noor, Nyle+Shahbano, Eman,
the head girl Zahra Shah with her sisters, Fatima Shah at back and Hajra Shah at side

Zahra Shah with her mom Fariha Munir and Dr, Shagufta Farraz

Hina, Maha Fazal, Wajiha Hussain and their kids, turned out to be great customers

Qaisar Khan Pitafi with his handsome sons Hashir Khan Pitafi and Murtza Khan Pitafi
The Little Cake Company cousins and helpers of Zahra Shah, Eman Shah, Hajra Shah, Noor Shah

The baked items of the little cake company

Zahra Shah setting up the stall at Blue fair

The loving and supporting father Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with his daughters, Hajra, Fatima and Zahra Shah