Monday, May 14, 2018

A grandma and grandson birthday party

Cakes cutting ceremony by Grandma and grandson in full swing

The true beauty about parties thrown by Mr. Ahsan and Mrs. Mala Ahsan is that, they arrange family gatherings. So, the wives do not have to worry about taking care of their husbands or the couples do not need to worry about finding some baby sitter. This family invites you as family and with whole hearted generosity, if you have guests, they tell you to bring them along. Obviously, this phenomenon has its own soothing effect and at the end, everything turns out to be amazing.

Recently, on 5th May Mala and Ahsan celebrated together, birthday of their son, Annas Rasheed and his grandma, Mrs. Raheed (Ahsan's mom) and named it a 'grand love celebration'. That's exactly what it turned out to be. A respledent event arranged at the ostentatiously decorated, regal, interior portion of MGM (Multan Garrison Mess). Where separate sitting areas were dedicated for ladies and gentlemen.

Mala Ahsan, like always played the role of an extra-ordinary hostess. Who not only appeared dazzling, remained hospitable, but went on to further enhance the magnificent layout and ambiance of party halls. Mala opted for arches made of flowers and of baloons as well. The round table meant for 'cake cutting ceremony' was loaded with White flowers from all sides and presented an amazing view, right under the aristocratic chandlier, hanging inside the central dome. Almost all the halls were reserved as sitting and dinning areas for the guests of this party. Extending the comfortable, homely feeling.

There were laughters, there were cheers. Everything and everyone looked grand. Mrs. Rasheed, the grand-birthday girl remained her chirpy self. Enthusiastically replying to all the birthday greetings. Ahsan Rasheed family looked beautiful. Their girls Aasiya, Aafreen and Azka Rani are fast growing up to be pretty ladies, quite hospitable, just like their mom and what to say about the handsome young birthday boy. He is a born hero, with lots of talents and a lot of style. Author of this blog feels great to remember the long association with this family. These children have sprung up, infront of everybody's eyes. Almost all the birthday parties arranged by them, over half a decade, became a part of FarihaMunirShahTimes. Indeed, cherishable!

As mentioned above, the cake cutting ceremony took place in the central hall. Where everybody gathered and joined in the celebration of Mrs. Rasheed and Anass Raheed. Clapping and singing, 'happy birthday to you', over sparklers and candles. There were separate cakes for both the birthday celebs, but they cut them together. Later, a scrumptious, sumptious dinner was served in a separate hall and the party came to an end.

The beautiful family of the hosts, Mala and Ahsan with their children
Mr. Ahsan Rasheed with Dr. Munir Hussain Shah
Romana Ahmed with Mala and the birthday girl Mrs. Rasheed

The grandma, the mother-in-law, mother and birthday girl, all in one.
Mrs. Rasheed
Fariha Munir with beautiful Sobia Rizwan

Mala Ahsan, Nadia Amir and forever young Rabia Bosan

Shazia Durrani, Afshan Asif and Mala

Dewrani, Jithani

Hajra Shah, Dua Sarfraz and Zahra Shah

Iram Zaigham and Mala

Hema Malini
Zahra Shah and Hajra Shah with the hostess Mala Ahsan on the Left.
With their mother Fariha Munir on the right

Tasbiha and Irum Zaigham

Mala Ahsan, looking drop dead gorgeous

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friends of SOS celebrate Rung at Mahnaz Fareed's place

Hostesses Mahnaz Fareed, Rubina Arshad, Fariha Munir, Mahnaz Amir, Saira Nasir, Zubia Zainab and Masooma Sibtain

Who says, Multanis do not know how to have fun? Atleast there is one platform here, where a noble cause is associated with such fun that entire country may look at, with awe and envy. Friends of SOS Multan excell in dedication, commitment and sacrifice and they are also blessed with the joyous spirit of festivity. Lead by the very innovative, extremely creative and talented Mahnaz Fareed, whose ideas know no bounds, friends of SOS, keep on delivering, best of fun-filled activities and entertainment for the natives of the city of saints.

In this regard, the most active and happening part of SOS, is a committee group, handled and run by the very proficient treasurer of SOS, Haniya Shahid. She has been able to take on board, around 200 ladies, who contribute a small amount every month. Out of which they get back half, when their committee turn occurs. Whereas, half of it is gifted to SOS children's village. Remember folks! Collecting money from 200 people every month, keeping an account of it, handling all the amount is not an easy job and Haniya has been doing it for a decade or so. Season after season, the number of members increase, as one circle of commmittee completes its turn. This makes it, outrageously successful.

By being a part of it, you do not feel guilty for having fun, because there is a realization that this joy and merry making here, results in the nurturing and benefit of SOS children. You are not just enjoying, you are extending help, changing lives, feeding, dressing and educating the under priviliged.

After completion of another round, Friends of SOS committee re-started in March 2018. Hosted by the lady, 
Mahnaz Fareed herself, the first party, which was arranged at her palatial residence, turned out to be an extremely pleasing mega-blast. Mahnaz Amir Sheikh, Masooma Sibtain, Zubia Zainab, Rubina Arshad Ali, Saira Nasir, Sara and Fariha Munir were also among the hostesses. It was decided for them to host a 'rung' party.

Now, let us get one thing straight. As, everything that glitters is not Gold, every party which has throwing color as its part, is not 'holi'. At end of term of academic year, throwing colored ink and colors on class fellows, is a common practice in school and colleges in Multan. Similarly, Saraiki culture has this tradition, when a male baby is born, ladies from his father's family throw color on his mother's family, as a celebration.

Shakespeare once said, 'nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so'. Even our religion Islam tells us that, the intention behind every deed matters. So, kindly keep in mind, the intention was not  to have holi. Just a rung party, for fun only and almost two hundred women participated in it. No men were involved, but simple plain fun-loving women, gathered there to spread happiness, among one another or among the children of SOS. It was meant for an extremely noble cause.
The entire post would be useless, if the efforts of Mahnaz Fareed and the pains she took for organizing this event, are not mentioned. She had every nook and corner of her place decorated for the theme. For the purpose, the services of Khadija Babbar, the most famous and favorite decorater of SOS group, were taken. The spacious gardens of Mahnaz's house were beautifully adorned with colorful objects, hanging from above, laid on the floors, wrapped around places to brighten up the scene. Special dyes were ordered to scatter the colors of joy.

Haniya Shahid, Rameen Anis and Saadiya Yaqoob, shared the comparing occasionally, taking short breaks during other fun activities, like music and dancing. They provided updates about history and evolvement of SOS village Multan. Another big news was about the new 'general secratary of SOS'. Eesha Faisal, who formerly held this post for an year, was awarded a shield as an acknowldgement of completing her term of services with SOS. Saima Faisal, truly the best deserving candidate was welcomed for the post, for 2018-19.  Also there, was a group of beautifully dressed, young daughters of SOS. They enjoyed all the activities, the fun-raising for the fund raising conducted for them by Mahnaz Fareed and the group.

Among other hostesses, Masooma Sibtain proved to be a cheer-leader. Zubia Zainab performed the task of photography and the credit of all artistically captured photos, goes to her. Fariha Munir and Rubina Arshad played the role of merry makers. Whereas, Sara and Saira Nasir helped set up the layout. They all did great. 
SOS is one place in the city of saints, where eccentricity is welcomed. Even the misfits find themselves to be at the right place, where they are not judged for their shortcomings but their positive characteristics are discovered and put to use and this event was definitely a reflection of it. It was an awesome party and the theme was meant to spread joy and colors in the lives of children, who do not have their families but only you to support them. Keep up the good work ladies! You are experts of bringing fun and charity together. Simply suberb!

The enchantress who put everyone under spell, Mahnaz Fareed

Rabia, Zahra, Tehmina Munir and Fariha Munir

The beautifully dressed children of SOS, celebration of their lives

 Probably, the most dramatic picture of them all,
Fariha Munir and Saadiya Yaqub

Rubina Arshad Ali with others
Haniya, Saadiya Yaqoob and Mahnaz Fareed, before the colored chaos

Haniya Shahid, announcing in a colored and celebratory mood with Rameen and Tehmina Munir
Munir Vs Munir
Tehmina Munir and Fariha Munir

Rameen Anis and Masooma, celebrating sisterhood
Freeha Ismail, all smiles
Shazia Fareed, Zahra Basset
Rameen comparing at show first. Having fun with Tehmina Munir, Saadia, Haniya and Shazia Fareed
Minayal, Tehmina Munir and Sidra

Mizna and Saira Nasir

Kiran, Iram Manan, Afshaan with Masooma Sibtain, Zubia Zainab and others
Umbreen Qureshi and Tasbiha

Check Rabia Bossan's make up in selfies with Shazia Fareed and Tehmina Munir
Some amazing photography by Zubia Zainab. Seen in pictures, Nadeen, Shahnaz Iqbal, Masooma, Hifzah and Mehria
Shazia Arshad with Fariha Munir & Tehmina Munir
The new general secretary of SOS, Saima Faisal, raising havoc

Posing, Rukhshanda Khalid, Tehmina Munir and Itrat Gillani
Farah Khwaja with Nadia, cousin, Mahnaz Fareed, Maha Bokhari and others
Elegance personified! Wonder, who this beauty was?
Dr. Zahida Dur-e-Sabih

Filza Akbar and Wajiha Husnain

Samreen Zeeshan, with Maha Bokhari, Zahra Basset and others
Mrs. Mughees Sheikh, Farza and Mrs. Zaman

Rubina Arsshad, Saima Faisal, Zubia Zainab, Masooma Sibtain,
Zahra Basset, Farah Khwaja, Hania Shahid, crazy selfies with Fariha Munir Shah
The awesome decorations by Khadija Babbar and Mahnaz Fareed

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fariha Munir Shah's birthday 12th February 2018

The hostesses, glimpses of party and the birthday girl

February, in the cty of saints, is never forgotten by the most hip, happening, gorgeous group of ladies, as the birthday month of the very creative, versatile, fun loving, the real party animal Fariha Munir.

The tradition of throwing a birthday bash by her friends was actually started by Saima Faisal, Rabia Rehman and Farah Faisal. Quickly joined in by Haniya Shahid, Mahnaz Fareed, Saadiya Yaqub, Zahra Basset and Rameen Anees. Every year, more and more friends keep joining in and this event gets even bigger and more beautiful. This year, Shazia Fareed and Rabia Bosan had their names added in the list of hostesses too. Fariha loves this gesture, remains grateful and obliged to all her friends, who never forget that 12th February is her special day and carry out efforts to make it more special every year.

For the year 2018, the venue was Ramada hotel Multan. The hostesses were, Haniya Shahid, Rabia Bosan, Mahnaz Fareed, Rabia Rehman, Saadiya Yaqoob, Shazia Fareed, Zahra Basset and Rabia Bosan. The theme was Fariha's favorite, Valentine's day.

Mahnaz Fareed, mentioned, 'Being a friend, Fariha brings so much love in our lives that we have decided to keep it a theme for her birthday'. Haniya Shahid added, 'Fariha has a special place in everybody's hearts, so she truly deserves this treat.' Indeed, coming from these extremely capable and enterprising girls, these kind words mean a lot.

The hostesses decided to wear Red or Black to compliment it. Saima Faisal being the hostess as well as the owner of the hotel, added the best that she could. She was fully aware of Fariha's fondness for NYC. Therefore, she had
 replicas of famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana in New York, placed at the party area. Which was decided to be pool side, suggested by another hostess Rabia Bosan. Rabia also ordered the cakes, no-where else, but at 'the little cake company by Zahra Shah'. Which is actually birthday girl's daughter's bakery. The cakes turned out to be beautiful and extremely delicious, everybody loved them.

Saima Faisal had the pool side decorated with Red baloons, fresh Red Roses in crystal vases. Beautiful formal seating with scrumptious hi-tea buffet laid on the side. There was a separate table for cake cutting ceremony. The party area looked amazing and so did the ladies. Itrat Gillani, Qamar Khushi also made themselves available, out of their busy schedules to attend this event. Asifa Khwaja, Saima Tanveer and Afshan Asif were also among attendees. Afshan also had her birthday coming up after few days. So, this also served a pre-birthday party for her and she was made to cut a cake. Of course, made by the little cake company by Zahra Shah.

All these gorgeous ladies, gathered at the pool side and waited for the 'always late', birthday girl, 'Fariha Munir'. As she apeared on the scene, they started singing in a choir, 'happy birthay to you Fariha'. Fariha's happiness knew no bounds. All her beautiful friends that she loves so much had made her special day, had made this birthday even more beautiful. Rest of the time was filled with laughters and giggles of joy. Everybody enjoyed the extravagant Ramada hi-tea menu and had an awesome time.

And as if, that was not enough. One friend, Rameen Anis, who is usually a part of hosting Fariha's birthday party every year, was not in town on the day. She invited Fariha and other friends to coffee planet for tea, turned out, she had another surprise birthday party for Fariha.

Thanks a lot everybody, for being such awesome friends.You are all, prayers answered by God. You are Almighty's special blessings in human form. Fariha truly loves you. She is indeed lucky to have you all in her life. She is already living in heaven. 

Saima, Asiya, Asifa, Qamar at back,
Haniya, Shazia, Fariha, Saima (sitting)
Asfshan, Rabia Bosan, Rabia Rehman and Mahnaz Fareed at Right
Saadiya Yaqub and Zahra Basset in love

Snow White Saima Faisal

Itrat Gillani
Shazia Fareed

Pretty & perfect Rabia Rehman

Shazia Fareed, Haniya Shahid, Rabia Rehman, Mahnaz Fareed and Itrat gillani

All smiles, Qamar Khushi  & Rabia Bosan

Saadiya Yaqub, Shazia Fareed, Haniya Shahid
& Rabia Rehman
Mahnaz Fareed and Itrat Gillani

Gorgeour girls,
Zahra Basset & Rabia Bosan
Miss elegance, Qamar Khushi

Saima Faisal with Asifa Khwaja & Saima

Rosy smile, gorgeous girl, Saadia Yaqoob

So much beauty in one picture
Shazia Fareed, Haniya Shahid, Rabia Rehman, Mahnaz Fareed

The divas
Shazia Fareed, Haniya Shahid, Zahra Basset, Qamar Khushi

Zahra Basset and Shazia Fareed

Stealing the show, Rabia Bosan
Gorgeous cakes , made on order from
 the little cake company by Zahra Shah

Highlights of the party