Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Around the world party by friends of SOS

Mahnaz Fareed with the brightest stars of SOS village and school

The friends of SOS, committee party for the month of September was a mega-hit! The theme, 'around the world' was enough to excite, but in addition to it, there were many other interesting features. The charming, popular and well loved personality,  Iram Mudassir was among the hostesses. Ammara Nazir, Neelum, Marium, Rukhshi, Saima, Afshan, Asifa, Fatima, Hadia and Humaira, everyone made sure, their guests are properly entertained. Whereas, the children of SOS also get the attention and the projection they deserve. The entire show is actually dedicated to them, after-all.

Many of you are aware of the fact that SOS village Multan is distinct in many different ways. It is considered to be a Star project of SOS villages at national level. It has a school, a youth house, a technical training institute and lots more. It is the only charitable organization, where children are not just raised and taken care of but a lot of emphasis is laid on educating and grooming them. Mahnaz Fareed works with an unimaginable sincerity for creating a future for these children under her care. Her efforts to equip them with best of education, provide them with best of exposure, polish and then establish them as professionals in their lives are extra ordinary.

When you look at these children, you do not find them to be ordinary. You do not even believe them to be under-privileged. They are smartly dressed, sure of themselves, brimming with confidence. They are focused, they know their direction. They remember, their school competed Beaconhouse school in English and Urdu debates and defeated them. They are not less than others, if not better,  Thanks to their great leader in shape of Mahnaz, they have aims instead of dreams. They are well aware of her devotion to them. Therefore, they put their best in their studies to make her proud of themselves.

 Recent results of their academic achievements just proved that. The flying colors, with which they passed their exams, needed to be celebrated. So, the SOS team and the gracious hostesses decided to dedicate September party to these children. These star students and high achievers were invited to the beautiful Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch, which was the venue of the party and were bestowed upon with honors, in shape of prizes and medals.

Rameen Anis hosted that part of the show. She is an extremely dedicated member of Mahnaz's SOS team and has always been there to support this cause. She gave a presentation about the achievements of the school and the children of SOS and invited hostesses Iram Mudassir and Ammara Nazir to accolade the students. Mrs. Beena Khawaja, Saadiya Yaqoob, Freeha Ismail and Tasbiha were also invited to give away the prizes. There were prizes for the SOS team members also.

As mentioned earlier, the venue was Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch. The SOS team member and the owner of this restaurant Hania Shahid made great efforts to incorporate the theme, around the world. Strings of small international flags endorsed the dinning tables. There was a photo booth suggesting seven wonders of the world. Props to take and pose with. Variety of international cuisine to match. Special cupcakes, made on order from 'the little cake company', with pictures of traveling spots from around the world, made out of fondant. We must say, nobody regrets, arranging a party in Lahore chatkhara Multan branch, as there is always a unique elegance, a personal touch provided by Hania Shahid.

Once again, congratulations to all the high achievers of SOS, to all the teachers and staff members of SOS school and other institutes, for the success. Wish they keep the flag of SOS high. And well done ladies, for putting together such a fabulous show.

Haniya, Mala, Saadiya, Eesha. Rameen, Saima, Mahnaz, Fariha and Rabia
Hania Shahid with the star students

Rameen Anis conducting the program
Rameen and Beena Younas awarding Sir Kamran

Iram Mudassir, awarding the student
Amaara Nazir with children of SOS

Freeha Ismail awarding medal to Riffat on behalf of friends of SOS

Mahnaz Fareed with former child of SOS, who is a staff member at Chatkhara
Saadiya Yaqoob

The bright and beautiful, girls of SOS

Rameen Anis and Mahnaz Fareed, presenting token of thanks to Fariha Munir

Rameen Anis and Tasbiha with a star student

Around the world themed cupcakes, with symbols of different travel destinations of the world.
Made on order from The Little Cake Company

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Birthday bash for Zahra Basset and Mala Ahsan

Selfie queens

Friends are like embellishments, their presence adds beauty to ordinary lives. Being social animals, humans tend to flock together with their own type. At some places, opposites attract but mostly, happy people surround themselves with their own kind. Such people keep looking for occasions when they can share their joys with their loved ones. They never forget the special days of the people who are dear to them, specially birthdays of their friends.

There is a trend in the city of saints that you do not have to celebrate your birthday. Your friends are always there to perform this service for you. They get together and throw a party to show their love for you. September is the month of birthdays of many a stunning girls. Zahra Bassat and Mala Ahsan are among them. They are also blessed to have such loving friends, who do not let their special days pass without celebration. So, on 12th September, on the day of the most loving and happening gorgeous girl Zahra Bassat's birthday, a lunch was arranged in Mariam hall of Ramada hotel Multan. This party also served as a pre-birthday party for the beautiful Mala Ahsan, who had her birthday, only two days later, on 14th September.

It was a small but beautiful affair. Thanks to the lovely Saima Faisal, who personally handled all the arrangements of the party. A special, separate hall for the party. Flower arrangements laid on the tables and a gracefully decorated sofa setting for the tea. Saima was also first to be at the party, alongwith Fariha Munir. Zahra Bassat looked glowing and glorious in her beautiful Fawn colored dress, as cheerful, as a birthday girl should be. So did Mala, in her springy Yellow outfit. Everybody seemed to be in a mood to enjoy. Haniya Shahid requested Zahra Bassat for singing but Fariha Munir volunteered for the purpose but gave up after uttering few verses. Whereas, Zahra Bassat, truly surprised her friends with her melodious voice and ability to sing.

As it was a birthday party, the participants came up with a small game at the spot, which they named 'guess the age'. All of them, had to guess the age of each girl present at the party. Many a shocks and revelations occurred, when the guesses went wrong and the person in question appeared older or younger than the assumed. The greatest surprise came from Azima Khakwani and she was truly admired for her honesty. We would like to refer to all these ladies as young girls, but it had all age group representatives. Mrs. Zahida Sabih, Azima Khakwani, Saadiya Yaqoob, Rameen Anis, Shazia Fareed, Rabia Bosan, Saima Failsal. A little younger lot, like Mona Jahanzeb, Maimoona Qasim, Eesha Faisal and Misbah Ali. An even younger category was also present in form of Zahra Shah and Hajra Shah. Anyway, it turned out to be a true happening crowd.

The lunch was a perfect example of fine-dinning and was served in courses on the seats. First came the soup with bread sticks and garlic bread, followed by beautifully dressed salad and the main course. Then desert at the end. The guests felt, as if they were the judges of Masterchef and were enjoying tasting finest of cuisines. The presentation was immaculate. Female servers were also there among the staff, perfectly dressed in tuxedos and gloves, something not very common in Multan. We truly admire, the fine-dinning ambiance and presentation of the staff at Ramada, particularly at this event.

The cake cutting ceremony took place at the separate sitting area, beautifully decorated with flowers and artifacts. The cakes were made by The Little Cake Company by Zahra Shah. Decorated with sugar cookies, French macrons The little chef personally brought the delicious cakes. All the diet conscious ladies, who are usually reluctant to take even a bite, could not resist and thoroughly enjoyed the cakes and applauded Zahra Shah's skills as a cake maker. Well done, the little chef of the little cake company.

It was indeed, one fabulous afternoon, dedicated to friends and the gorgeous birthday girls. We extend our warmest wishes to Zahra Bassat and Mala Ahsan for an even brighter future and an even greater life.

Zahra Shah of the little cake company with the birthday girl, Zahra Bassat

Rabia Bossan, Mala Ahsan, Zahra Shah, Hajra Shah

Mala, Saadiya Yaqoob, Zahra

Rameen, Haniya and Zahra Bassat enjoying the cake

The young and glamourous, Maimoona Qasim
The Snow White, Saima Faisal

The youngsters,
Mona Jahanzeb, Eesha Faisal and Misbah Ali

The birthday girl, Zahra Bassat
The birthday girl, Mala Ahsan

Azima Khakwani, sweet as ever
The stunning Haniya Shahid making a fashion statement with funky heels
Shazia Fareed, looking lovely 

Rameen, Shazia and Fariha

Maimoona, Saima Faisal and Rabia

Misbah Ali, Eesha Faisal and Mona Jahanzeb

Saadiya Yaqoob and Mrs. Zahida Sabih
Saima Faisal, Mala Ahsan and Saadiya Yaqoob in selfies with Fariha Munir Shah

The beauteous cakes made for the beauty, by the little cake company

Fine dinning. Menu laid on the table
Superb set-up
Perfect layout on table

Cream of wild mushroom soup with garlic bread and bread sticks

The main course
The salad

The dessert
Separate sitting area within the hall for tea

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mala Ahsan's committee party

Mala Ahsan, the stylish and beautiful hostess

Beautiful people create beautiful things. Such is the case with Mala Ahsan. She is known as queen of themed birthday parties in the city of saints. For her, it does not matter, if she has to entertain ten people or hundreds of them, she makes equally great efforts on decorations and beautification. Flowers, candles, fairy lights are permanent part of her household setting. Her place presents as charming a scene, as her own dazzling personality. Her entire family loves entertaining, so their house remains a party place throughout the year. Her eye for details, allows her to plan everything perfectly.

Recently, Mala arranged a committee party. One that she personally runs among a little number of friends. Venue was none other than the cozy and comfortable drawing room of her home sweet home. Glittering, shining fairy lights adorned the entrance of the house. Flowers, flowers everywhere. Every nook and cranny, lit with flickering candles. Mirrors reflected light. Red and Gold, appeared bold and gave birth to a very soothing, romantic and appealing ambiance. One could tell, everything spoke of Mala's artistic personal touch.

Hi-tea was served in the dinning room, which is another beautiful extension of her house and personality. Red and Gold continued to prevail. Candle lights continued to shine. Dinning table was loaded with generous feast and superb crockery and cutlery. Everybody loved the menu and admired Mala's efforts. She personally went on to serve plates, tea and coffee, although a bunch of trained housemaids were there for the purpose. Which speaks volumes about her kindness and humility.

Fariha Munir, Zahra Basset, Nadia Amer, Rabia Bosan, Romana Ahmed, Ambreen, Mrs. Rukhsana Naeem, Asma Khwaja were among those present at the occasion. It turned out to be a very warm and comfortable little gathering.

Remember folks! For women, it is also a great art to take care of their own selves, to keep themselves fit and active. And Mala is a great example of it. She is such a perfectionist, no side of her life is neglected. Her husband, children, friends, family and in-laws, simply adore her as she takes care of everyone around but she has not lost herself to it. She makes efforts to maintain herself. Her flawless beautiful skin maybe naturally, but she follows a careful fitness regime and healthy eating habits. Which will pass her in the eyes of many (who do not know her) as a newly married bride, where she is the mother of teen-agers. And this is indeed a great inspiration for those, who ignore themselves in the race of life.

We congratulate Mala for being such a great perfectionist. And we pray that she carries on her own tradition successfully throughout her life. Great going girl! We love you!

Asma, Romana, Zahra Basset, Mala Ahsan

Rabia Bosan with her pet

Beautiful drawing room of Mala
Ambreen and Mrs. Rukhsana Naeem
Rabia, Mala and Asma Khwaja
Romana, Ambreen and Mala