Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Little Cake Company by Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah, the little girl behind The Little Cake Company
Creativity at best, cupcake box by the little cake company

It is popularly known, all the good things come in small packages, same goes for 'The Little Cake Company'. As the name tells, it is a small baking company by a very talented young girl, Zahra Shah. Who has recently passed her teenage years and with this business venture has become youngest, successful entrepreneur of the city of saints. She takes orders and operates from home.

Zahra Shah's success story is not complete without the mention of her father, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, who is an enlightened, broad minded person and considers, his daughters to be equally important as many people believe their sons to be of significance in Pakistani society. He never imposed his choices of career on his children but encouraged them find their own way and supported them.

The incident, which brought 'the little cake company to limelight' was none other than Blue fair in March 2016, by Women's chamber of commerce and industry, Multan. Zahra decided to take a stall and try her luck on selling, her baked items. To her surprise, she sold, all her stuff within half the time. The encouragement was amazing. Clients at the exhibition requested her for more and she started taking orders.
Zahra Shah is a very accomplished young lady. Other than her proficiency in baking, she is a very capable art student - who created masterpieces in her A-level 'fine arts' class at Beaconhouse School Multan. She is a swimmer par excellence and has won many prizes in swimming competitions.

From early childhood her love for pets was quite well known. She is an expert of handling all kinds of animals. From Turtles to dogs, fish to cats, she personally raised many kinds of pets under her care at her home. She often volunteers to baby sit, pets of her friends and family. Indeed a great favour and service to society.

Make-up is also something, she is extremely passionate about. She has great collection of cosmetics, bought from around the world and her make-up skills, can transform anyone from ordinary to a gorgeous being.

But she was not interested in pursuing any of these as career. Instead, she selected 'baking'; a dexterity which allows her to practice, all her capabilities together. And while working at it, she gives her real best. She completely dedicates herself, inorder to produce best taste and quality. 
Although, she learnt to bake at home and practised since childhood but with the passage of time, she did attend different courses and baking classes to gain mastery in this art.

The cupcakes she makes are simply fabulous. 
Chocolate, Blueberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Nutella, Oreo, Red velvet, Mint chocolate, you name it and she will make it for you. Apple pies and Gnash cakes made by her, are a treat for the taste buds. Chocolate mousse, Chocolate pudding and lots of other desserts are on her menu. On great public demand, Zahra Shah has decided to start baking classes for ladies at her home. The first class will take place on 4th and 5th July 2016, in the afternoon. Those interested in participating can drop an inbox message at official Facebook page of 'the little cake company' or can call or whatsapp at this number
0323-6500013. The story of this upcoming class will be featured on this blog as well. Also, for her clients, who order her baked items on a regular basis, at the end of this year, Zahra Shah will gift any of her selected client's event, to be featured on FarihaMunirShahTimes. So, join in and become a part of her baking world.

The logo

The Little Cake Company is so proud to have Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar as their regular client.
She also honoured their stall a visit every day at Blue fair

Masooma Sibtain relishing the cupcakes, at the little cake company stall at Blue fair
Cupcakes and cupcakes by the little cake company
Yumilicious cup cakes by the little cake company
Above:Two varieties of Apple pie,
Below: After Eight Chocolate pie at Left, Gnash cake at Right
Supported by her cousins, Noor, Nyle+Shahbano, Eman,
the head girl Zahra Shah with her sisters, Fatima Shah at back and Hajra Shah at side

Zahra Shah with her mom Fariha Munir and Dr, Shagufta Farraz

Hina, Maha Fazal, Wajiha Hussain and their kids, turned out to be great customers

Qaisar Khan Pitafi with his handsome sons Hashir Khan Pitafi and Murtza Khan Pitafi
The Little Cake Company cousins and helpers of Zahra Shah, Eman Shah, Hajra Shah, Noor Shah

The baked items of the little cake company

Zahra Shah setting up the stall at Blue fair

The loving and supporting father Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with his daughters, Hajra, Fatima and Zahra Shah

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

007 Annas' Rasheed upgraded as 008

Fun loving parents Mala and Ahsan with their birthday boy Annas Rasheed

''My name is Bond, James Bond! And the reason I am here is my promotion. Till now, the world knew me as 007, from now on my new code is 008''

Wow! What an amazing idea of celebrating Eight birthday of this little lad, called Annas Rasheed. Year after year, this blog covers birthdays of this family and the innovations in picking themes for their parties and applying them to perfection remain mind blowing. The genius behind creating these perfect theme parties is quite well known. None other than Mala Ahsan Rasheed (Shimaila Jabeen) the mother of the birthday boy. To be very honest, Mr. Ahsan Rasheed's children are extremely lucky, as they are blessed with parents, who still have souls of little kids inside them. They equally enjoy all the fun activities with their children.

Guests were invited to attend the party dressed as secret service agents, either to arrive in Western clothes or wear Red or Black. Lots of secret service agents, appeared. Even the summer heat in May could not take away, their spirit to party, fully dressed in two piece suits. Aaseyah, Aafreen, Azka, all three sisters of the birthday boy looked stunning in formal Black gowns. Leave aside young girls and boys, even their mothers opted to wear Western outfits, Bond girls, Pakistan version. 

On 6th of May, this '007' themed party took place at the roof top garden of their house. Whereas, the decorations started from right outside the gates. Little Hollywood was erected there, with Balloon arches, fairy lights, standees with Annas' pictures posing as James Bond, artistically placed everywhere. Not to forget, the invitation card for Annas' 007 party had his own picture, dressed to kill with a gun as 007. Amazing creativity indeed. Seemed, a separate photo session was arranged only for invitation cards and stage backdrop, standees and cut outs. Must have taken months of preparations. Our salutes to Mala for so much of effort. And congratulations to the little lucky birthday brat.

And this was just the beginning of decorations. Every nook and corner of the house was filled with bunches of flowers and balloons. The entrance, the walkway, the staircase leading to the party area, everything and every spot had some draping, glitter or was simply glowing in colours. Yet, when people entered the party area, their jaws dropped to witness the breath taking view.

The stage had an enormous backdrop with Annas' pictures, posing in James Bond style. There were 007 guns for all the children to play with. Gigantic balloon arches beautifying every side. Custom made buntings and mini flags, everywhere. When the evening started to prevail, all these things were lit with different coloured fairy lights, adding a magical touch. The James Bond music was played throughout the party.

At one side of the party area, there was a cutout James Bond car stand, with a bling-bling background. Go there, pose as if you are driving, you also get props like sunglasses to pose with, act like a secret service agent and get your pictures taken. While at the other end of party area was an enormous darting wheel. Boom, boom! Use the gun but only for fun, no real bullets but plastic darts only. Get your picture there too.

Another thing, which had the guests and the children attending the party, going crazy, a chocolate fountain. Which constantly flowed and children used straws to drink chocolate, right from the fountain. Some preferred to have it on the cupcakes, some dipped wafers and biscuits. There were lots of games, lots of singing and dancing, alongwith toy gunning. The cake was also huge in size and well designed according to the theme. The dinner was served downstairs, in the lawn. A great variety of fast and traditional food to suit the tastes of young and old alike.

We congratulate Mala Ahsan for yet another gala celebration. Girl! You are a living proof, for a drop dead gorgeous, talented woman like you, ''The World is not enough'' to prove talents. May you get the entire universe to spread this beauty. And indeed, you are as stunning as any heroine of James Bond movies.

Family with the birthday boy
Glamourous bond girls
Hajra Shah, Zahra Shah, Fatima Shah

Birthday boys sister Aaseeah
Birthday boy's fun with gun. Annas enjoying being 008 from 007

Saima Faisal and Rabia Rehman

Mala Ahsan and Zahra Bassat with giant darting board
Mehriya Omer with kids Zahra Omer and Niaz Hussain

Romana, Mala, Iram and Bushra

 Birthday boy Annas Rasheed posing with friends and father Ahsan Rasheed
Girls with guns, lethal combination
Nadia Amir, Mala, Rani, Zahra, Tasbiha, Romana
Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah on a secret Bond mission
So many Bond girls together

Romana Ahmed, Mala, Irum, 

Romana Tanveer, enjoying the ride in Bond car

Mala with Hamu and Zishma Safi

Birthday bounties and party props

The beautiful party set up

And how it glowed at night
The genius behind the event. Birthday boy's mom. The stunning beauty, Mala Ahsan

Kids enjoying Chocolate fountain with straws, cupcakes and wafers

Daddy cool, Ahsan Rasheed with his son, 007/008 Annas Rasheed

Monday, May 16, 2016

Friends of SOS at Haniya's place

The hostesses of the party with Hania Shahid

Save the BEST for LAST! That's what Haniya Shahid and friends of SOS Multan believe in.
Although, it is common in committee groups, the head who collects and manages the total amount, gets the money first--- but not in this committee! Hania Shahid makes sure, all the members receive the sum and arrange their parties first. Then she designs an event so splendiferous that it obliterates the memories of even the best of parties, like ''the rung party'' she had last time. Magnetizes new people, along-with those already associated with this cause. And that's exactly what she did again, at the closure of 'friends of SOS committee, season 3'.

On 5th of May, alongwith her group members, Rubina Arshad, Saira Nasir, Saima, Ayesha, Qudsia, Kokab, Reena, Rabia, Shazia Fareed, Ittratt Bano Gillani and Shahida, Hania Shahid arranged last party of this committee at her own beautiful house in the evening.

It was again a resplendent event. The decorations started right from the entrance. Kites beautifully tucked in Saffron clothed arches_all the way up the drive way. The tea was to be served in the front yard. Whereas the sitting and the ramp for fashion show was laid in the backyard. Which had another breathtaking set up to offer.

The favourite part of the writer of this post, were dozens of glass bird feeders hanging in the trees with flickering artificial candles. Which also appeared, like giant bubbles floating at the corners or chandeliers in the open. Absolutely fascinating. Although, even this writer had bought few of these glass bird feeders but nobody could think of using them so artistically, so perfectly in such abundance but only Haniya Shahid.

Black and White theme for sitting areas seem to be catching up fast. The entire sitting layout was Black and White. Chairs dressed in White skirts with big Black bows. Unnecessary lighting was avoided to keep the romance alive. Concealed colour changing, disco lights were placed under trees and creepers, to enhance the beauty. A musical band entertained the audience with live music and singing. An enormous ramp was there with the stage to provide the young participants from SOS village, true feeling of being models at a fashion show. Yes, the models were from SOS village, all dressed up, glowing in shimmering make, all pretty little ladies.

Shinning like a diva, Haniya herself hosted the show confidentially. The program started with tilawat Quran by a girl from SOS village.  After that Haniya invited Mahnaz Fareed on stage. Who showed a presentation about all the achievers from SOS village. Those children, who acquired respectable living and education through this institution and now are creating their niche by getting jobs. She went on to describe, some of them are also employed back at SOS village, SOS Herman Gmeiner School, SOS institute of technology, Multan. It is a fantastic system which does not let go of their lives even when they enter their adulthood.

Here, it is important to salute Mahnaz Fareed for her efforts. This lady is determined, personally takes great pains, follows these children and makes sure they get the maximum access to best of education and opportunities, not just in the city or the country but all around the world. To her, every child in SOS village is her own child and she does not want them to be deprived of anything, no matter what. 
She is a great example of success in every field of life. Her efforts and contribution to the society must be acknowledged by awards and honours by government and other institutions, being bestowed on her.  

After Mahnaz, Haniya invited all her group members on stage and thanked them for their co-operation for organizing this event and agreeing to everything she suggested. She also requested them to speak on the occasion. Ms. Shahida greatly admired Haniya's ideas and efforts and thanked her for taking all the arrangements upon herself. She said, they were blessed to have her as member and entire city is blessed to have a lady like her.

Finally the drums rolled and the fashion show started. One after another, on the beat of lively tunes of music, the girls appeared on the ramp. Full of poise, beauty and confidence. Few of them were accompanied by the hostesses. Haniya, Rubina Arshad, Saira Nasir, Sidra Bakhtawar, Shazia Fareed, Saima Fisal, Rabia Rehman and Shahida also graced this catwalk. Those who were present at the occasion, simply loved the show. A record maximum number of attended this party out of 115+ members of this committee.

As described above, the tea was served in the front lawn. Which was beautifully decorated with food stalls from Haniya and Itrat's very own restaurant Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch. Women relished over the variety of cuisine and simply loved, the live assembling of chaats and cooking of sweet Jalebis. From barbecue to Chinese, everything was in abundance to serve the vegetarians and the meat lovers. With plenty of diet and regular cold drinks and teas. It was indeed a marvellously done event. Congratulations to Haniya and all her group members!

Do not forget dear friends! Haniya remained topper and a distinction holder, throughout her academic life. Did her MBA from B.Z.U, Multan with flying colours. Had the honour of serving as Director of National Bank of Pakistan for four years, during previous government. And is also a constant, most regular, greatest support of SOS Village Multan. Being the daughter of Mrs. Jameeda Malik, a renowned educationalist of Multan, Haniya fully incorporates her teaching experience in smooth functioning of SOS Herman Gmeiner school, shoulder to shoulder with her dynamic friend Mahnaz Fareed. And thus is one of the most valued board members of both, SOS school and SOS village Multan. This event speaks a lot about her refined tastes, great management skills. Also as mentioned earlier, Haniya alongwith her partner Itrat is the only female restaurant owner in the city of saints. Truly a talented and blessed personality. Lots of prayers and best wishes for her in the future. Good Luck for everything

The models, girls from SOS village Multan

Sidra Bakhtawar and Mahnaz Fareed

Freeha Ismail and Saima Faisal

A little girl in the party, Hajra Shah

Romana Ahmed and Mala Ahsan

Rubina Arshad with friends

A friend with Saira Nasir

Romana Tanveer
Aarfa Waqar

All smiles

Kiran and Afshan

All dolled up beauties, Saima Faisal and Rabia Rehman

Mehriya Omer, Attiqa Hussain

The gorgeous Hina Ali
Farah Saqib and Uzma
Hania on the ramp with SOS girls

Ayesha Usman, in the middle of her friends

SOS village model girls on the ramp

Friends with Hina Shahid

Shazia Fareed and Zahra Bassat

Zainab and Uzma Akbar

Riffat with her friends from SOS
Snapchat shot, Shehaer Bano, Maha Bokhari and Hajra Shah's Selfie with FarihaMunirShah

Beautifully decorated gifts for the guestson Left,
glass bird feeders used as candle hangers on Right

Kite decorations on entrance, Live Jalebi cooking and different food stalls
The most fascinating part of all the decorations, glass bird feeders with flickering artificial candles