Thursday, March 30, 2017

Son of Beena Younas and Khawaja Younas, Khawaja Jawad weds Meher Ghousia

Ayesha and Sadiya, with their brother Khawaja Jawad (the groom) and their beautiful mom Beena Younas
Milad/Mayun 21-3-2017 

The city of saints, has recently been in news for extravagant spending on pompous weddings. Tales of groom's arrival on a lion's cage, his face veiled in Gold jewellery. Motorcades of limousines, unlimited dowry, etc. Strange enough, the happening crowd of Multan kept wondering, who were those people? Where the wedding took place? As, despite the flamboyant nature of the events, nobody knew them.  

Rest aside, here we bring to you, story of a wedding where the characters were mightier than ostentation
. Where one could see the true spirit of love, happiness and jubilation, without any pretension. Friends family, together in celebration. And something beyond imagination. For the first time, a Multani wedding trending on Facebook and instagram with a hashtag #jawadwedsmeher.

The mother of the groom, Beena Younas is a well loved personality and extremely popular among the social circles of Multan, because of her sweet and down to earth nature. She has implanted the same humility inside her children. Although, they are owners of Mahmood Group of industries, chain of 
SUBWAY restaurants in Multan and recently launched, extremely successful 'London Courtyard restaurant', but they know, no pride.

There was a long list of 'dholak parties', 'Sangeet; and 'jazz nights', arranged by extended family and friends, in honour of the bride and groom to be. But the formal wedding functions started with a 'Milaad' on 20th March, by the groom's family. Fresh flowers were lavishly used to decorate the enormous sitting area, specially the stage. Separate sitting areas were created for ladies and gentlemen. A renowned 'Naat Khawan', Mr. Adbul Rauf Rufi and his team entertained the audience. Traditional wedding tokens were gifted to the attendees. The event was followed by sumptuous dinner.

Mehndi function was arranged on 22nd March at Multan Garrison Mess. The special feature was the LED dance floor, big enough to carry the weight of dozens of people. Beautifully decorated with traditional stuff in an unconventional way. Lights danced on the floor, lights danced over it, with the music.  There was a separate stage for bride and groom, with an amazing 'flower wall' at the back, standing and hanging glass chandeliers adorned it.

Beena Younas appeared regally beautiful, 
 alongwith daughter in law Sabah Anees and daughters, Saadiya Umair and Ayesha Noman. Interestingly, it was hard to believe that Beena is the mother of the groom, she appeared so young and lively and could easily be believed to be an older sister.

As Jawad (the groom) is friends with many celebrity star singers, people believed, some entertainer will be there for the purpose but NO! The groom, his brother and their friends took over the responsibility. Everybody was in high spirits on Mehndi. Perfectly choreographed dances proved that a lot of practising was involved. It is not every day that you find young business tycoons, political leaders dancing together, but there you could witness it. All family and friends, ladies and gentlemen joined in. There was a giant screen at front, which displayed everything going on dance floor to the audience around. Fireworks on the stage added glam to the fun. The groom danced and danced like a hero and seemed invincible but the show was stolen by a dance performed by groom's brother, Khawaja Anees and his little son. They appeared really cool, dancing on the tunes of 'daddy cool'. It was totally a Wow!

As we all know 23rd March is Pakistan day, the date of the wedding ceremony proved the patriotism of this family. The event again took place at Multan garrison mess (MGM). Separate marquees for men and women were arranged. Event was hosted by bride's family. Entire set up was beautifully done. Groom wore a turban which matched the bride's dress. All the ladies from groom's family wore Red, where men were in Black. Fireworks welcomed the bride on her arrival. It turned out to be another remarkable event.

Valima reception was on 24th March, at the same venue, MGM of course. The decor was breathtakingly beautiful, done by Fiza Gillani of Papermint events. Entire place was loaded with flowers and foliage. Crystal chandeliers, alongwith enormous flower arrangements added majestic, yet romantic touch. Anybody who was anybody was there. Groom looked incredibly cute in a Black formal suit and bride appeared a princess out of fairy tales in a silver MAH GUL wedding dress. Beena Younas and her daughters simply dazzled the place. Actually, everybody at the occasion appeared at their best. The entire environment looked amazing and cheerful. The dinner was followed by a qawali session of Santo qawal. Indeed everything was great about this wedding, alongwith the characters involved in it.

Beena Younas is incredibly lucky lady. Not only her children love her dearly, but everybody who knows her adores her. We congratulate her, the newly weds and all her family for such superb functions, with a comfortable, homely cordial environment. And pray for a happy ever after for the newly weds and all their family. Lots of love and prayers for all of you. Stay blessed!

The beautiful siblings, together with the groom.
Ayesha, Khawaja Jawad, Khawaja Anees and Sadiya Umair

Beena Younas

Parents of the groom, Khawaja Younas and Beena
Groom got his mother dancing on mayun


Sabah Anees Khawaja

                                               MILAAD 20th March 

The  grooms sisters, looking drop dead gorgeous on milaad

Hajra Shah, Fatima Shah, with their favourite aunt Rabia Bosan and Zahra Shah
Sadiya Umair, groom's gorgeous sister
The ravishing Beena Younas

Haniya, Zahra Basset and Rameen Anees

Faseeha, Dr. Saleha Bokhari, Zahra Basset, Fariha Munir at milaad

                                                             MEHNDI: 22nd March
Beena Youna with Farrah Faisal
Lovelies in Red
Saadiya Yaqoob and Mahnaz Fareed
The glorious, Itrat Gillani

Saadiya Umair, all smiles and stunning on her brother's mehndi

Rabia Bosan, looking stylish
Aasma Salman with kids

Little lady
Dazzling Fatima Ali
Haniya Shahid and Saima Faisal

Misbah Ali glowing in Ali Xeshan lehnga
Mehriya Omer looking stunning

Saadiya Yaqub, Mahnaz Freed, Rabia Rehman, Farah Faisal, Filza, Zahra Basset and Fariha Munir
The groom Jawad with his bride Meher on the mehndi
Sana, Mehriya Omer, Bushra Gillani and Maria Shahzeb

Ladies from the groom's side,
Ayesha Noman, Sabah Anees, Beena Younas and Sadiya

Zahra Shah, Shaherbano, Hajra Shah and Mustafa

All the performers together with the bride and groom

Pretty sisters
Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah
Beautiful sisiters,
Rabia Rehman and Farah Faisal

                                         WEDDING 23rd March

The groom, with his mother, sisters , their husbands and children
             Beena Younas on Jawad's wedding day          
All smiles, the lovely Sabah Anees Khawaja

Father of the groom, Khawaja Younas, the groom Jawad with bride Meher
Khawaja Anees at the back with others

Fatima Ali looking splendid, with her sisters, cousins and aunt  Farah Ansari
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah and his daughters Zahra Shah, Hajra Shah, Fatima Shah
Rabia Bosan

                                                            VALIMA 24th March

The newly weds on their valima
Khawaja Jawad and Mrs. Meher Jawad

Beena Younas looked angelic

The gorgeous Iram Mujhaid

Ittrat Bano and Tayyaba

Two beauties together, Sadiya Umair and Meher

The groom and bride, with their elders

The handsome Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, with Mr. and Mrs. Asghar
Rabia Bosan all dolled up

Zahra Bassat and Mahnaz Fareed
Sarrah Bilal and Uzma Zain
Saira Nasir and Rubina Arshad

Saadiya Umair
Mahnaz Fareed, Ambreen Fawad and Rabia Rehman

Farah Faisal, Rabia Rehman, Saima Faisal, Itrat Gillani, Fatima Fazal in Selfies with Fariha Munir Shah

Three gorgeous sisters,
Hajra Shah, Fatima Shah and Zahra Shah
Amazing decor at valima reception

The enchanting layout by Fizza Gillani of Papermint events