Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun fiesta at the City Kindergarten, Multan.

The principal, City school Mrs. Samana Ali, giving the souvenir to guest of honour Fariha Munir ,
with headmistress TCK, Irum Mujahid.
The City School, Multan has recently opened up a new Kindergarten branch at Ghaus-e-Azam road (also known as Suraj Miani road). It is a cute little branch, meant for tiny toddlers only.

 is a preschool educational approach based around playing, singing, practical activities, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school. It is a kind of social experience for children entering school, believing that children should be nurtured and nourished 'like plants in a garden'. 

The City Kindergarten works with the same educational philosophy,
 I AM TO LEARN;  which is the motto of the entire City School System. This beautiful little branch displayed its true colours on its first FUN FIESTA.

Friday, 21st March was the perfect day of spring, when flowers were at full bloom and the cool breeze was blowing. A superb balloon arch was raised at the entrance, with an enormous  balloon clown dwindling outside to welcome the guests.

 The school children were all set in their colourful costumes, with hair sprayed in different styles. Teachers busy in co-ordination and arrangements. The beautiful stage was laid in the lawn, fully equipped with disco lights, sound system and smoke machine. Ready to escalate, a colourful evening of beauty, music, fun and laughter. 

Samana Ali, principal the City School Multan, along with Irum Mujahid, the head mistress TCK, presided over the occasion. Fariha Munir Shah was the guest of honour. Who was formally welcomed with a bouquet of flowers by the staff members, accompanied by the gorgeous principal and stunning head mistress. 
The show started at 6.30 pm, with recitation of holy quran. Followed by the national anthem. And then 'attractions of the evening' started. Recitation of poems and tabloids by various classes.  'Let me hit it', by the playgroup. 'Math is confusion by junior 2. Best forever by junior 1.

But the show was completely swept by Nursery junior 2, with the performance at 'party rock anthem. When they danced on the cheerful tunes, holding props in their tiny limbs. They simply looked adorable.

The most interesting part of the show remained, fun activities for parents with their children. For collecting oranges, mothers were invited to come up on the stage to hold the baskets and kids had to run  to the other end and bring the oranges. The maximum collector was the winner. Then there was another game, 'target the tower', where again mothers had to help their kids aim at a tower and circle it with the rings.

'Juice making' and 'complete the picture', were also carried out bringing parents and children together. Indeed a great way to share the love and care. In another game, parents were given 'a minute to win' in order to devour maximum oranges. Many fathers of the students participated in this game wholeheartedly. And the one who was first, was awarded the title of 'the king of oranges', complete with the crown and a cape.

Later came the singing competition. Ladies and gentlemen equally took part with great enthusiasm. 

At the end, the principal Samana Ahmed, addressed the gathering and thanked the parents for taking out time from their busy schedules and spending it at the school of their children. An effort, which highly admired by the school. The head mistress also spoke at the occasion, and invited Fariha Munir Shah to deliver few words.

Later, the prize distribution ceremony was held. The guest of honour, gave away the prizes. Followed by formal hi-tea for the guests. And it did not end here. A superb musical evening, with live performance of a local band, continued. With food stalls to entertain the guests.

Congratulations to the staff, headmistress Irum Mujahid and the principal, Mrs. Samana Ali for organizing a superb event. These extra curricular activities activities contribute a lot in the personality and character building of the children and at your fun fiesta, even their parents enjoyed this opportunity. Very well done!

The principal, City school, Multan, Mrs. Samana Ali
and the headmistress, city kindergarten, Irum Mujahid.

The beginning with recitation.

Ready for the performance
The narration

Guests, enjoying a gossip.
Asma Wajid, Sumera Khalil and Sobia Hussain.
Waiting with oranges to start the games.

Juice making competition in progress with the help of mothers.

Trying to complete the picture.

Fathers, taking part in orange eating competition.

Target a tower.

The party rock anthem dance.

Dancing with props.

The audience, enjoying the superb performance.

Teachers, taking lead in singing to invite others.

A father, participating in singing competition.

Mrs. Samana Ali, addressing the gathering.
Fariha Munir, giving away the prizes

The balloon arch, was a great attraction.

The decorative attractions at the FUN FIESTA at City Kindergarten.

The beautiful stage.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

O'DELL gets its first official reunion

The final group photo.

When Shakespeare assigned the dialogue of 'Beware the ides of March', to the character of soothsayer in his play, 'Julius Caesar', he could not even have imagined that centuries later, the alumni of department of English, Bahaudin Zakria university, (or O'DELL as the prefer to be called) would select the same date, 15th of March for their first formal reunion in the year 2014. 

O'DELL, which is actually short form of OADELL, 'organization of alumni of department of English language and literature, came into existence in March 2013, when a renowned teacher of the department Ramna Fayyaz, and Fariha Munir Shah (former visiting faculty member) gathered a good number of old students of the department on one platform and organized an informal gathering in Ramada, Multan. Ramna was elected the treasurer of the organization, whereas Fariha Munir was elected as the lifetime chairperson of O'DELL.Whereas, Mustafa Kamal became the president.

This year, O'DELL was officially endorsed by the head of department, Madam Saiqa Imitiaz and the reunion was arranged on a bigger, greater level, on the university grounds, in the newly built, independent building of the department.
Another factor, which acted as a catalyst for organizing this event; was the presence of three dynamic old students like Hassan Muhammad, Asif Ansari and Ashfaq Rehman, who are now stationed in Multan as members of district administration and police force. They made great efforts to take this event to a bigger level, which it truly deserved. They put in, lots of efforts, on personal and official level, together with Ramna Fayyaz to make it a great success. The reunion was divided into three parts. First was informal session, which started at 4 pm. It included, a chariot ride. A free ride for all the guests to tour, the marvellously pruned, tremendous acres the university has spread onto. The entire buiding was adorned with fairy lights. Little hand made candle lanterns, carved out of paper by the students of the department. Pictures of the yester-years, were framed and put on display for all to see. Flower arrangements and flower petals, added colour as well as scents in the air. Ramna Fayyaz's creative was behind these artistic additions. The informal session also turned out to be the best part, as welcome tea was served in the brand new hexagonal lawn. Sidra and Sumera Khalil, alongwith a gentleman entertainer, invited the guests to different games. Like, the competition of eating qulfis, wearing bangles, singing, etc. It was totally a fun filled time. Where people remained relaxed and at ease,
to rekindle old friendships with classmates from years gone by. Enjoyed, the treats of samosas and gol gappas, reminders of the days of university canteen. Not to forget the LOVE JAIL, where people were arrested on request by paying the money and their friends were invited to pay for their release. Surely an entertaining part.

Fun Gala continued with the spirit of festivity and jubilation. Following a brief interval at sunset, for Maghrib prayer.
After that, all the guests were taken to the palatial auditorium. Where the formal session of the show started with the recitation of holy Quran and a hymn to glorify the personality of the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (peace be upon him). Head of department, Madam Saiqa Imtiaz addressed the gathering. The participants were requested earlier to submit the slide shows of the pictures of their student life. Uzma Asif was among those, who contributed the beautiful memories of the past in form of a slideshow but the show was completely stolen by the genius of Hassan Nasir. The slide show he created, not only had pictures but also videos of all of his friends and class fellows, their various trips and class room sessions, lots of music and dancing. It was something, which made everybody roll down the floor, laughing their hearts out in the beginning but within minutes, had everybody in tears as well, reminding them of the times gone by. It was a great treat for the eyes and ears of the entire gathering. It was even bigger and better than the professional singer, who kept on entertaining the audience till the end. Finally, the entire gathering was taken upstairs, on the terrace, for the scrumptious, sumptuous barbecue dinner. Full of traditional food and sweets to relish. Ramna Fayyaz had also arranged, flying lanterns as a treat for the eyes of the guests, alongwith the dinner.The reunion concluded with a sparkling green tea. And the musical show went on late till midnight.
The next alumni reunion is planned to be organized in March 2015. We wish and pray to see all of these bright participants again next year and year after year to follow. Alongwith many more newcomers in O'DELL. God bless you all.

                            The Informal session: 4 pm to 7pm
Standing: Hassan Nasir, Ashfaq, Imran, Rao Tahir.
Sitting: Rubaila, Rabia, Qamar, Fariha Munir Shah, Uzma Shaukat & Uzma.
Ground: Sehrish, Warda, Anum.

The two beautiful hostesses pf the informal session,
Sidra and Sumera Khalil.
The most favourite teacher at department of English.
One of the pioneers of O'Dell, Ramna Fayyaz.
Madam Saiqa Imtiaz. The head of department of English B.Z.U, Multan

Three Musketeers, performing their final task.
Asif Ansari, Asfaq Ahmad and Hassan Muhammad
The tripod which held the entire event, members of organizing committee.
The beauties with brains, the most glamorous at the event,
Narjis Qureshi and Warda Kazmi.

Anum Rehman, Zainab Shaukat and Ramsha Zabta.
Uzama and Uzma with Qamar Khushi in the middle.

Mustafa Kamal, held as a captive of LOVE JAIL.

Asad Javed with a friend.

Rao Tahir,  singing his heart out to get 1st position.

Hassan Muhammad, fighting for the 1st position.

Fariha Munir Shah giving away the prize to Hassan Muhammad
The bangles, waiting for the competition.
Here comes the competition. Who is quicker to wear the maximum.
Uzma Raza, eating the qulfi for the competition.

The buggy ride.
Dr. Naveed, travelling down memory lane. Mustafa Kamal hiding behind him.
Mr. Mustansar Lodhi, caught in the LOVE JAIL.
Even the famous dance of  Ashfaq Ahmad couldn't help free Mr. Mustansar.

The registration counter.

The formal session:7pm to 9pm
The head of department, Madam Saiqa Imtiaz, addressing the gathering at formal session.

The formal session, inside the hall.
The full quorum.
The singer of the show.

Everybody having a good time.

                                                       Dinner: 9 pm to 10 pm.

Ramna Fayyaz with few of the alumni.
Qulfi celebration.

Old becomes Gold.

The final show: Flying lanterns.

The decorations.

These lamps were made by the students of the dept.