Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brunch in Ladies Club, Multan.

Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtiar, lifetime president of ladies club addressing the gathering

The repercussions of Peshawar tragedy, resulted in delays and cancellations of many functions, scheduled in December. The annual function by the life-time president of Ladies Club Multan, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar and her group members was also one of such events. This program was also taken from December to January.

On 3rd January, a grand brunch was organized by Mrs. Mahnaz Amir Sheikh, the general secretary of this club was the main hostess, who had planned and arranged everything on behalf of all her group members, which comprised of her family members only. Including,  Fadia Kashif and Rabia Rehman.

A grandiose, White canopy was erected in the lawn of the Ladies Club, Multan. To provide cover from the winter Sun, also from the cold. Round tables with fresh flower arrangements and dry fruits were laid throughout the seating arrangement. A marvellous setting for a beautiful winter morning. Fresh juices were served as welcome drinks. Whereas, fresh cooked Jalebis were served endlessly, for the guests to keep nibbling.

The program-secretary Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar, conducted the show. It started with recitation of Quran and Naat Khwaani. Later, Mrs Shagufta Khaksaar requested, Mrs. Fariha Munir Shah, the Joint secretary of the ladies Club to present the annual report of the previous year. After her speech. A competition was held among the members, for 'the best dressed lady'. All the members and guests were invited to participate. The participants had to perform a cat walk infront of the judges and audience. According to those, Ayesha Durrani stood 3rd, 2nd prize was awarded to Mrs. Buccha, whereas Ambreen Khan was graded 1st in the competition.

Mrs. Fariha Munir Shah was again invited to make some announcements on behalf of the Club administrations. She revealed that, it has been decided by the consent of all the members, to add two new members in the administration, inorder to give new generation a proper representation in this historic institution. Two new assistant program secretaries Ayesha Durrani and Farah Karim Khawaja are being taken on board the club administration, to be polished and trained for one year. Their commitment and dedication to this honor bestowed upon them would decide their future with this esteemed platform.

Mrs. Uzma Burana was invited to offer a prayer for the victims of Peshawar massacre. Masooma Sibtain also took the opportunity to speak about upcoming events in the chamber and invited everybody to join in.

It was followed by annual prize distribution took place. Entire club administration received gifts from the president. The journalists were also bestowed upon with the tokens of gratitude.  Also the recipients of the prizes in dress show were awarded their gifts.

At the end, rich gastronomical delights awaited the guests and group members. The desi cuisine included, Paaey, Biryani, Halwa poori, Mutton Palak and much much more. Truly spoke of the flamboyant tastes of the hostesses.

We congratulate Mahnaz Amir for arranging such a special show and look forward to more in the future.
Secretary General Mahnaz Amir Sheikh and Program Secretary Shagufta Khaksaar

Finance secretary Mrs. Naseem Durrani, President Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtiar,
With Fadia Kashif and Mahnaz Amir

Rabia Rehman

Farah Saqib, Mrs. Nasem Raheem with her sister, Dr. Huma Athar, Mahnaz Amir Sheikh

Honourable senior members
Farrah Khwaja during the catwalk, Shahnaz Iqbal finishing it.

Seniors and the juniors, participants of dress competition.

Shagufta Khaksar,
 declaring Ambreen Khan, 1st prize
winner, Masooma Sibtain accompanying her
Tahira, Shahnaz and Farah Karim Khwaja

The Durranis
Ayesha, Mahwish, Yasmin

The adorable smile, Uzma Burana.
2nd prize winner, Mrs. Buccha

Mahnaz Amir, awarding 3rd prize to Ayesha Durrani
Erum and Mrs. Iqbal Qureshi

A little princess on the party

Rabia Rehman with a guest
Mrs. Mueed Khwaja, had her wedding anniversary on the same day.

Masooma Sibtain Shoaib

Madam Razia Beg from Nawa-i-Waqt

Imrana Komal from Khabrein

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Saima Faisal hosts a resplendent lunch with Filza Akbar

Saima Faisal and Filza Akbar.
The hostesses of the event.
16th December, the Peshawar massacre not just shook the country but the entire world. Tragedy that struck, Army Public school, left everybody devastated and emotionally shattered. FMS committee party, was scheduled for 18th December, but when the hostesses Saima Faisal and Filza Akbar learnt about the incident, they postponed the event to show solidarity with the grieving parents and families of the victims.

But as it is said, life must go on... The event was taken to end of the month. On 27th December it was re-arranged. It started with special prayer for the victims and their families. The topic of the discussions throughout the party, predominately remained the security concerns. The pain and sufferance of the victims could be seen in every soul.

The lunch was arranged at Ramada Multan. Significance of the venue is that, it is owned by Saima Faisal and her family. The lovely lady is married to Mr. Faisal Hameed and helps her husband in the smooth functioning of this hotel. The lavishness of the menu and perfection of the layout, clearly spoke of her authority and influence at the place.

Filza Akbar is a very successful young entrepreneur, who is partner with Saima in this committee and co-hosted the party. Her friends Hina and Amna specially graced the occasion. Whereas, Rabia Rehman was special guest from Saima Faisal's side. These beautiful ladies served as embellishments in a very perfect party.

Adorned with the innumerable flower arrangements of the Red Roses, the Chinese restaurant on the first floor was booked, exclusively for the members of FMS committee.The layout was simply remarkable. It seemed, there was not a single dish served at Ramada, which was not included in the menu. Chinese, Continental, Thai, Desi, all kinds of cuisines were there. It started with a salad bar at one corner and with dozens of varieties of Mutton, Chicken, Sea food, Rice and vegetables, continued till an absolutely breath taking dessert bar, with uncountable types of sweets. So much of variety at one place, not only boasted the excellence of the hotel but also about the generosity of the hostesses. Indeed it made the party very special.

Another lovable fact about this party was the presence of Anum Faisal, Saima's daughter presided over the event, not just as a guest but as an organizer and representatives of the hotel. She personally greeted all the guests of her mother, present at the party and asked if they needed something. Great spirit of hospitality showed by this little lady. We must admire these good manners and values in the modern times, as this quality is becoming non-entity. Our Salute to you Saima for raising such accomplished children.

Once again, a big thank from all the members of FMS committee for arranging such a superb lunch.

Prettiest of friends,
Rabia Rehman and Saima Faisal.
A Rose, among Roses,
Bushra Gillani.

Look at the lady's plate filled with desserts. None other than
Masooma Sibtain.
Rabia Rehman and Rameen Anis

Filza, Fatima Gillani and Freeha Ismail.

Zahra Bassat.

Hina, Saima Faisal, Filza Akbar and Amna.
Sisters? No!
Beautiful mother and a beautiful daughter
Saima and Anum

Fatima Gillani, Freeha Ismail, Afsheen Bhaba and amna Suleman.

The temptation, Dessert corner.
Salad Corner, guarded by Woodpecker carving.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Punjabi party by Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh

The hostess, Mahnaz Fareed at her Punjabi best.

The intensity of winter in 'the city of saints' often surprises those, who learn about its heat first. Not many people are aware of the geographical fact that ' Suleman mountain range' which separates Punjab from Balochistan, is less than 150 kilometres away from this region. This area is also blessed with a proper hill station called Fort Monroe (which even gets snow sometimes). So, the winter in this area is almost as cold as in Quetta. The only difference is, it does not snow in Multan.

During winters, a bright sunny day is equally cherished in Multan, as in Europe. Such was the afternoon of 10th December 2014, when the sun decided to stay out of clouds  to witness the fabulous 'Punjabi party' arranged by Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh.

Mahnaz needs no introduction, she is among the most prominent and happening ladies of Multan. She is the creator of SOS village, SOS school and College. Also carries on her delicate shoulders the burden of introducing the revolutionary educational systems like Rosetta Stone Laboratory, etc. Her dedication to charity work, elevates her status to a point, never seen before by the women of this area.

She has beautifully blended her social life with charity and involved everybody around her in this noble task. Friends of SOS committee party boasts of more than hundred and fifteen members, who contribute a little from their pockets and donate a lot for the children of SOS village, Multan.

It was Mahnaz's turn to host a party for 'friends of SOS'. As mentioned above, 'Punjabi' was the theme and she left no stone unturned to comply with it. Her house was the best venue, with splendid lawns and palatial building, centrally located in the vicinity of Cantonment. Which encouraged a healthy number of members to enjoy her superb hospitality.

The lawn was set with beautiful canopies of different kinds. Various seating areas were carved out, throughout the lawn, with traditional as well modern furniture. Pakhay, chaabian, you imagine a Punjabi piece of decoration and you could find it, lying in front of you.

Stalls of eatables, offering 'Goll Gappas', 'Dahi barray', 'Jalebi' and such desi delights were established, which provided an endless supply, till the end of party. Chefs and waiters, all up on their toes, served the guests, tirelessly. There were starters also, in form of spicy Green chilli pakoras, Brinjal cutlets, etc. The main course was Halwa poori, Saag, Baajra and Makai roti, barbecued seekh kebabs, Chicken tikka and lots and lots of other desi variety. A mouth watering and belly bursting experience.

All the members and guests were informed to come dressed up in Punjabi attires. There was an overwhelming response to it. The party area seemed to be filled with Punjabans, wearing fanciest of clothes and jewellery. To encourage them, a competition was held, all the ladies were invited to model their clothes and impress the judges with their style. Zartaaj and Ittrat Bano played the role of the judges. Mamoona Qasim, Mala Ahsan and another lady, came out as winners.

This was such a party and its hostess Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh is such a charismatic personality that she made people living in other cities attend the party as well. Mahnaz and Hania Shahid addressed the gathering and after touching important points, thanked Fariha Munir Shah, who dropped in specially from Lahore to attend this party.

And as Shakespeare said, 'All's well, when end's well. This superb gathering , lingered out, till late in the evening. Congratulations Mahnaz Fareed, your party rocked!!

Hania Shahid, inviting the participants

Zartaj, Saima Faisal, Shazia Fareed, Rabia Rehman, Hafsa

Romana Ahmad, Rabia Bosan, Samana Ali and Mamoona Qasim

The judges, Zartaj and Ittrat
with 3 winners
Mamoona Qasim, Madiha, Mala Ahsan

Mala, Masooma and Rabia Bosan

Ayesha Najeeb, Zartaaj and Wajiha Hasnain
Bushra, Attia, Rina.

Mrs. Waqar Amjad Aziz

Filza Akbar, Wajeeha Hasnain.

Sumera and Rabia Rehman

The guardian angel of SOS village, Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh.

Punjabi starters beautifully displayed

Maria Shahzeb, Bushra Gillani, Masooma Sibtain and Freeha Ismail.

The late comer Jatti Punjaban, Dr. Saliha Bokhari

Hina and Bushra
Zeb Khan & Bushra with friends.
Mehriya Omer and Asma Mahmood Khwaja

The canopies added elegance to the layout
Immaculate set up.

The chef, serving saag, makai de roti with butter

The stall for goll gappas

Mahnaz Fareed and Rani Maqsood.

The decorations, as seen from the exit.