Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mala Ahsan's committee party

Mala Ahsan, the stylish and beautiful hostess

Beautiful people create beautiful things. Such is the case with Mala Ahsan. She is known as queen of themed birthday parties in the city of saints. For her, it does not matter, if she has to entertain ten people or hundreds of them, she makes equally great efforts on decorations and beautification. Flowers, candles, fairy lights are permanent part of her household setting. Her place presents as charming a scene, as her own dazzling personality. Her entire family loves entertaining, so their house remains a party place throughout the year. Her eye for details, allows her to plan everything perfectly.

Recently, Mala arranged a committee party. One that she personally runs among a little number of friends. Venue was none other than the cozy and comfortable drawing room of her home sweet home. Glittering, shining fairy lights adorned the entrance of the house. Flowers, flowers everywhere. Every nook and cranny, lit with flickering candles. Mirrors reflected light. Red and Gold, appeared bold and gave birth to a very soothing, romantic and appealing ambiance. One could tell, everything spoke of Mala's artistic personal touch.

Hi-tea was served in the dinning room, which is another beautiful extension of her house and personality. Red and Gold continued to prevail. Candle lights continued to shine. Dinning table was loaded with generous feast and superb crockery and cutlery. Everybody loved the menu and admired Mala's efforts. She personally went on to serve plates, tea and coffee, although a bunch of trained housemaids were there for the purpose. Which speaks volumes about her kindness and humility.

Fariha Munir, Zahra Basset, Nadia Amer, Rabia Bosan, Romana Ahmed, Ambreen, Mrs. Rukhsana Naeem, Asma Khwaja were among those present at the occasion. It turned out to be a very warm and comfortable little gathering.

Remember folks! For women, it is also a great art to take care of their own selves, to keep themselves fit and active. And Mala is a great example of it. She is such a perfectionist, no side of her life is neglected. Her husband, children, friends, family and in-laws, simply adore her as she takes care of everyone around but she has not lost herself to it. She makes efforts to maintain herself. Her flawless beautiful skin maybe naturally, but she follows a careful fitness regime and healthy eating habits. Which will pass her in the eyes of many (who do not know her) as a newly married bride, where she is the mother of teen-agers. And this is indeed a great inspiration for those, who ignore themselves in the race of life.

We congratulate Mala for being such a great perfectionist. And we pray that she carries on her own tradition successfully throughout her life. Great going girl! We love you!

Asma, Romana, Zahra Basset, Mala Ahsan

Rabia Bosan with her pet

Beautiful drawing room of Mala
Ambreen and Mrs. Rukhsana Naeem
Rabia, Mala and Asma Khwaja
Romana, Ambreen and Mala

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Launch of Southern 'women of worth' (WOW)

Southern women of worth together with Mariam Habib

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Similarly, only a woman of worth understands the worthiness of another. Strong women, support eachother, build eachother, help flourish and establish their own kind. And this is exactly what Marium Habib is doing at ISP (institute of southern Punjab, Multan). Inorder to celebrate 70th anniversary of independence day of Pakistan, this lady came up with a unique idea. The creation of Southern 'WOW'. A platform to bring together and acknowledge the efforts of capable and enterprising women of the area. Women of worth, as Marium prefers to call it.

And its formal inauguration took place with a euphuistic launch on 12th August 2017, at the state of the art, highly sophisticated, grandiose auditorium of 'executive development center'. Here, it is important mention. Most of the first time visitors there, were surprised to see, 
the newly, custom built campus, its magnificent building and flamboyant set-up. It was heartening to see, such meticulous institutions are emerging to serve, in the city of saints. Visit to the campus is a treat itself, which everybody must have. 

Alongwith Amber Sarfraz (a young psychologist, former student of the institution and now a faculty member),
other trainers and staff at 'Executive Development center', Marium Habib designed a superb show to cherish the presence and achievements of women, she considered worthy of being there at the occasion. A female representative of every kind, a slice of life from every field, invited to this superb event.

Renowned singer and educationist, Rahat Bano Multanikar. Her mother Surraiya Multanikar, a living legend of the music world. Uzma Khan, a well loved teacher and currently head of an esteemed institution. Masooma Sibtain, an entrepreneur, former president of SPWCCI and current v.p of FPCCI. Fariha Munir Shah, the first female blogger of South Punjab, a social leader and activist. Saadia Amir Doggar, a religious activist. The famous RJ+only female Oncologist of Multan, Dr. Quratul Ain Hashmi, supported and accompanied by her husband Mr. Israr Chahudhary, were among those who graced the event. So, not just women but men, who valued the role of women in the society were also honored with an invitation. Mr. Riaz Mailsi from Radio Pakistan and Qaisar Khan Pitafi, the famous writer and businessman were also among those, on board the show.

The stage was decorated with Pink balloons, all the staff members dressed in the same color to apprize the colors of femininity. Even the male faculty members like Mr. Shoaib Hameed joined the celebration wearing Pink shirt. The program formally started with recitation of Quran, followed by Naat. Then, Marium Habib was surprised by her staff members with something she had planned for the 'women of worth', she had invited to honor. A short documentary of her activities, achievements, of her different roles, as a mother and wife was shown on screen. Which sure displayed, she was a well loved and a character well admired by her work-mates. Confetti was popped to kick of the celebration. There was everything, needed for a superb launch.

A very sensitive play, lamenting the issue of, how women are treated in our society was also staged by the dramatic society of the department. Strong performances left every eye tearful and provided some food for thought. There were other performances too by the trainers and staff members of 'executive development centre.

One by one, each member of WOW was introduced by Marium Habib, while their profiles were displayed on screen. Some of them made inspiring speeches. Almost everyone was grateful for the opportunity and the honor extended by this distinguished institute and its director Marium Habib. At the end, each one of them were presented shields for their participation as well. It turned out to be a superb show. A wonderful celebration of 70th year of independence and womanhood together. Everybody at the end was amazed by its perfection and said, 'WOW, what a show!'

Thanks a lot, institute of souther Punjab, Marium Habib and Amber Sarfraz for making FarihaMunirShahTimes a part of WOW. We wish the very best of everything for this fantastic new platform.


Woman of worth Rahat Bano

A psychologist, inspirational teacher and a beautiful woman of worth Amber Sarfraz

Uzma Khan receiving her shield from Iram Habib and her profile on screen

Saadia Aamer Dogar

Mr. Shoaib Hameed

Qaisar Khan Pitafi, receiving his shield

Mr. Riaz Mailsi

Masooma Sibtain

Women of worth

The genius behind the idea and creation of Women of worth, Marium Habib

RJ-Dr. Quratulain Hashmi
RJ-Israr Chaudhary

The performers, members of the dramatic society 
Marium Habib with Amber Sarfraz and other women of worth from her department

Colleagues with Marium Habib and Rahat Bano

Marium Habib, Rahat Bano & Amber Sarfraz, selfies with Fariha Munir Shah

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tambola by friends of SOS

The hostesses together

                                                     Photography by; Engineer Aamir Sultan

After a summer break in July, the friends of SOS resumed partying with a superb hi-tea, hosted by Aarfa Waqar, Afsheen, Amna Dogar, Fauzia, Seemi Khan, Mona, Irum Mansoor, Neelam Zia, Rahat Khakwani and Sania Khan at Lahore Chatkhara multan branch. The group also arranged a fun filled 'Tambola' with lots of prizes.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as all the members were eager to meet and reconnect with their friends after summer break and exchange stories of their vacations and were ready for some fun. And these friends of SOS had provided them this opportunity. The hostesses showed great hospitality, from inviting the members to entertaining them. 

Haniya Shahid, also played her role of permanent hostess, as she not only runs this friends of SOS committee but also is the owner of Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch. Beautiful ambiance of her restaurant was further enhanced by the perfect menu and personal touch she provided for the party.

Rameen Anis gave a presentation about the summer activities, which went on at the SOS village, Multan. She described, how friends of SOS remained active on the scene, by spending time and money to support children of SOS. A special thank was extended to the 'make a wish, come true' contributors, which included the name of Mala Ahsan.

Mahnaz Fareed also added her gratitude toward all the friends of SOS and and admired their spirit of philanthropy. She said, friends of SOS are a permanent source of support for children of SOS. As the amount they contribute every month, brings great difference in their lives.

Tambola was the fun part of the show. Fariha Munir Shah was handed over the responsibility to conduct it. And she spiced it up by adding funny comments and jokes. Which had some rolling on the floor, laughing and some were bemused. Everybody enjoyed the game. Rameen Anis, Asmi Athar and Ammarra Nazir, won the prizes for this.

At the end, a scrumptious menu was laid. Which not only spoke of the generosity of the hostesses but also of the great management of Lahore Chatkhara Multan Branch. Well done everybody, it was a fabulous show.

A great shout out and thanks to Dr. Jawad Munir and Engineer Aamir Sultan for their photographic skills. Thanks a lot gentlemen for your efforts.

Rameen receiving her prize for winning tambola

Haniya Shahid

Asmi Ather receiving her prize from the hostess Aarfa Waqar

Busy in cutting the numbers, tambola is on
Mahnaz Fareed, Hania and Rameen

Amara Nazir receiving her prize

Ambreen Abbas and Rabia Bosan
Ammara Nazir, nearly winning
Striving to win the tambola

Mariam Farrukh and Ambreen, all smiles

Another pose of the hostesses
Haniya Shahid & Aarfa Waqar in selfies with Fariha Munir Shah.

A very special thanks to our photographers of the day, Engineer Aamir Sultan, Dr. Jawad Munir