Thursday, February 22, 2018

Friends of SOS, spring brunch at Haniya Shahid's place

Few of the hostesses, Itrat, Nida Khokar, Haniya Shahid, Itrat again

It is said, 'save the best, for last' and that's what it seemed, when Haniya Shahid and her group, including Itrat Gillani, Nida Khokar, Mehreen, Reena, Rabia, Sana, Zuni and Shahida, hosted the last party of the season in 'friends of sos committee'. A spring brunch, adorned with beauteous ornamentation, on a lovely morning of 10th February, at Haniya's splendid house. When Haniya heads a show, you simply witness the best of everything and that was it. Excellence reflected, from the decorations at venue, entertainment during party, to scrumptuous brunch menu.

Haniya and her group acquired the services of another friend of SOS, Khadeeja Babbar  of bounty bundles events to spruce up the party area and she did an excellent job. Adding romance of the spring to the scene. Enormous golden pots and vases, candle stands, mirrors, crystal bottles, flower arrangements and screens. The stage had a lovely, elegant flowers and fauna wall. In short, words cannot describe the splendour spread over there.

One thing, which must not go unnoticed here, what an excellent support system 'friends of sos' circle is proving out to be. Promoting their own members, providing them work and recognition, acknowledging their skills. Bravo! Hats off to this wonderful organization and the genius of Haniya Shahid, who being the co-owner (alongwith Ittrat Gillani), of Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch, keeps on providing 'friends of SOS Multan', a chance to display their skills by hiring their services now and then. Powerful women, empower other women, she is a living proof of it. 

Another point, which most of 'friends of SOS' would fully agree to, the kind of fashion and style awareness, this group is creating in the natives of the city of saints. When entire SOS village system in Multan is run by a gorgeous girl, Mahnaz Fareed, who works with the dedication of mother Theresa, yet looks like a diva, definitely changes the perspective of the society. Everybody wants to be kind and caring, at the same time, staying up-to-date with a high-style fashion sense. Mahnaz and Haniya also inspire people to get slim and smart. It is not something they deliberately do. Their presence is enough to provide you the fitness goals. 

Returning to the party, which was indeed a superb show, alongwith the participation of SOS children. SOS village explores and polishes the latent talents of its children. Some of the senior boys, who were good at singing, Ali Raza, Ishfaq and Shakeel Rafiq, encouraged by the authorities, have created a band. Together with Bakhtawar (a multi-talented girl of sos), they displayed their singing skills and had everybody in awe. A wonderful dance performance was presented by junior SOS children dressed as clowns. They got everybody dancing along on the tunes. The confidence of these children, while displaying their talents, speaks volumes about the kind of nurturing they receive at SOS village. Simply superb!

Mahnaz Fareed addressed the gathering and thanked, all the friends of SOS for their constant support. She mentioned, the contribution they make through this committee, seem small to them, but it brings a lot of difference to the lives of children at SOS village. She also showed a video, made of pictures of all the members of this committee at previous parties, as a small token of appreciation of their efforts. She admired all the groups, for giving their best and specially thanked Haniya for her dedication to the commmittee and the cause.
The turn-over at this party was amazing. Probably, more than seen at any party during this season. The scene was brightened by fashionable people and stylish sun-glasses. Giggles and laughter, filled the spring ambiance. There were also give-aways in the shape of shields, for the friends of SOS, as token of thanks.Also, a shoutout for Nida Khokar, who lives in UK, but made an effort to be there at the party, displaying excellent spirit of a hospitable hostess, great indeed. Her presence at the scene is thoroughly admired. All the hostesses, present at the scene, including Itrat Gillani remained truly hospitable and shared their responsibilities, truly well.

t the end, a superb brunch awaited the guests. Sumptuous treats, beautifully displayed, glutonomous delights, with live barbecue by Lahore Chatkhara Multan, because nobody offers 'desi food', better than this restaurant. Although, the overall catering was from Amir Rajpoot. So, from the beginning till the end, everything was perfectly done. Congratulations Haniya for another mega-hit party by you and your group.

Owner of the place, chief organizer of the event
Haniya Shahid, giving you the fitness goals

The one, who runs the world of SOS in Multan,
the mother Teresa of Multan, who's a fashion icon too, Mahnaz Fareed

3 big girls
Rubina Arshad, Mahnaz Fareed and Shazia Arshad

Saadiya Yaqoob, Shazia Fareed, Saima Faisal, Tasbiha, Anjum

The celebrity baker Zahra Shah with her sister Fatima Shah
and Shazia Jabeen Arshad

Simplicity at its best,
Aasifa Mahmood Khwaja
Nida Khokar, Afshan and Itrat

Bright ladies
Shazia Jabeen Arshad and Saadiya Yaqoob
Sunkissed Fatima Shah

Mahnaz Fareed with a friend

Shazia, Rubina Arshad, Rabia Bosan
Enjoying the sun and music together
Mahnaz Fareed, Zahra Basset, Zahra Shah, Fatima Shah,Shazia Arshad, Shazia Durrani, Saadiya Yaqoob & Tehmina Munir
Zahra Shah, Seemal Kanju, Fatima Shah, Misbah Ali, a friend with Shazia Arshad

The designer behind beautiful layout at brunch
Khadeeja Babbar
Just chillin
Mahnaz Fareed, Shazia Fareedm Tehmina Munir, Farha Kareem and a friend
Luscious ladies,
Rabia Bosan and Tehmina Munir

Sobia, Tehmina, Tasbiha, Mahnaz and Ambreen

Farah Kareem

Bakhtawar, the SOS child, singing

The younger lot

Zahra Khalid, a friend, Shaida Buccha, some friends of SOS, Mamoona Qasim and Zahra Shah

A friend with Aarfa Waqar and Ambreen Qureshi

Haniya, Itrat Gillani, Fariha Munir

Friends of SOS

The stylish lot
Zahra Shah, Seemal Kanju, Fatima Shah, Misbah Ali

Shahida Bucha, Bushra Gillani and others

Always busy behind the scenes, Mr. Fakhar of sos with his team mates

Bakhtawar with the rest of SOS band
Dance performance by children of SOS

The lovely Farah Ilyas

The amazing Ayesha Abdullah
Mrs. Durrani and Shazia
Iram Manan, Rabia Bosan

Mahnaz Fareed conducting the program

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Beautiful, isn't it.

Lavish buffet brunch

The amazing layout by Khadeeja

Sunday, January 21, 2018

AODELL BZU, informal reunion 2018

The group photo of  the attendees with H.O.D. Dr. Naveed

Department of English Bahuddin Zakria University Multan came into existence in 1975. Although, at that time it started with two years of masters of Arts, degree program, but now, meeting the latest trends, BS (4 years graduation) is also being offered here. Which has doubled the duration of the stay at the campus. Thus, increasing the attachments and association with this alma mater.

It is but natural for the old students (who complete their studies here and pass out) for having a desire to re-connect with their fellow students and to re-visit their institution. For the purpose, different people from this particular department came up with different alumni reunion associations, but nothing lasted. Until one, recently started by Madam Ramna Fayyaz and Fariha Munir. Supported by social media and Facebook groups created by old students, it is going strong and has been able to organize several events over the past few years.

Beginning of the year 2018, brought in, the news of arrival of a very well-admired alumunus, Mr. Khalid Shabbir Leghari, who is a favourite on the social media groups of this department. Interestingly, he remained a movitavating force behind creation of AODELL. As he lives in KSA, somehow, he was unable to attend any the functions organized by them. It stirred up everything. Old students were bent upon arranging something to honour his presence.

Mr. Kamran Ali, who had actively participated in arranging the last reunion. Approached the esteemed faculty members at the department, alongwith Fariha Munir and Angela Simone Sharpe to get it organized at official level, but as it required lots of protocals and lengthy procedures to go through. They learnt, it would atleast take few months to get organized. So, these geniuses, simply took official permission to hold an unofficial reunion. Which the very kind, Head of Department, Dr. Naveed permitted, with the consent of attending the event, alongwith other faculty members, including Madam Saiqa Imtiaz and Madam Qamar Khushi.

Ramada hotel Multan was selected as venue and 19th January was the decided to be the date. 
As the time was short, the invitation was extended through social media and advertisment in newspapers. Department of English endorsed it, by extending accomodation for old students in the university guest house. The participants were supposed to pay for the accomodation and the hi-tea at Ramada and they did show a good spirit.

Finally the day arrived. Ramada just had, extensive renovations and the place shined like a brand new L
amborghini, with aesthetically placed flowers, plants and decorations. Beauty of the venue, indeed lifted the spirits of the participants. Who were delighted to have Mr. Khalid Shabbir Leghari with them. There happiness knew no bounds when Head of the department, Dr. Naveed showed up, followed by Madam Qamar Khushi and Madam Saiqa Imtiaz.

Fariha Munir, Angela Simone Sharpe and Mr. Kamran Ali welcomed everybody. The organizers had kept the show simple. The ceremony started with presenting bouquets to the honorable faculty members. Angela presented bouquet to Sir Naveed, Kamran Ali to madam Saiqa and Fariha Munir to madam Qamar Khushi. Fariha addressed the gathering and thanked everybody for making the event a success by being there. Then, she passed on the mike to others, so that each participant could introduce himself and reflect upon the past and the present. Which everybody gladly did.

People were too excited to hear from Mr. Khalid Shabbbir. He narrated his own poetry alongwith his lifetime experiences, also shared some jokes from life at BZU campus. Madam Fozai Iqbal, Mr. Javed Iqbal, Mr. Mushtaq Kharral and many other seniors expressed their views at the occasion. Mr. Waqar Khan played the role of the conductor during the show. It was indeed heartening to listen to inumerable success stories, who once remained the part of this prestigious institute. Finally, H.O.D. Dr. Naveed also addressed the gathering. Admired the dedication of the organizers and requested them, to lend a hand to arrange another reunion by the end of the year at the campus premises.

The occasion called for photography. A young talented photographer Soban was invited to cover the event and he did an amazing job. Although, he is a student of dentistry, but he proved himself a master in the art of photography by capturing all the masterpieces featured in this post. He was sweet enough, not to negotiate the charges and humbly accepted whatever this group of literary people had to offer. His work at this event, will always be considered memorable.

At the end, truly scrumptious hi-tea was served. Here, we would like to thank, Madam Saima Faisal, the CEO of Ramada hotel. With her orders an extra ordinary menu was laid out for this gathering, in most economically viable package, alongwith free provision of separate sitting area in Shang's palace. Thanks a lot Saima, for always being so kind and co-operative.

The best part of this reunion was its informal nature. Former students and teachers had no formalities to follow, everybody was relaxed and enjoyed eachother's company. No protocals were needed and it seemed as if nobody wanted to go home, but remain in the serene new ambience of Ramada hotel.
Anyway, even Madam Saiqa and Madam Qamar said, it was one of the most beautiful reunions, they had ever attended, whether formal or informal. Now, let us see, if the department comes up with another one or this remains the only one in 2018.

The head of department. Dr. Naveed at the reunion, Angela Simone Sharpe presenting him the bouquet
Madam Qamar Khushi with Madam Saiqa Imtiaz

Fozia Iqbal with Fariha Munir Shah

Mr. Khalid Shabbir Leghari

Mr. Kamran Ali presenting bouquet to Madam Saiqa Imtiaz

Fariha Munir Shah addressing the gathering, presenting bouquet to Madam Qamar Khushi

Mr. Javed Iqbal

Madam Saiqa and Madam Qamar Khushi

Angela Simone Sharpe at reunion

Mr. Mushtaq Kharral

Waqar Khan, Asif and Kamran Ali
Kamran Ali with Zain-ul-Abidin

Selfie time with Munsib

Asghar Shahid
Waqar Khan

Fozia Iqbal

Shahzad Saleem

Junaid with his class fellows

Mr. Mushtaq Kharral with Madam Saiqa

An old student

Another one

Madam Saiqa with her students

Junaid, Zain, Kamran, Shaukat and Ali Hassan
 The wonderful photographer Soban

Ramada looked great with these flower arrangements

Splendid hi-tea

Madam Qamar, Madam Saiqa, Sir Naveed, Angela Simone Sharpe in selfies with Fariha Munir Shah