Monday, May 1, 2017

Mi Amor collection by Zubia Zainab (ZZ)

Romance blended in clothes

Zubia Zainab is, what happens to you, when you are born in a family of pioneers in fashion designing. No matter, how good your grades are, or how high your GPA is, nobody pushes you to become a doctor or engineer. All that you are required to do is, to get a degree in fashion designing. And Zubia Zainab, not only did that but went on to become a high achiever at 'Pakistan institute of fashion designing, Lahore'. Living up to legacy of her mom  Masooma Sibtain (her mother) of being the best everywhere.

Zubia Zainab is a miracle in herself. She is among few of those fortunate people, who had a label, a brand in their name, even before the start of their professional studies. She is a fresh fashion graduate today but the brand 'Zubia Zainab' had its first outlet launched in 2012, almost half a decade ago. Throughout her academic life, she practically applied at her brand, everything she learned at the college.

And now, this fresh graduate is all set to conquer the world of fashion designing, with her fabulous new 'Mi Amor' collection. High fashion clothes, blended in romance, elegance and sophistication. Sheer grace, in Patels, infused with royal and majestic styles. Yet, extremely chic and youthful.

The brand played around with organza's pure silks as well as chiffons in mellow pastel colours for the ultimate festive looks this season. This is ZZ's first collection after graduating from PIFD. The collection "Mi Amor" meaning my love in Spanish is a tale of nostalgic affection. It brings back the sweet nostalgia through pastel tones and layerings of sheer fabrics. 
Prices of the new collection range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 40,000.

This collection is taking the fashion industry by storm with great reviews from magazines such as GT, Sunday, Paperazzi, Diva, Hello, Ok and Weekend. This collection embarks the start of the journey of the which available at FPL lahore, FPL Multan, Ensemble Islamabad and official ZZ (Zubia zainab) and Trends outlets. The chic collection has minimal details with modern sophisticated cutlines.

City of saints, takes pride in owing this brand and we wish Zubia Zainab, best of luck with this amazing venture. We know, this little genius is going to be the greatest brand of all times.

The stunning designs 

Elegance and sophistication

Fusion of tradition and the chic

Totally regal

Sheer grace

Pretty in Pink

Pastel charm

Mesmerising colours

To fall in love

The young designer,
Zubia Zainab

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Little Cake Company by Zahra Shah at Blue fair 2017

Zahra Shah receiving her prize for best stall by patron in chief Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar, president WCCIM Mrs. Naseem Raheem
Where the city of saints remains historically famous worldwide for its crafts, like clothes, embroidery, jewelery, blue pottery, etc. Its heavenly glutonomous treats, like 'Sohan halwa' are even greater sources of its fame. And not men but only women of Multan could think of bringing it all together in the form of Blue fair. Salutes to all the female entrepreneurs of Women's chamber of Commerce and Industry Multan (WCCIM), who have been organising this event tirelessly, every year. Women like Masooma Sibtain (former president) and Mrs. Naseem Raheem (recent president of WCCIM) have motivated many females to embrace entrepreneurship. And Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar has always played her role brilliantly well as patron in chief.
'The little cake company by Zahra Shah', is one such successful business venture, inspired by WCCIM. Its success story is not as long, but is big for sure. In the year 2016, Zahra Shah's mother was elected among executive members of WCCIM and it was mandatory for them to occupy a stall in Blue fair. As Zahra Shah was already known for her baking skills, everybody at the chamber suggested her to put a stall of her baked items, specially the cupcakes. And the little lady, took the plunge. To everybody's surprise, in the three day of exhibition, the little cake company was the only stall which sold everything by the end of the day.
Zahra had everybody in her family involved at her stall. Her sisters Hajra Shah and Fatima Shah worked as her assistants in baking, as being extremely hygiene conscious, she did not trust servants or other helpers. Her little cousins, Eman Shah and Noor Shah did a marvelous job as sales girls. Her mom was there at the stall to help her. It turned out to be a great family show. Zahra Shah's father, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah is a very busy medical doctor but he also enjoyed being a part of it by giving guest appearances, during his work breaks. It was fun and business, blended together. And the little baker, Zahra Shah earned a lot more than her expectations. Not just that, she had also found her direction and a career. Which had just started at the Blue fair 2016.
Throughout 2016/ 2017 Zahra Shah operated business of 'the little cake company' from home. Managed plenty of orders every day. Also started baking classes for those, who were interested in learning the art. She continued learning baking new things by taking up some courses in Lahore. And when 'Blue fair 2017' arrived, she was among firsts to book a stall. This time, she was well prepared. She had special embelishments and ornaments to decorate her stall. Alongwith, unusual baked items like 'French Macrons', 'Boston Cream pie cake', etc., were on her list of items available at her stall. The response she received was overwhelming. 'The little cake company was an even bigger success than before.
This fact was confirmed by great admiration it received from the very distinguished, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, who was in Multan from all the way from Karachi, as the major speaker at Blue fair. Several times in his speech, Dr, Baig quoted the little cake company as an example of a successful business venture. We are extremely grateful to the gentleman for his kind words, as he possesses a towering stature in the business community and his words truly matter. Thanks a lot again, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig.
'The little cake company' would also like to thank the president WCCIM, Mrs. Naseem Raheem, Mrs. Farrah Saqib and vice president Filza Akbar, who served baked items by 'the little cake company' to honourable guests like Dr. Ikhtiar Baig. Indeed, it was a great introduction and promotion that the company remains highly obliged for.
Best part of this story that some of you may have analysed yet, is the love and support the little baker received at home. She is a doctor's daughter but she was not forced to study Science or pursue Medicine. Her father always encouraged her to do what interests her most. If this little lady is a great success at her work, it is because of the encouragement she received at home. Her parents, specially her father trusted her capabilities and allowed her to avail the opportunities. Throughout the exhibition, people admired that, Zahra's father remained at her stall during the time, he was supposed to rest. Even being a busy doctor, he took time out to support his daughter. It is truly rare in South Punjab, where men still have reservations against women's financial independence. Dr. Munir Hussain Shah is a great example of a great, enlightened supporting father. He is working hard to establish his daughters, as others would do for their sons. Salutes to this gentleman.
'The little cake company' also treasures all its clients and remains thankful to all of them. As when this business was started, it was one of a kind but following its suit, many such businesses have emerged. It is the loyalty and love of its clients, which is keeping it ahead of everybody and taking it to next level. Thanks a lot again for all your love. We are blessed to have the best people in town, as our regular clients. God bless you all!
Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig , the distinguished speaker at Blue fair seminar
 referred to the little cake company as example of successful business
The beautiful display by the litttle cake company

Not sweets but jewels, a treat for eyes and taste buds

                        VISITOR'S GALLERY

The little cake company's very own mentor, Masooma Sibtain with Zahra Shah at stall

The chief guests, Mr.S.M.Muneer and president FWCCI, Mr. Tufail at the stall

Fatima Fazal was among best of buyers at the little cake company
Zahra Shah with Farah Faisal and Rabia Rahman

Qaisar Khan Pitafi with his children, Hashir, Murtza and Sephora Khan Pitafi at the little cake company
President WCCIM, Mrs. Naseem Raheem also visited the little cake company, with her husband Mr. Raheem
Aleena Durrani alongwith her gorgeous friends, was the constant business support for Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah being interviewed by media

Head of the leading school Shazia Jabeen Arshad
Farah Saqib enjoying the sweets

Pretty ladies, Sarwat Awan with her sister
at the stall

Zahra Shah with the gorgeous Mala Ahsan

Mona Jahanzeb and Zahra Basset at the stall

Former president WCCIM Humera Batool

Sana Burana is among the most precious clients
 alongwith Aleena Durrani

Rabia Bosan with Rabia Khan

Farah Saqib and Khushi awarding Zahra the certificate of participation

Novaira Fahad with Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah on the little cake co. stall
Ayesha Siddiqa with Zahra Shah
Wajiha Hasnain at the stall

A friend with Mr. Bin Yameen at Little cake co. stall

  Zahra Shah with Aasma Salman and family

Fizza and Sidra with Hajra and Zahra on stall

Sara Nadeem with her family
Famous photograher Hurraima Durrani with her mom Yasmin and Zahra Shah

Mehriya Omer with children
Tahira Najam at the stall
Zahra Shah with Farah Khwaja

Fareeha Ateeq with family at the little cake company

Samina Waqar with a friend at the stall

Zahra Shah with Tayyaba Asif and Seerat Fatima

The stunning Ayesha Durrani at the little cake company

Zahra Shah with Afshan Asif and her daughter
Aalma Burana

Notice the look at baby's face, it's Love
Dr. Athar Hashmat with his daughter Anaya

Dr, mom with her daughter
Khadija and daughter

Khawaja Roomi, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah and Aleena Durrani of TDAP

More shoppers at the stall

Yasmin Awan at the little cake company

The choice of the youthful, the little cake company

The little cake company loves its little clients

Some cuties at the stall

More at the little cake company
The amazing display of the little cake company at the stall at Blue fair

Dr. Munir Hussain Shah and Fariha Munir
Proud parents of Zahra Shah,  inventer/owner of the little cake company