Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dr. Huma Athar's lunch

Dr. Huma Ather.

It is generally believed in our Pakistani society that working women do not have time for their children or their household. But Dr. Huma Athar is one great example that professional ladies turn out to be even better mothers and housewives, if they manage to keep a balance between their routines. As the name tells, Huma is a medical Doctor. Not just that but she is married to a doctor too, renowned pathologist Dr. Athar Hashmat. Also, her eldest daughter Yumna is a doctor in making. All her kids are scholarship holders and are capable enough of becoming doctors but her second one Aemun Athar selected a different field.

Huma remained extremely active, all her life, in Ladies Club Multan. Served there as 'program secretary' for many years. Not to forget her mother, Mrs. Naseem Raheen, who was among the pioneer members of the club, also'secretary' of the same club. In short, Huma has inherited this habit to become an all rounder from her mother and now the same genes are being transferred to her children.

Huma is currently teaching 'sports medicine', in the department of Social Sciences and Anatomy in department of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakria university, Multan. She is also a private practitioner and runs her own medical clinic in the evening.

On 18th April, Huma hosted a lunch in Shangrilla Chinese, Multan cantt. It was actually her turn to host a party in the committee which is run by her sister in law, Mrs. Farah Saqib. So she decided to invite all her friends to the party. She went on to check availability of her friends and managed to arrange it on a date, when everybody was around. The great turn-over spoke of her efforts. Busy educationists like Saiqa Imtiaz, Sarrah Bilal, Aroona Shabbir, Erum Mujahid and Rabia Khand did manage to attend the occasion. Also Fariha Munir Shah was there, all the way from Lahore.

Everybody enjoyed a hearty chit chat over delicious Chinese cuisine. The event turned out to be more of a reunion, with many friends coming together. Indeed a splendid effort. Thanks a lot Huma for your wonderful hospitality. We look forward to more from you in future, God bless you.

Two living legends of Multan,
Madam Saiqa Imtiaz and Sarrah Billal.

The beautiful, Erum Mujahid.

Kiran and Masooma Sibtain.

Sumera, Ayesha Bokhari and Kiran

Humna and Beenish Usman.

Erum and Rabia Khand with a friend.

A friend with Aroona Shabbir and Neelofer Sami

Naila, Farah with Dr. Huma

Farrah and Masooma.

Beenish Usman, Aroona and Saiqa Imtiaz

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Friends of SOS Floral theme party.

The hostesses of the evening.
Freeha Ismail, Fariha Munir, Masooma, Dr.Huma Ather, Mrs. Naseem Raheem and Farah Saqib.

In the city of saints, like the rest of the world. the month of April is associated with flowers, scents and vibrance of the spring. Keeping in view the brightness and blooming beauty of the season, floral theme was decided for the April committee party by friends of SOS. The guests were requested to attend the party wearing floral prints, flowers in the hair or some garlands. Almost all the members, who attended the party complied with the demand.

 The party was hosted by Freeha Ismail, Dr. Huma Ather, Masooma Sibtain, Fariha Munir Shah, Farah Saqib and Mrs. Naseem Raheem. All of them wore Red roses in their hair to be identified as  hosts of the evening. Although, all the hosts showed a great interest in the event but Dr. Huma seemed truly excited. From deciding the theme, the venue, to the games to entertain the guests were mainly her decisions, which the rest of the team gladly agreed to.

 A hi-tea was arranged in Ramada on Wednesday 29th April. The turn over of the friends of SOS was remarkable. They were all requested by the SOS administration to bring unstitched summer clothes as donation for the children of SOS. An impressive number of clothes were collected at the occasion. Several games were conducted by hostesses to keep their guests engaged. Which produced a lot of activity and fun for all. Mrs. Hania Shahid was awarded for her services and dedication to SOS. Whereas, Sumera Qureshi won the memory game, she remembered almost everything in the tray, which was exposed to all the members for a while, with few items, which they were asked to write about later.  

An extra scrumptious menu for hi-tea was served later  to all the guests. The hosts would like to thank Saima Faisal, whose presence in any party at the hotel keeps the entire management, extra vigilant and the already special menu turns, extra special. Also they extend thanks to their special guests, the little ladies, Fatima Shah, Zahra Shah, Hajra Shah, Aemun Ather and Yumna Ather, who took time, off their studies and commitments and attended this function.

Fatima Shah, Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah.

Saima Faisal and Sadia Yaqub
Rameen and Hania Shahid.

Mahnaz Fareed and Zahra Bassat

Filza Akbar and Mrs. Qureshi

Afsheen Bhaba and Masooma Sibtain
Hania and Saleha Bokhari.

Mehriya and Romana Ahmed

Beena Khwaja, Tehmina Munir and Zeba Javed

Mrs. Naseem Raheem and Saira Nasir.

Zara Khalid
Rabia Bosan

Aemun and Yumna.

The senior friends of SOS

The hostesses giving the prize to Sumera, winner of memory game.
Freeha Ismail, Naseem Raheem, Farah Saqib, Sumera, Masooma and Huma.

Few of friends of SOS.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Another reunion for another year by O'DELL

The group photo, 2015

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. Past always seems beautiful. No matter what hardships one may have been through in life, but in the end, old days are always remembered as 'good old days'.

The students of English literature are trained to be more cognizant towards the sensitivities of life. Rejoicing the past, alongwith enjoying the present is one of the characteristics which the study of the subject, plants in them. Annual reunions are a part of this training. That is why, Department of English, Bahauddin Zakria university, officially endorses, AO
DELL, 'organization of alumni of department of English language & literature' and encourages the former students to gather at one platform to share their success stories and rekindle their past experiences. A little about the history of this organization. AODELL, came into existence in March 2013, when encouraged by a number of old students, who desperately wanted to have a reunion, a very popular and renowned teacher of the department Ramna Fayyaz, got together with Fariha Munir Shah (former visiting faculty member) and organized an informal/ unofficial gathering in Ramada hotel, Multan. The excitement was overwhelming. An immediate voting took place, Ramna was elected the treasurer of the organization. Fariha Munir  being the most senior present there was elected as the lifetime chairperson of O'DELL.Whereas, Mustafa Kamal became the president. The year 2014 witnessed, further strengthening of this organization with its official endorsement of the reunion by Department of English and special patronage by the head of department, Madam Saiqa Imtiaz. Ramna Fayyaz's efforts for organizing this event remain undeniable. Together with some extremely active old students like Hassan Muhammad, Asif Ansari and Ashfaq Rehman, she went on to arrange a splendid show. And this year, again the credit goes to this lovely lady for making an effort to make it happen.
On Saturday, 4th April, the beautifully lit, Department of English, at Bahaudin Zakria university, Multan, awaited its old students. Fresh students welcomed their seniors at registration counters.
Ramna appeared a perfect portrait of patriotism and beauty, dressed in Green. For those, who did not know her, it was impossible to believe that she was teaching faculty, not fresh student but was among old students.

The vice chancellor of BZU, Dr. Alqama was the chief guest of the evening. The informal session was to start at 4pm, in the enormous courtyard of the said building. Tea, coffee, Dahi Bhalla and other snacks were served for free to all the attendants. Mr. Amir Hafeez Malik, Ms. Dua Bokhari and Roop Hasnain Khwaja, were among the compères. They kept everybody engaged and entertained by small talk, games and competitions. Shazia Jabeen Arshad, Syed Mubashir Hashmi, Uzma Asif, remained active winners during this session. Mubashir won, singing competition for males. Shazia won in female category and Uzma Asif succeeded in acquiring first position in musical chair.

The formal session took place in the splendid amphitheatre of the department. Sumera Khalil hosted it as compère with grace and poise. After recitation of holy Quran and praise for the holy prophet (peace be upon him) the program proceeded. Head of department Madam Saiqa Imtiaz was invited to deliver a welcome address. She left the audience cheering, when she said, 'I won't call you, old students. You are all former students, not old at all'.
A lot of entertainment followed. The mimickery of Meera jee's interview, had everybody rolling on the floor. The saree, purse and shoes used by the actress, were a courtesy of Madam
Ramna Fayyaz again. Love story of shahzada Salim and Anarkali also, scattered laughter among audience. And performance of a scene, out of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' left everybody mesmerised. A musical band performance also kept the audience entertained. Few of the old students were invited on stage to share their memoirs. And video messages of those, who could not attend the event were also played. Once again, videos created by Hassan Nasir were admired for bringing back the memories, fun and laughter. His class fellow, Mian shan, came all the way from U.K. to attend this reunion. Finally, it was the turn of prize distribution. All those, who contributed towards the event, were awarded shields. Alongwith others, department extended thanks to Hassan Muhammad for providing backdrop, souvenirs and photo booth. Kamran Ali for shields, Dua Bokhari and Amir Hafeez Malik for fun gala. Sumera Khalil for formal session and Ramna Fayyaz, for organizing the event. Students from the session 1998 to 2000, also donated 25000 rupees for the organization. At the end, VC was requested to address. He mentioned, Departments of English language and literature are considered 'elites' all over the country. He greatly admired the tradition of holding reunions annually.

Later, the dinner was served on roof top. Scrumptious barbecued food and other traditional cuisine awaited the guests. The evening did not end there but continued late at night with live performance of the musical band.

Here is an acknowledgement to a lady, who played vital role from the beginning of AODELL till the latest event. None other than Ramna Fayyaz . She believed in the cause of providing the people from this department a platform to meet and worked relentlessly towards it. If this tradition has developed a root, her efforts and dedication are behind it. We wish and hope, she will remain an inseparable part of this great tradition that she has started.


Ramna Fayyaz with Sadia Farooq

Imran Chauhdary. Hassan Nasir, Khan, Ramna Fayyaz, Ashfaq, Mian Shan,  Rao Tahir. 
Hassan Muhammad with Amir Khan, M. Ashraf, Rao Rizwan Raunaq, M. Nadeem, Mubashir Bokhari 

The gathering growing slowly.

Syed Mubashar Hashmi and Hassan Muhammad, approaching for a cup of tea.

The informal party area, courtyard at the department

Shazia Jabeen Arshad, singing in the competition during informal session.

Fariha Munir Shah giving away prize to Mr. Mustanir 

Guess, who is the teacher?
Ramna Fayyaz with her old students.

Ashfaq Ahmed, entertaining with Basanti dance in Love jail.

Hassan Muhamad, Shahbaz Shah, Dr. Naveed, Mubashir Hashmi, Zahoor Hussain, Amir Hafeez Malik

Fresh students of the dept. to help register the seniors.

Registration please!

Samra Shakir, Dur-e-Nayab, Madam Saiqa, Zinab Shaukat, Aisha Sajjad,
Sidra, Rafia Qadeer, Faiza Haris.

Head of department Madam Saiqa and Ramna Fayyazwith students.

Ashfaq Ahmed, Shabaz Shah, Hassan Muhammad, Dr. Naveed, Mushtaq Kharral, Naseem Abbass, Asif Ansari

Walking down memory lane, Vardah Mushtaq with a friend

Pictures from the past.

Roop Hassnain Khwaja and Dua Bokhari.

Uzma Asif, playing to win musical chair.

Dua Bokhari & Amir Hafeez Malik, hosts for informal session with Hassan Muhammad

Sharing a laugh.

Uzma Asif, Mamoona Yasmin, Sidra Khwaja and Sadia Malik.

Ashfaque with friends

Former students, not old students.

Amir Hafeez Malik, caught in the love jail.
                                                                  FORMAL SESSION

Arrival of the VC, with Madam Saiqa.

Ramna Fayyaz, Madam Saiqa Imtiaz, VC. BZU. Dr. Alqama

Imran, Shan, Hassan, Rao with a friend

The seniors 


The gentlemen's side.

The beautiful compere of the formal session, Sumera Khalil

Head of Department of English, Madam Saiqa Imtiaz.

Head of Department of English, BZU, Madam Saiqa with her class fellows.

The modern day Shahzada Salim with entertainers

Modern day Anarkali and prince Saleem 

Romeo and Juliet.


Juliet in the window

The interviewer with Meera jee.

The band.

Rao Rizwan Raunaq sharing his memories.
Syed Hammad 

Ramna Fayyaz, Saiqa Imtiaz with a guest

Madam Saiqa and Chief guest, Dr. Alqama presenting shield to Hassan Muhammad.

Ramna Fayyaz, receiving her shield from VC.

Roop Hussnain Khwaja receiving her shield
The chief guest, addressing the gathering.

Shazia Jabeen Arshad, Fariha Munir and Ramna Fayyaz
Friends and fellows.

Lubna with friends

On a happy note

Students come and students go but the staff remains there.

Rao Rizwan Raunaq, expressing his regards for Madam Saiqa and Dr. Alqama.

Time for an all girls click, at the photo booth.

Dinner is served

For the love of barbecued food.

Sidra and Sumera Khalil.

Class fellows, Mr. Zeeshan, Shazia Jabeen Arshad, Fariha Munir

Volunteers from the current morning session of the department.

Stage, back drop by Hassan Muhammad