Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SOS Herman Gmeiner School beats Beaconhouse Multan in debates

Group photo

“Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition”. Creative competitions at school level, help bring out and polish the latent capabilities of students. Also develop their strengths and confidence to face the realities of life in a better way.
This fact is truly acknowledged by administration and staff of SOS Herman Gmeiner school. Therefore, students and teachers are provided enough opportunities to experience this sense of competition by arranging different contests throughout the year. The greatest event of all is the annual debate. Which used to be an internal avocation till the year 2016. But this year, it was different.

The chair person of SOS village and Herman Gmeiner School, Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh decided to test abilities of her own students by bringing the very best of institutions to compete with them. She was confident that students of SOS H.G. school, can win over the students of Beaconhouse school and she proved it.

The mega event of the year 2016 took place on 26th November, at SOS Herman Gmeiner school. The students of Beaconhouse were invited for the competition, which they graciously accepted.  Chief guest was the vice chancellor of Nawaz Sharif university of agricultural sciences, Dr. Asif Ali Khan. Whereas, the distinguished judges were Mr. Syed (director MIMS), Dr. Imran Sharif (director economics dept, BZU) and Dr. Amna Awan.

After recitation of holy Quran and verses in admiration of the holy prophet (peace be upon him), the program proceeded. Superb rounds of debates took place. The confidence of both the teams was remarkable but high notes and passionate tones of SOS. H.G. school represented their vehemence. Which the judges seem to enjoy the most. And out of Eight teams sent by Beaconhouse, only one team was able to bag a trophy. Rest, according to the decision of esteemed judges were secured by SOS. H.G. school. This sweeping victory, astounded everybody who heard of it but not those, who witnessed the battle.

There were also different episodes of entertainment for the audience during breaks between debates. There was an ode to Edhi. The children of SOS village saluted this great philanthropist and social worker with an excellent poetic and musical tabloid. There were plenty of other activities too, which kept the gathering glued on their seats.

A good number of distinguished guests attended the event. Among those present were, Mr. Shahid Khokar, Mr. Fareed A. Sheikh, Mr. Mughees A. Sheikh,  Mr.Najeeb and Ayesha Najeeb, Mrs. Rubina Arshad (principal Beaconhouse school), Mrs. Saadia Yaqoob (headmistress A-level branch Beaconhouse), Shazia Fareed, Hajra Shah, Iram Mudassir, Ms. Rubina Baddar.

The judges announced the results and admired the spirit of both the teams. Also delivered some wise words for the students to follow. The prize distribution ceremony took place. When the chief guest was invited to speak, he expressed his amazement at the quality of life he witnessed at SOS village Multan and SOS H.G. School. He said, these children at SOS village have an excellent living, full of opportunities and that he is sure, a brilliant future awaits them.

Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh also addressed the gathering at the end and said, both the teams are winners. SOS H.G. school competed well and Beaconhouse provided them an opportunity by accepting the challenge. Both the teams performed very well but SOS excelled and proved themselves as the best of the best. It speaks volumes about their hard work and effort.

As analysed by us, it is an incredible morale boosting win for SOS and will go a long way. In the future, if Beaconhouse students and SOS H.G. school students meet at any platform. Whether debates, other competitions or even for job seeking purposes, SOS HG school children will never get intimidated by them. They will look at them as equals. And this unbiased education system should be pursued everywhere as ideal. Hats off to Mahnaz Fareed, who thought of it and made it possible.
Once again congratulations to students, staff of SOS H.G. school and to Mahnaz, Rameen Anis, Hania Shahid, Fariha Munir and Sidra Bakhtawar for all the efforts. This team works unimaginably hard to improve the lives of these children and to provide them better chances. 

Adina Shahid lead the only winning group from Beaconhouse school.
Nadine Fareed was among the only winning team from Beaconhouse

Participants from Beaconhouse gearing up for competition

Proud winners

The passionate debaters

Few of the judges for the semi finals,
Sara Alamgir, Hnia Shahi and Saira Khakwani
Saadia Yaqoob and Ayesha Najeeb with Mahnaz Fareed

All rise for the national anthem

Hajra Shah, Fariha Munir, Shazia Fareed and Saadia Yaqoob.

The honourable judges

The chief guest, Dr. Asif Ali Khan,
 Vice chancellor of  Nawaz Sharif university of agriculture Multan

Dr. Amna Awan and Rameen Anus awarding students

Mahnaz Fareed presenting the shield from SOS to the chief guest
Mahnaz Fareed with the principal, SOS H.G school

Rameen Anis
Hania Shahid gifting the shield from SOS to Mr. Imran Sharif,  director of Economics department BZU

Mahnaz Fareed giving away the prize for stall competition

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ladies club bids farewell to its legend, Mrs. Shamim Munir Siddiquee

The living legend, Mrs. Shamim Munir Siddiqui
 ''When people see a legend, they call it a legend. But to be a legend, it's a lot of hard work and patience. You can't play for five or ten years and be a legend. It takes longer than that''.

This quote truly fits Mrs. Shamim Munir Sidiquee. She remained 'Literary secretary' of the ladies club Multan for almost twenty five years. Enough a time for a generation to be born, reach adulthood and meet maturity. A lifetime indeed. This club was fortunate to enjoy her unrelenting energies and services for such a long period but unfortunately, due to some major commitments and engagements of life, she had to discontinue that some years ago.

Members of this ladies club, (Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar in particular) learnt that Mrs. Shamim Siddiqui is about to say 'adieu' to the city of saints and is about to move to Lahore. It was immediately decided that she deserves a formal 'farewell' from the club.

On 29th October, a beautiful evening was arranged. As the sacred month of Muharram had just ended, the event was kept simple yet graceful. Following are the names of the group members who arranged this party, Fariha Munir, Shahnaz Khakwani, Farah Khwaja, Shagufta Khaksar, Munaza Iqbal, Afroz Sardar, Isma Aslam.

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar hosted the event and started by inviting Yasmin Bokhari for recitation of Quran. F
ew naats were recited by different guests and then Shaguta introduced everyone present at the occasion to the legend called Mrs. Shamim Siddiqui and her contributions to the club. All the friends and companions were invited to speak about the living legend, they were there to bid farewell to.

A beautiful shield was presented to Mrs. Shamim Siddiquee by Mrs. Fariha Munir Shah, on behalf of rest of club administration. Mrs. Siddiquee was kind enough to gift the club an enormous wall clock, as her memory. She went on to speak about the good times she had in club, with tears in her eyes. It was indeed a very sensitive and touching show. A good number of senior members had gathered to say goodbye to their old friend.

At the end, a lavish hi-tea was laid and its best part was, a special cake with fresh flowers, made by 'the little cake company' with Mrs. Shamim Siddique's initials on it. Again, the credit for this fine selection goes to Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar for such a wonderful selection. Everybody loved the cake and admired its maker Zahra Shah.

It turned out to be a great memorable historic evening. It was a great example that legends are never forgotten and this club knows, how to honour their senior members.

Mrs. Shamim Siddiquee handing over her present to joint secretary ladies club Fariha Munir Shah

Mariam Ahmer

Iqra from Nawai Waqt and Sadia from Khabrain

Beautiful ladies, Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar and Mrs. Shahnaz Khakwani

The special cake by The Little Cake Company


Iffat, Yasmin Bokhari, Yasmin Durrani

Bano Saleem

Mrs. Iqbal Qureshi
Mrs. Khwaja


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another eve with friends of SOS at Chatkhara

Asma, Iram Mannan, Ashan Waseem, Khadija Zubairand Kiran,
few of the hostesses of the evening

Friends of SOS is the only one committee group in the city of saints which agglomerates, so many resplendent causes together. First and foremost being the welfare of children of SOS village. Then it provides a huge platform with 180 members for the ladies to socialise. That too not for just for being social but for a worthy cause of helping humanity.

After its kick off party in September, the month of October fell to another remarkable group of ladies. Who managed to gather a record turnover for the party. Afshan Waseem, Asma Nadeem, Mrs. Iram Mannan, Kiran, Riffat, Mrs. Khalid, Khadija Zubair, Rabia and Zeba, the hostesses of this party left no stone unturned to extend invitations at the personal level. Each and every member of the committee was called by one of the hostesses, alongwith text messages as reminder of the party.

And Voila! The result could be seen at the gathering. Every corner of the venue was bustling with ladies. Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch was totally booked for friends of SOS. Hania Shahid, the gorgeous owner of the marvellous restaurant was among the guests and hostesses to keep the things rolling perfectly. Each and every member was treated as a VIP. Perfect kind of hospitality displayed by group of hostesses, as well as Hania.

All the members appeared fresh and beautiful. The pleasant change of weather was evident in their apparels. No other restaurant would ever host a menu as rich as laid by Lahore Chatkhara Multan for the parties hosted for friends of SOS. Simply aperitive.

Rameen Anees displayed pictures and video clips of the previous function arranged by friends of SOS and encouraged all members to involve children of SOS village in their parties as well, which was brilliantly done by the members of first party. Mahnaz Fareed also pressed upon the point that children of SOS must not be left out, as they are the reason behind holding all these activities. So, all those, who have their parties coming up, must keep a part for SOS children to play.

The party was a mega hit. Amazing number of members. Superb arrangement. Beautiful and hospitable hostesses, what else one can wish to see at a party. Congratulations to all those involved in putting it together. Keep up the good work.

Kiran Dogar, Rameen Anis, Mahnaz Fareed, Zahra Basset

Rabia Bossan, Shazia Arshad, Afshan

Farah Khwaja, Iram Mannan, Dr., Ambreen and Kiran

Hania with Shazia Fareed
Khadija, Asma Nadeem, Tasbiha and Hania Shahid
Rubina Arshad and Shazia Arshad
Zeb Khakwani with a friend
Asma Nadeem

Shimaila (Mala) Ahsan, Freeha Ismail, Shazia Arshad 

Saima Salman, Tasbiha Sarfraz and Hajra 

Mahnaz Fareed, Zahra basset, Shazia Fareed (standing) , Saleha Bokhari and Farrah Khwaja

Rameen Anis and Mahnaz Fareed

Saira, Asma, Khadijah, Farrah Saqib and Mariam Farrukh

Rameen describing activities done at previous event