Friday, October 16, 2015

A party for eccentrics by friends of SOS

Mrs. Farrah Ilyas presenting a dinner voucher to Fariha (the winner), alongwith
other hostesses
Mehriya, Zahra and Attia
The Eid milan fever continued during the month of October. Friends of SOS also jumped on the bandwagon but dared to be different at the same time. All the members were requested to attend the October committee party in their Eid attires and were also encouraged to get their hair styled differently, to be bold and eccentric. The ultimate theme being 'Zrra hatt k'.

 Keeping in view the choice of their members, the wonderful hostesses Farah Ilyas, Mehriya Omer, Zahra Hussain, Attia Fatima, Mamoona Qasim and Misbah Khwaja selected Lahore Chatkhara Multan to hold their party.

On 12th October, a Hi-tea with magnificent menu was laid at Lahore Chatkhara Multan by these ladies. Interestingly, all the hostesses belong to Khawaja family and it was their first time together to arrange a party on the platform of 'friends of SOS'. According to their family tradition, they did their best.

There was a prize for the best unusual hairstyle and dressing, under 'Zrra hatt k' theme. A generous dinner voucher of 2000 rupees awaited any member who dared to flaunt her uniqueness and eccentricity to keep up with theme. Mrs. Rabia Bosan, Anjum Hameed and Aasma Ather was requested to play judges. Fariha Munir Shah was selected as first prize winner for wearing Kaftaan and crimped hair. Whereas, Mahnaz Fareed and Sidra were declared second and third, respectively.

There was also a unique offer made for this themed party by Itrat Gillani. All the members participating in this competition could get their hairstyles done from her parlour in 500 rupees, only. A lot of members took advantage of this opportunity, including the winner of the first prize. Special thanks to Itrat for this special discount.

The life and soul of SOS, the mother Teresa of the city of saints, Mahnaz Fareed addressed the gathering and informed, SOS villages Pakistan have completed 40 years of services. SOS Multan is going to commemorate the event on 5th December with an elaborate Black and White themed, formal, sit down dinner and a jazz musical night with Coke studio star, Sara Haider. Mahnaz went on to share with all the friends of SOS present there, the efforts she is making, to create a romantic, beautiful ambiance, to be remembered forever by Multani-ites. She urged everybody to be a part of it, as it is an event not to be missed.

We wish Mahnaz and all her team mates (working on this project), the very best of luck! Also request all the visitors of this blogpost to buy invitations for this majestic, never seen before kind of event. Which are available at a donation of 5000 rupees.

Back to the party; the hostesses remained at their toes to attend all the guests, extending their kind hospitality on individual level. What else can be said about it, except that the best of people throw best of parties. Thank you ladies for planning and throwing a perfectly wonderful party.

Zahra Husaain, Misbah, Attia, Farrah Ilyas, Mehriya Omer, the hostesses

Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh

Haniya Shahid
Saima Faisal

Saadia Yaqub

Zahra Basat, Rabia Rehman
Attia Fatima with her friends

Prize winning hairstyle of FarihaMunirShah
Sidra, Fariha, Mahnaz, Rabia Bosan, Aasma Ather, Anjum Hameed

Ayesha Usman and Aarfa Waqar

Mrs. Sheikh and Dr. Huma Ather

Mother and daughter,
Mrs. Farah Ilyas with Mehriya Omer

Selfie time: FarihaMunir Shah and Saima Faisal

Selection from remarkable cuisine at Chatkhara

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eid milan 2015 at ladies club

The dress show in progress

 Ladies club Multan is the legendary platform for women to show their skills, express their talents and socialize with their kind. It provides opportunities to the ladies of the city of saints, to get together and share their sorrows and joys. On 3rd October 2015, an official eid milan party was arranged there. Which provided its members a chance to flaunt their beautiful eid dresses and dress up at their best.

The hostesses of the evening were none other than the members of club administration. Which included the names of Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar (presidehnt ladies club), Mrs. Fariha Munir Shah (joint secretary of the club), Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar (program secretary), Ayesya Durrani and Farrah Khwaja (Assistant Program secretaries). The show was completely funded by ladies club.

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar hosted the show. Which started with a prayer and then all the members were requested to share some jokes, the one which made people laugh the most was to win a prize. Razia Beg, Uzma Burana, Mrs. Mueed Khwaja, Farah Khwaja participated. Razia Beg won this contest.

Then came the turn of the best eid dress competition. Participants were told to walk on the ramp as models. Three prizes were to be given to the most well dressed, who also carried themselves well in this fashion show. Mrs. Fakhira Ateeq, Dr. Naseem Durrani and Mrs. Mueed Khwaja were among judges. According to their decision Mrs. Yasmin Durrani stood first, Mrs. Tasduq Gillani was 2nd and Shahnaz Iqbal took third prize. Ayesha Durrani was also admired for her sense of style and dressing. She also truly deserved the first prize but as there was a tie between her and her mom for the first prize, she withdrew from  the contest. Farah Khwaja and Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar also participated in the catwalk but being members of admin, they refrained from taking part in competition, instead encouraged other members to compete and win prizes. A great step by the admin, indeed appreciable. Guests like Ayesha Siddiqua, Afifa Shehzad ahd Samina Khalid also participated in this segment.

The beautiful lighting and music system was provided by president of the club. Whereas decorations were done by Farah Khwaja. At the end all the members enjoyed a scrumptious dinner and this beautiful evening came to an end.

Mrs. Khwaja Mueed and Mrs. Gillani

Tahira Najam's special eid pose
Shagufta Khaksar

Joint secretary ladies club FarihaMunirShah
 with both the beautiful assistant program secretaries Farah and Ayesha

Simple yet elegant
Snaima Faisal and Rabia Rehman

Ayesha Durrani, all set to welcome the guests

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar beginning the show with a prayer

Mrs. Riffat, Mrs. Fahira Ateeq, Mrs. Iqbal Chaudary

Praying together

Shahida, Razia Beg, Uzma Burana, Azra Parveen

Dr. Naseem Durrani, Mrs. Fakhira Ateeq and Mrs. Chaudary

Farah Khwaja with her friends, Afifa Shehzad, Samina Khalid and Aalia Sipra

One of the judges Mrs. Fakhira Ateeq with 1st prize winner Yasmin

Yasmin Durrani thanking the audience
Uzma Burana

Yasmin Bokhari telling a joke

Ayesha Durrani dazzling in eid outfit

Ayesha Siddiqua
Mahmooda Rahat with her grand daughter

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mrs. Yasmin Riaz will be missed

The dear departed, Mrs. Yasmin Riaz

We are all mortal beings. Destined to experience death one day. We see many new souls arrive and leave this world during our journey of life, but we understand death for the first time when it puts its hand upon someone we love. It reminds us that we are still alive, perhaps for some purpose which we ought to re-examine. 

Mrs. Yasmin Riaz a distinguished  member of the Ladies Club Multan, left this world on 21st August. On 19th September, the president Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar arranged an evening to offer prayers and remembrance for the demised. The program was based on three parts. The prayer, Islamic lecture and remembrance by friends and family.

The program secretary, Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar conducted the program by inviting a renowned female Islamic scholar for holding the prayer and the lecture on the topic of 'life after death' in Islam. After that, Mrs. Fadia Kashif - daughter in law of Mrs. Yasmin Riaz was invited to speak. In a short but beautiful speech, Fadia described the personality of her mother in law, who was not less than an angel for many.

The friends of the deceased Mrs. Nuzhat Ejaz, Mrs. Iffat Zaki, Mrs. Shahida Buccha, Mrs. Safia Riaz Qureshi, Mrs. Jameeda Malik, presented eulogies, poetic excerpts to express their sorrow of losing a treasure of a friend they had in her. They talked of her hospitality, elegance, good manners, zest for life and fun loving nature. Her love for dressing well and perfect matching was also remembered and greatly admired, alongwith her contributions to charity and Islamic learning. A perfect well balanced life that she lived. A human being, well raised and well loved.

Finally, president Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar also shared few of the memories she had with Mrs. Yasmin Riaz, as a friend and a relative. She said, Yasmin was so full of life that it was unbelievable to think, she was not alive anymore. She highlighted Mrs. Yasmin's services to charities, specially to Islamic learning, it is because of it today that her house is completely dedicated to Quranic learning. And such contributions are the real assets which people take along to the life hereafter.

At the end, a hi-tea was served for those who took time out and gathered there to remember and pray for a beautiful soul called Mrs. Yasmin Riaz. She will always be missed and remembered. Rest in peace Mrs. Yasmin Riaz.

Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar

 Mrs.Nuzhat Ejaz
Shahida Buccha

Mrs. Iffat Zaki

Shagufta Khaksar

The president ladies club, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtar

The assistant program secretaries,
Farah and Ayesha Durrani

Mrs. Safia Riaz Qureshi and Mrs. Jameeda Malik among the audience

Mrs. Fakhira Ateeq and Yasmin Bokhari

Farah Khwaja