Thursday, December 10, 2015

Maqbool's Polo themed birthday

Fabulous arrangements and birthday boy's picture with parents his Atta and Minayal

There are few families in the city of saints which practice awesome tradition of family friendships. Their functions are not limited to ladies, gentlemen or kids only but complete families are invited to be part of most of their celebrations. One such family is of Mr. Tanvir Sheikh and Mrs. Romana Tanvir.

Recently their eldest son Mr. Atta and his lovely wife Minayal celebrated first birthday of their first-born son Maqbool Sheikh. Interesting fact is that, this little lad Maqbool is named after his great grandfather. Minayal, the pretty young mother of the birthday boy seems too fond of the game 'Polo'. So, the theme was the same and was extensively used in decorations from every aspect.

On the cool Sunday morning of 6th December, their house was renamed as 'Maqbool's polo club'. Hay stacks were laid everywhere, were even used as coffee tables.
Pennants, Red flags, Banners, buntings with birthday boy's initials were hanged on flagpoles. Life size, painted statues of horses made beautiful part of the display. Red, Blue and Yellow coloured balloon bouquets and arches were spread across the party area. Picket fences which were used to create different sitting areas and to direct the guests to the dinning area, added the real feel of Polo setting. Cushions on sofas, table mats and tissue papers on dinning tables, water bottles, everything was custom made and had Maqbool's initials inscribed on it. It seemed like mini Maqbool Land. Everything had his stamp on it.

Chocolate fountains flowed with fondue. Candies for kids and snacks for adults remained on serving till the brunch was laid. And brunch had an exclusive live cooking with chefs working relentlessly in the middle of the show. From barbecue tikkas, kebabs and chops to naan, parathas, everything was being cooked at the spot and no delays in serving. It was ready to be served when anybody approached. From traditional to fast food, every taste was abound, to suit young and old alike.

About birthday bounties and return gifts, everything was served individually in champions' cups and trophies. Another buttress to remind, it was a polo party.

We congratulate Minayal for arranging the whole party in such an exuberant manner. Not to forget, the most admirable part of it for many was that it was a family gathering. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy a weekend together with family and friends. As said by Joyce brothers; ''When you look back at life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses''.

Lots of prayers and good wishes for Maqbool and his parents. We look forward to them and their family for more fun in the future. Best of luck!

Parents of the birthday boy Minayal and Atta Tanvir

Romana Tanvir and Rani Maqsood

Sidra Bakhtawar and relatives

The Shahs 
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with his daughters, Fatima, Hajra and Zahra Shah

Rameen, Saima Faisal, Haniya Shahid, Ayesha Najeeb
Khwaja Anees, Saba Anees and Bushra Gillani
Mala Ahsan, Fariha Munir, Farah Asrar

Farah Faisal, Saima Faisal, Hania Shahid, Sadia, Fatima Fazal, Saleha, Shazia, Farah Asrar, Zara Basat, Rabia Rehman 

Minayal with her mom

Azka, Hajra Shah, Zahra Shah, Fatima Shah, Aafreen and Anass
Misbah with Farah Asrar

Custom made cushions, water bottles, tissue papers and table mats with Maqbool's initials

Customized decorative items

Live cooking in progress

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Get together at ladies club

Farah with participants of long hair competition
December is generally an extremely cold month for the city of saints. Sometimes, the temperature drops down to zero degree during this time of year, but December 2015 turned out to be really kind and remained as soft as spring time. Some people longed for the usual fogs and colds which they enjoyed during this month, some thanked God for not having them. Whatever! This month still remained the wedding and party season.

Ladies club Multan also arranged a get together to cherish the pleasantness of weather with its members. On 4th December, the party was hosted by Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar, Fariha Munir Shah, Farah Khwaja, Mrs. Yasmin Khakwani, Mrs. Munaza Iqbal, Zuria Bokhari.

The show was hosted by assistant program secretary Farah Khwaja and program secretary Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar. Different games and competitions were organized between the members. Old friends and acquaintances enjoyed the company. Everybody was of the opinion that the club desperately required a facelift, like renovations, generator and air conditioning. Joint secretary Fariha Munir addressed the gathering and encouraged the members to contribute for the benefit of this legendary platform, which is providing women of the area to socialize and learn something. She also thanked Farah Khwaja who gifted rugs and prayer mats to the club.

At the end, a hi-tea was served. And the special feature of it was that each hostess had brought a homemade treat. Ladies loved the cupcakes made by Zahra Shah (daughter of Fariha Munir) and also admired sandwiches by Farah Khwaja, pizza by Shagufta Khaksar.

Tahira Najam and Yasmin Durrani

Tabassum and Shagufta Khaksar

Samina Khalid, Yasmin Khakwani

Mrs. Khwaja Mueed with Iffat  Mrs. Azra Wajid

Mrs. Mahjabeen Khaliq Durrani

Aneela Ashraf from Dunia news

Mrs. Najma Khand, a friend with Mrs. Rao 

Razia Beg from Nawai-waqt

Farah Khwaja with Samina Khalid

Cupcakes made by Zahra Shah

Thursday, November 26, 2015

5th Annual Debates and Parents Day at SOS Herman Gmeiner School.

Group photo of the participants and guests
Extra curricular activities during educational life are of great significance in building the character and personality development of a child. This fact is truly acknowledged by SOS Herman Gmeiner school. Therefore, special emphasis is laid on providing its students great exposure of unlimited opportunities, to groom and polish their personal traits. Debates/ declamation contests among students is one such activity at this school, which is followed with great enthusiasm by the teachers and students alike.

The competitions start from class level. Every child is encouraged to participate. Then those who prove their mettle compete at semi finals. The winners, then move on to finals. And finals are organised at massive level. Dramatic presentations and skits are added to the show. Parents of the children studying at school are invited to witness these performances, which colours it into a parents day also.

Keeping up the tradition, in the year 2015 these competitions were organized again. And the finals took place on Saturday, 21st November. The show was hosted by school students.  Abdullah Shah accompanied with a female fellow student, welcomed the audience and invited Muzamil Ali for the recitation of holy Quran. Kainat Sarfraz from 2nd year presented English translation of recitation. Natioal anthem was played and entire gathering rose to honour it.

Then the chairperson/secretary general of SOS village & school Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh addressed the gathering. She thanked the philanthropists and contributors, who trusted and supported the cause of SOS. She said, it was because of that, this project has achieved unbelievable heights and is constantly growing. SOS has also started a technical institute, not only to empower and establish its own students in life but to extend its services to society.    

The address was followed by a tabloid, to show solidarity with 'APS, Peshawar martyrs'. All the students from class 3rd to 6th participated and delivered an incredible performance on the song, 'Bara dushman bna phirta hey'. So touching, that every eye was filed with tears.

First to compete, were the young orators from class 4th and 5th. Wajiha Tariq, Areeba Munir, Anzak Munir and Arbaz Khan debated in English, the topic was, 'Is TV better than the books''.

During the break, Bakhtawar Malik, a second year student from 'SOS technical institute', narrated a poem 'What I will'. While she uttered the verses with slow music, a slide show was screeed. Which captured pictures of the catastrophes around the world and sufferings of humanity, with special focus was given to Palestine and Syria.

For 6th and 7th classes, the topic for debate was, 'Is scientific advancement a blessing or a curse'. Mina, Laiba, Abdullah Shah and Alisha were among the contestants.

Another magnificent performance was presented in Urdu, 'Shaitan kee majlis-e-shura'. Superb delivery with amazing costumes, while screen was filled with images of fire give people a feeling of hell.

The last of debates were in Urdu as well. Students from 9th and 10th classes spoke on the topic, 'Whether foreign aid was blessing or a poison for Pakistan'. Nimra, Yasir, Fatima and Noman expressed their views with great fervour and enthusiasm.

Madam Rubina Arshad who was among the honourable judges at this event, expressed her joy at witnessing the great show of confidence and skill by the students. She congratulated the school, staff and students for their efforts and also announced the results. The winners from first group were Wajiha Tariq 1st, Anzak munir 2nd , Arbaaz Khan 3rd. From second group: Abdullah Shah 1st, Hamna 2nd , Laiba 3rd. And Third group: Noman 1st, Fatima 2nd, Yasir 3rd.

At the end the chief guest, Mr. Khwaja Jalaludin Roomi addressed the gathering. He showed his amazement at the excellence of performance by the students and added, they are capable of competing at national and international level. He announced individual cash prize from his pocket for all the participants of the contest.

Among those who attended the event were, Mr. & Mrs. Mughees Sheikh, Mr. Fareed Sheikh, Hania Shahid, Mr. Shahid Khokar, Mr. Najeeb, Sidra Bakhtawar, Mr. Bakhtawar Sheikh, Irum Mudassar, Sobia Hussain and others. The program formally ended with tea for the guests.

The young orators

Mahnaz Fareed

Bakhtawar narrating the poem
The compere

Abdullah Shah

Shaitaan kee majlis-e-shoora

Participants of the skit, 'bara dushman bna phirta hey'

The winners of debates

The honourable judges
Madam Rubina Arshad announcing results with Mahnaz Fareed and Hania Shahid

Mahnaz Fareed and Mrs. Mughees Sheikh with Chief guest Khwaja Roomi 

Khwaja Roomi and Mrs. Mughees Sheikh awarding teachers

Rubina Arshad


Mr. Mughees Sheikh
Mr. Fareed Sheikh cutting the cake at tea time