Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friends of SOS June/July

The hostesses together.

Arrival of June, brings in interesting changes in the city of saints. Because of vacations around the world, return of the natives occur. Whereas, those who enjoy living here, get out for national/ international trips. The faces, which remain missing throughout the year are found here during summers, where those who are seen everywhere, go missing.

This year, the sacred month of Ramadan was to arrive in these vacations too. Lots of personal engagements and commitments were expected. So, friends of SOS decided to hold committee parties of next months together on 25th June. And what other place in Multan can host a better party than Lahore Chatkhara Multan. Thanks to Hania Shahid, the owner of the place, already exquisite ambiance of the restaurant, was elegantly enhanced for this event with personal touches like flower arrangements and candle lights.

No doubt, Hania remains a hostess at all friends of SOS parties, as she conducts and runs its entire functioning. Ramla Saim, Hina Zulfiqar, Ghazala Fraz, Umaima were among other hostesses of this party. Although Hina and Ramla remained missing from the function. The menu of the Hi-tea was awesome and so was the hospitality of the hostesses.

Friends of SOS Multan were extremely delighted to have Nomeeta Sultan among them, a prestigious educationist, a professor from Bahawalpur university. She also happens to be the sister of Hania Shahid, the head of the committee and Lahore Chatkhara Multan. Her presence added grace to the event.

Indeed, it was a fabulous party with great turnover of the members and the fantastic cause it was held for: To help children of SOS village Multan. Kindly remember them in all your prayers and do contribute for them through donations. Remember SOS village Multan and its children for your sadqaats, zakats and donations in kind.

Zahra Bassat and Hania Shahi
Sadia Yakoob with Nomita Sultan
Filza Akbar, Hina Mansoor


Zeba Javed
Mrs. Riaz Qureshi with a friend

Zainab and Uzma with friends

Saima and Uzma

Selfie time Fariha with Romana Khakwani

The beautiful set up

Thursday, May 21, 2015

For the love of traditional hand embroideries

Filza Akbar
The city of saints is famous around the world for its traditional hand embroideries. And Filza Akbar is among those, who are not only preserving this art but adding new styles and innovations to it. Her speciality is the use of pure materials like lawn and chiffons, which always remain in great demand throughout the year because of the environmental factor of entire South Asia.

Her colour palette is quite amazing too. From forever 'in' Whites to the bright hues of shocking Pink and Orange, she has got something to suit the tastes of extremely young to the most senior. Elegance and comfort is guaranteed in each design. Therefore, her clothes are a great success among every age group.

Filza successfully runs her online store under the label 'Shah's hand embroideries'. And remains busy participating in different national and international exhibitions but she never forgets the demand of her clothes in her native city. That is why, she arranges atleast one exhibition every year during summers in the month of May.

This year, Filza arranged her exhibition on 15th May, at her home in Askari 2. As predicted, the exhibition was a total sell out. She had also introduced beautiful dresses for the toddlers this time. Kurtas with embroideries, etc. The turnover was simply fantastic and there was not a single visitor, who left without shopping.

Filza is working with, Women's chamber of commerce Multan, as their executive member. We wish her more luck in future and hope she keeps making her city proud in future as well. 

Filza with Fatima Shah

The display

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Annas' pool party on a roof top garden

Annas, the birthday boy in action

When the ferocious mid-summer sun sets sweltering waves on earth with great vehemence. Yet, it can not deprive the natives of the city of saints of their partying spirit. Rather they find cool new ways to chill. And that's exactly what Annas' mom, Mala Ahsan did. She decided to have a water party for her son's 7th birthday bash.

As the beautiful birthday card depicted, the party seemed to be taking place at a water park. There were also instructions for the guests to bring their swim suits but surprisingly, the venue for the party was none other than their own house. Again, it made everybody curious, what new surprises Mala had enstored this time?

And on 2nd May, what they witnessed, left their jaw dropped. The famous rooftop garden of Mr. and Mrs. Ahsan Rasheed was converted into a water park. Water slides, showers, sprinklers, inflated plastic pools, kiddie swimming pools you name it and every water games related toy and utensil was there. Kids were collecting water in buckets and throwing on eachother. Some used water guns for the purpose. There was loud hue and cry, but with joy. A cool, cool way to get little wild. little crazy, on a hot summer day. Great music system, spread fabulous tunes in the air. Which obviously caused a lot of dancing too, alongwith plenty of games.

As, Mala has already been declared the Queen of theme parties in the city of saints, she is doing her best to keep the crown. So, the details to match the theme were immaculate. From entrance to the top, the house was exquisitely decorated with balloons, fairy lights, theme related banners and a lot more. Not to forget the birthday bounties, the return gifts; water bottles filled wit sweets and candies.

The food, as the party kids must have wished for, was a great collection from KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King. Elders also had traditional cuisine for them, alongwith fresh barbecue. Indeed a spectacular event like always. Thanks to great efforts by gorgeous Mala. Wish you all a fantastic great life ahead. 

Annas with his parents, Ahsan and Mala

Annas with his friends

On the water slide

Tug of war

Assiya with her friends

Afreen with her friends

Go, go, go!!!



Birthday boy, chilling out

Shaherbano, Fatima Shah, Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah

Fill the buckets and bathe in water

So much fun

Bath under shade


Shaherbano, Fatima Shah and Hajra Shah

Balloons on the staircase

Patio filled with balloons

Selfie with FarihaMunirShah, Zahra Bassat (middle), Rabia Bosan (right)

Iram Zaigham and Mehriya Omer

Hajra, Mala with her daughter and Zahra

Hajra, Zahra, Tasbiha Sarfraz and Fatima Shah

Birthday boy's Granny, Mrs. Almas Rasheed

Aarfa Waqar and Maha Fazal with friends

Umbreen and Iram

Return gifts in water bottles