Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ramna Fayyaz hosts an aftaar for FMS committee members.

Ramna Fayyaz.

There is a little number of women, in the world, who have the capability and also the opportunity to pursue their dreams, Ramna Fayyaz  is one of them.

 A beautiful, accomplished, literary lady, blessed with a great intellect, Ramna is one of the most admired and well loved lecturers of department of English, Bahauddin Zakria University, Multan.

Ramna has established a great reputation, not only as a teacher and a scholar but also as a great organizer. She served as backbone to hold a splendid, official re-union for the members of O'Dell, the old students organization of her department, this year.

Being an illumni of the same department, her presence as co-ordinator/ treasurer in O'Dell and as a permanent faculty member at university, proved a connecting point for the official and unofficial ends to meet. And helped pave way to legitimize and formalize this organization. Not to forget, she was among those pioneers, who took the initiative of arranging an informal re-union last year, desperately desired by the old students.

And it is a great honour and privilege of the members of FMS committee that she is in this group as their member. Although, due to her commitments at the department and being the mother of two little children, she was not as active on the scene of partying, as at other fronts.
She tried her best to make it up for that, through the superb party she hosted for the members of FMS committee, in July.

As we all know, July was accompanied with the holy month of Ramadan. Ramna, availed this opportunity to arrange an exclusive 'aftaar' for the ladies. The venue was as fabulous as the menu. She selected Shahjahan grill to entertain her friends, on 24th of July.

Although, she was satisfied by the variety of dishes for 'aftaar' offered at buffet but she was not in a mood to present their ordinary/ regular menu for dinner. She ordered very special dishes like 'Madrasi haandi', 'Reshmi kebabs', etc. Those who turned up the event, truly admired  her hospitality and selection of cuisine.

First aftaar, followed by dinner,  then tea and dessert. Things kept arriving and made ladies remain seated and carry on long chats. It indeed turned out to be a great evening. Which provided a relief, from the stress, ladies suffered due to hectic schedules of Ramadan.

Thanks a lot Ramna, for all your efforts and we look forward to more of your participation in this fabulous group of ladies.

Ramna Fayyaz with Rabbania Abbassi.

Rameen Anis in a saintly mood.
Tehmina Munir
The happy spirit, Masomma Sibtain.

Rabia Bosan, the heroine.

Freeha Ismail and Rameen Anis
Ramna with her son, Sarim.

Triple R girls.
Ramna, Rabbania and Rabia

FarihaMunirShah and Ramna.

The scrumptious menu.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friends of SOS, celebrate 'the summer hair do'

Rubina Arshad, Dr.Saleha Bokhari, Rameen Anis, Samana Ali.
Hostesses of the event.

 'Friends of SOS village committee' is beautiful in many ways. First of all, the main reason behind its functioning is extremely noble, the charitable cause of supporting lives of orphans and abandoned children, distinguishes it from rest of the social activities going around in the city of saints.

Secondly, this committee boasts of maximum number of members in any committee in Multan. Thanks to the well connected Hania Shahid who is incharge of its running, around 115 ladies,
 the senior and influential to young and stylish, all the happening women from different walks of life are now a part of this committee circle.

The fun filled activities, which add vibrancy and zest to the event are another factor to make it popular. The themes, the games and the prizes. Members are encouraged to dress up and show up looking nice and glamorous. And the atmosphere is all friendly and comfortable.

As the summer had strongly settled in the month of June, Rameen Anis, Samana Ali, Rubina Arshad Dr. Saliha Bokhari, Zahra Bassat, Dr. Zahida (all
 the hostesses for the month), decided to hold a party with a theme to cherish, the summer season. Nothing could be convenient as well as stylish, than 'a summer hair do'.

Members were requested to dress their hair in summer styles. The idea was gladly embraced by all and on 24th of June, at Ramada, the venue, where 
the hostesses had arranged a hi-tea for their guests, lots of braids, buns, hi-ponies and blow dried hair added style to the gathering.

To keep the guests entertained, a game of 'Tambola' was also arranged. Plenty of gifts and prizes were awarded among the participants and winners. In short, it was a great, great party by great, great girls.

And we request, all the visitors of this blog to move ahead and be a part of this great cause. Donate your zakat, sadqas to SOS children's village, Multan. You can visit the place and witness, how your contribution can change the lives of hundreds of children.  You can also become a friend of SOS. For further information and queries, join the facebook page of 
SOS Children's Village Multan - Official

Hania Shahid, Saadia Yakoob and Rameen.

Saliha, Samana, Sadia, Anjum and Rameen

Anjum, Beena and Sadiya Umair

Mrs. Shahida Buccha with other members.

Samana presenting the gift to Saba Anees Khwaja.

The hostesses, Saliha, Samana and Rameen, presenting gift to Saira Nasir.

Prize distribution going on.

Clap for the lovely ladies. Romana Tanveer in the middle, Tehmina Munir on Right

Smile please!

Samana never gets tired of distributing prizes! Well done!

Strike the numbers, win the game of Tambola.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dinner by Dr. Munir Hussain Shah for N29 Nishtarians

Dr. Munir Hussain Shah

Nishtar Medical college, Multan is the oldest medical college of Pakistan. During the period of more than half a century, it has graduated, thousands of medical doctors, now spread around the globe, earning honour, pride and respect for their institution and the country. 

The N29 batch, had its Silver jubilee reunion in 2012. On meeting with long lost friends, the course mates realized the importance of staying connected. Thanks to the medium of social media like Facebook and Twitter, some of them had already discovered the whereabouts of their friends but the need of meeting regularly and socializing with their families was emphasized. An idea to set up a committee to arrange regular meetings and formal family gatherings was floated, a suggestion which was immediately embraced by all the fellows. So, every three months a party is organized by the hosts and all the class fellow from N29 are invited with their families.

 Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, M.D. 'Hussain Hospital', is a very popular social and political personality of the city of saints. Munir happens to be, 'the chairman' of 'Private doctors and hospitals association, South Punjab' and President, GOTAHS (Global orphans trust and humanitarian services, Pakistan). He is also a member of N29 and it was his turn to party in the group.

Dr. Athar Hashmat &
 Dr.Rubina Murtaza are the permanent  organizers of this group, who decide the event, menu with the hosts and then extend invitations to each and every member of the committee. As the month of Ramadan was to arrive, the function was arranged on 22nd June, only few days before the beginning of the sacred month.  A dinner was arranged at Shangrilla cuisine. A large number of members turned out at the occasion.  Dr. and Mrs. Rana Altaf, Dr. and Mrs. Waseem, also participated in the occasion. 

We congratulate the organizers of the event for arranging a fabulous evening and look forward to more such events by Dr. Munir Hussain Shah.
Dr. Rubina, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, Dr. Rana Altaf, Dr. Athar Hashmat & Dr. Waseem.
The organizers with the host Dr. Munir

Dr. Rubuna, Fariha Munir, Dr. Huma, Mrs. Rana Altaf.

Haleema, Yumna, Huda, Aemun, Hajra Shah, Zahra Shah and Marrium

The doctors' daughters.

Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with the guests.

Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with Dr. Rana Altaf, Dr. Bhatti and a friend.

Dr. Waseem, Dr. Jehangir, Dr. Kamran with DR. Munir Hussain Shah.

Dr. Hanif Bhatti, Dr. Zaffar Tanveer with the host Dr. Munir Hussain Shah

Qasim Athar, son of Dr. Huma & Dr. Athar Hashmat.

Inaya Athar.

Dr. Zain with Dr. Munir Hussain Shah.
Dr. Naveed Anjum & Dr. Huma Athar

A guest with Uzma Zain.

Mrs. Dr. Waseem.

Hajra Shah, Zahra Shah, having dinner with Marrium.

Mrs. Yasmeen with Dr. Rubina.