Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dr. Huma Athar and Farrah Saqib in FMS committee.

The hostesses, Dr. Huma Athar & Farah Saqib with  Moeeza Kashif.

Few people of the city of saints are blessed to have identities, which surpass, age or time. Such figures remain, a happening part of the society, throughout their lives. Dr. Huma Athar is one of them.

From early student life, she was respected for her versatile, multi talented personality. She never missed out, any extra curricular activities, even when she was a hard working medical student. From 'the ladies club' to her own colleges, she won prizes everywhere and carved a niche for herself and made her family proud. She served as 'program secretary of ladies club' for several years and with all those duties that she carried on, as an office bearer, her dedication towards her children was not effected. She taught them well to earn scholarships and excel everywhere. Exactly, the way she was brought up by her mother Mrs. Naseem Raheem, another famous senior name in the social circles of Multan.

Huma is currently teaching 'sports medicine', in the department of Social Sciences and Anatomy in department of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakria university, Multan. She is also a private practitioner and runs her own medical clinic in the evening.

The author of this blog FarihaMunirShahTimes, takes great pride in declaring Dr. Huma Athar, her oldest of acquaintances. From the times, when she had newly entered the world of married people, where she had no friend and desperately needed one. Her husband introduced her to his class fellow Dr. Athar's wife, Dr. Huma Athar and ever since then (almost spanning over two decades) the bond of friendship remains flourishing every day.

Farah Saqib, is not just Dr. Huma's partner in the committee but is also married to her brother. So, they do share the relation of being sisters in law. Farah is also a very capable woman and runs her own group of committee parties, which also contribute to the social scene of this city. Farah has already embarked on the journey of performing 'Hajj', we wish her, a safe and happy travel.

Farah Saqib's plan for hajj, made these two ladies to reschedule their committee from September to August. And on 18th August, they arranged an exclusive hi-tea for the members of FMS committee, in Ramada hotel.

The menu for the hi-tea was extra special that day, as Farah's husband had requested a special one, for the party, his wife and sister had arranged. Moeeza Kashif, wife of Huma's younger brother, was there too, from Islamabad. So, it also turned out to be a great family event. Others, also enjoyed the kind hospitality of these wonderful ladies and everybody had a good time.

We thank Huma & Farah for arranging such a nice party and look forward towards more in the future. Lots of prayers for both the ladies and extra wishes for safe travelling of Farah Saqib. Don't forget, members of FMS committee in your prayers. God bless you and us all.

Masooma Sibtain.
Aasma Salman, Afsheen Bhaba & Fozia Buccha.
Mona Gillani
Rabia Bossan

The little guest of honour, Maha Bokhari.

Another little guest of honour with the hosts, Rimsha Anis with Dr. Huma, Farrah Saqib 
Freeha Ismail & Aasma Suleman.

The one and only,
FarihaMunirShah. FMS.

Dr. Huma Athar.
Farrah Saqib.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Inaam Ghar in ladies club Multan.

Mrs. Bilmoria, the chief guest of the evening with the chief hostess Mr. Jameeda Malik.

Ladies club Multan is among oldest of platforms, meant only for the purpose of recreation and socialization of  women in the city of saints. This institution has attained the position of a legend now. Generations after generations, ladies from the distinguished families, take pride in becoming a part of it.

According to traditions, keeping up with routines of Multani-ites, this club is usually closed down for vacations, at the arrival of summers. This year, Mrs. Jameeda Malik and her group, were honoured to perform this ceremony.

As expected, this group came up with something unusual. 'Inaam ghar', a quiz program and a game show. Plenty of prizes were distribute for every question asked and games played.

As most of the members of this host group are associated with education. The legendary educationist and renowned personality, Mrs. Bilmoria was the chief guest of the evening and she proved be the perfect choice. As the evening turned out to be extremely enlightening and informative kind of occasion.

The hosts included, Hania Shahid, Surriya Asif, Saffia Riaz Qureshi, Mrs. Altaf Qureshi, Mrs. Qalab Abbass Naqvi, Parveen Ikhlaq, Riffat Ahahd, Dur-e-Shahwaar. Whereas, Mrs. Jameeda Malik, headed the group as the chief organizer.

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar, performed the duties of stage secretary and excitingly, kept the members on their toes. A great number of members of the club attended the function. At the end, a scrumptious, sumptuous dinner was served.

The club is re-scheduled to open, on 21st of September. Members, stay prepared for another wonderful evening.

Mrs. Moeed Khwaja and Hania Shahid with guests.

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar & Mrs. Tahira Najam.

Farah Karim Khwaja

The front row.
Imrana with her sister Rabia

Some of the senior members.

The audience.

Mrs. Rao.

Shahnaz Iqbal with other members.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ramna Fayyaz hosts an aftaar for FMS committee members.

Ramna Fayyaz.

There is a little number of women, in the world, who have the capability and also the opportunity to pursue their dreams, Ramna Fayyaz  is one of them.

 A beautiful, accomplished, literary lady, blessed with a great intellect, Ramna is one of the most admired and well loved lecturers of department of English, Bahauddin Zakria University, Multan.

Ramna has established a great reputation, not only as a teacher and a scholar but also as a great organizer. She served as backbone to hold a splendid, official re-union for the members of O'Dell, the old students organization of her department, this year.

Being an illumni of the same department, her presence as co-ordinator/ treasurer in O'Dell and as a permanent faculty member at university, proved a connecting point for the official and unofficial ends to meet. And helped pave way to legitimize and formalize this organization. Not to forget, she was among those pioneers, who took the initiative of arranging an informal re-union last year, desperately desired by the old students.

And it is a great honour and privilege of the members of FMS committee that she is in this group as their member. Although, due to her commitments at the department and being the mother of two little children, she was not as active on the scene of partying, as at other fronts.
She tried her best to make it up for that, through the superb party she hosted for the members of FMS committee, in July.

As we all know, July was accompanied with the holy month of Ramadan. Ramna, availed this opportunity to arrange an exclusive 'aftaar' for the ladies. The venue was as fabulous as the menu. She selected Shahjahan grill to entertain her friends, on 24th of July.

Although, she was satisfied by the variety of dishes for 'aftaar' offered at buffet but she was not in a mood to present their ordinary/ regular menu for dinner. She ordered very special dishes like 'Madrasi haandi', 'Reshmi kebabs', etc. Those who turned up the event, truly admired  her hospitality and selection of cuisine.

First aftaar, followed by dinner,  then tea and dessert. Things kept arriving and made ladies remain seated and carry on long chats. It indeed turned out to be a great evening. Which provided a relief, from the stress, ladies suffered due to hectic schedules of Ramadan.

Thanks a lot Ramna, for all your efforts and we look forward to more of your participation in this fabulous group of ladies.

Ramna Fayyaz with Rabbania Abbassi.

Rameen Anis in a saintly mood.
Tehmina Munir
The happy spirit, Masomma Sibtain.

Rabia Bosan, the heroine.

Freeha Ismail and Rameen Anis
Ramna with her son, Sarim.

Triple R girls.
Ramna, Rabbania and Rabia

FarihaMunirShah and Ramna.

The scrumptious menu.