Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trivia round and annual prize distribution on friends of SOS party

The hostesses,
Hina Mansoor, Filza Akbar, Hifza, Wajiha Hussnain, Farrah Saqib, Marium and Huma Athar

The atmosphere at friends of SOS party, for the month of February turned out to be totally vibrant. On 4th of February, Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch was brimming with Red and Black as this was the dress code suggested by the hosts, keeping Valentine's theme in mind.

Hostesses included the names of Layla Saqib, Dr. Huma Athar, Mrs. Naseem Raheem, Farrah Saqib, Filza Mumtaz, Wajiha Husnain, Ambreen Abbas, Hina Mansoor, Marium Ahmad and Hifza. Not to forget to consider Hania Shahid, a permanent hostess too, as she runs this committee group and owns the place, Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch.

SOS team had arranged very informative activities for the event. A trivia round, which included a quiz about SOS and its functioning. For the purpose of acquiring this knowledge, members were provided links to the official website and facebook page 
SOS Children's Village Multan - Official . Ladies were requested to visit and prepare for answering.

Also, there were tokens of acknowledgement for few members, who remained actively involved in SOS, as the core group. Which included the names of Ayesha Najeeb, Sidra Bakhtawar, Saadia Yaqub, Fariha Munir, Rubina Arshad.

Rameen Anis, looked drop dead gorgeous in her stunning Red and Black outfit as she conducted the quiz and hosted the show with forever youthful and beautiful, Mahnaz Fareed. She first provided a brief introduction to the planned activities and then there was a great response, every time she asked a question. All those present at the occasion, amazed with their preparation. The atmosphere remained charged with excitement till its end.

There was also a special announcement about the nomination of new General secretary of SOS. Any member, who is not a board member of SOS but contributes towards the cause of SOS, is selected for the post. This year, Eesha Faisal has been appointed. Congratulations Eesha! We hope you are going to prove an asset for this noble cause. Wish you a great success.

Chairperson Friends of SOS, Mahnaz Fareed also addressed the gathering and thanked the hostesses and organisers for arranging this superb event. She also showed her gratitude to friends of SOS for their constant support and philanthropy.

Later came the turn of prize distribution. First, those associated with SOS were showered with admiration for their contributions and were presented tokens of acknowledgement. Followed by all those, who had answered the questions correctly. Members truly enjoyed this quiz as it was informative and also it brought gifts for majority of them. Well done, team SOS and hostesses of the party in particular. At the end, as is the tradition of Lahore Chatkhara, a superb feast of a hi-tea was served for them.
We congratulate team SOS for organising another fabulous event and really admire the hostesses for their generosity.

For the party in March, an exciting new idea is introduced. There is going to be an auction of brand new designer clothes, gifted to SOS by renowned fashion designers. It is again, first of its kind activity for the natives of the city of saints. The highest bidder will get the clothes and money collected from that, will be used for arranging upcoming weddings of two girls from SOS village. Participation of all the members will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to it! Best of luck!

Rameen Anis, conducting the show

Tehmina Munir and Mahnaz Fareed
Layla Saqib and Rameen Anis
Hania and Rabia Rehman

Saadia Yaqub, recveing her prize and addressing the gathering with Rameen Anis and Mahnaz Fareed

Ayesha Najeeb, delivering her thanks after receiving her token of recognition by SOS

Farrah Faisal, answering the question and receiving her prize

Hajra Noon, Marium and Saima Salman

Rubina Arshad, with Saadia Yaqub and Rameen Anis
Rameen introducing Eesha Faisal

House full 

Farah Khwaja with a friend
Saima Faisal with Mahnaz Fareed and receiving prize from Rameen
Rameen with Nadia Amir and a friend

Sidra Bakhtawar

Rabia Bosan
Mahnaz Fareed, Hania Shahid, Saima Faisal, Rabia Rahman

Marium Farrukh, Rameen and Mahnaz Fareed
Rameen, Saleha Bokhari, Mahnaz Fareed

Misbah Ali

Ramla Saim

Asma receiving her prize for answering the question

A friend with Naema Batool

Zahra Hussain, Rameen and Farah Khwaja

Friends with Aarfa Waqar

Fariha Munir receiving her token and selfies with Mahnaz Fareed, Saima Faisal, Saadia Yaqub

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Courtroom scene by 'the law society' of Beaconhouse, A-level branch, Multan

Participants' group photo with judges, guest of honour and the head mistress

Beaconhouse school system, does not require an introduction. Over last four decades, it has clearly emerged as the most prominent and trusted educational institute, specially for Cambridge system in Pakistan. Although, this school system anchored itself in the city of saints, almost three decades ago. Yet, its A-level branch is relatively new and therefore boasts a beautiful, brand new, custom made building and is currently headed by an extremely capable, well motivated and motivating person, Saadia Yaqub.

Saadia firmly believes in the significance of the school policy of building students' personalities with extra curricular activities. And often provides the educationists at A-levels branch to go an extra mile and furnish their students with some practical knowledge.

Recently, the law society of A-levels branch under the most able law teacher, Mr. Farraz Durrani, came up with conducting a debate in the form of a court room scene. The topic was 'Capital punishment-death penalty should be abolished'. Two teams were made, one in favour and other in opposition. Those who spoke against the topic, included the names of Dania Shahid, Hamza Fareed, Anum Faisal . Whereas, Amna Shahzad, Farwa Maqbool, Mahnoor Ashraf and Hadia were in its favour. Amna Shahzad, was also handed over the additional responsibility of comparing and she did a fantastic job.

How a court room can proceed without judges. One of the most popular educationists of all times, well acknowledged and well respected for cambridge studies Ms. Layla Saqib was invited as judge, alongwith Fariha Munir and alumni of the school Ms. Fatima Hamida. Whereas, the guest of honour was Mehnaz Asim, a non resident Pakistani, who is making her country proud, teaching Accounting in a university in Canada.

On 10th February, participating students wore gowns to reflect, they were lawyers. The courtyard of the school was laid with complete set up of a court room. With a jury and audience. Dania Shahid opened the discussion with a speech in favour of the topic. Whereas, Amna Shahzad performed the service from the opposition. Hamza Fareed and Anum Faisal also carried on with valid arguments.

At the end, the verdict was delivered, alongwith the votes of the jury. Layla Saqib, declared the motion to be in favour of those who spoke against the topic. She also shared her opinion and guided about the right attitudes of the lawyers in courtroom. Fatima Hamida, a young Beaconhouse alumni, who completed her law from Lincolin's inn, England and is sharing her knowledge at another institute in Multan, also advised the students. Fariha Munir said, she is in complete favour of the topic but as the vote of the jury and decision of other judges turned out, majority is authority.

The guest of honour Mahnaz Asim, was also invited to speak and being a teacher of accounts, she pressed upon the importance of numbers in debates. She congratulated the teacher Mr. Farraz Durrani, the head mistress Saadia Yaqub and all the participating students for such a great show.

At the end, a formal prize distribution ceremony took place. The head mistress also announced, as 10th February was the birthday of one of the worthy participants, Mr. Hamza Fareed and his parents had sent a cake for the celebration. The cake was cut by the birthday boy and the program ended with a scrumptious hi-tea.

We congratulate Beaconhouse A-level branch, head-mistress Saadia Yaqub, law teacher Farraz Durrani for such a well organised and informative show. Keep up the good work. All the best for future.

Guest of honour Mahnaz Asim, judge Fariha Munir, Law teacher Farraz Durrani, judges Layla Saqib and Fatima Hamida 

Judges, Fariha Munir, Layla Saqib and Fatima Hamida, listening

Head mistress Saadia Yaqub with guest of honour Mahnaz Asim

Dania Shahid.
The guest of honour Mahnaz Asim

Saadia Yaqub, Mahnaz Asiawarding token to Fariha Munir
Saadia Yaqub, Mahnaz Asif with Layla Saqib

Hamza Fareed, participating as lawyer,  turned out to be the birthday boy


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Visit of COO to SOS village Multan

The dinner, in honour of the COO SOS

SOS children's villages international is a global organisation, which strives to maintain its standards all over the world. There is a strong sense of responsibility and realisation in it. That, not only the future of many children is dependent on them but the contributions of the philanthropists are put to use correctly. It is made sure that everywhere in the world, the system operates smoothly and successfully. Therefore, special checks are balances are kept through inspections on all its levels, nationally and internationally.

Recently, for this purpose, Mr. Carsten Volz, COO SOS Children’s Villages International was in Pakistan. On 14th & 15th January 2017, accompanied with team of Ms. Saba Faisal and Ms. Rubina Ali (vice president, SOS children's village Pakistan), Mr. Volz visited Multan as well. A very warm welcome was stretched out for them by 
Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh, Chairperson of SOS Multan. 

On 14th January Mahnaz, hosted a resplendent dinner at Ramada, for the distinguished visitors to introduce them to board members at Multan. Those among the present were, Rameen Anis, Mr. Freed Sheikh, Mr. Shahid Khokhar, Mr. Anees Khwaja, Mr. Hussain, Ayesha Najeeb, Fariha Munir Shah, Rubina Arshad and Saira Nasir. 

With great humility (which is her star characteristic) 
Mahnaz Fareed introduced the visitors and the board members, using kindest of words to honour them. Later, this session proved out be great for exchange of ideas and how all those who were present at the occasion were associate with SOS. Which was followed by dinner. Mixed menu of desi and international cuisine was served, keeping in view the tastes of the guests. Here, special credit must be given to Saima Faisal, friend of the company and one of the owners of Ramada hotel. Who created, extremely beautiful ambience with plenty of flower arrangements and candles to make this evening even more beautiful. Mahnaz did show her gratitude for that, even in Saima's absence.

The evening did turn out to be useful and fabulous. Board members were then released of further responsibility of taking the visitors to tour all the projects of SOS, Multan. And Mahnaz carried on with that.

On 15th January, Mr. Volz, Saba and Rubina Ali, visited the village and enjoyed the company of children. Took a tour of SOS school, SOS youth house and other projects and were truly delighted to see everything running flawlessly and successfully. They admired the efforts of Mahnaz Fareed and her team.

And The city of saints, completed endorses the opinion. Mahnaz Fareed is indeed pride of Multan. Keep shinning dear Mahnaz. We love you.

Mahnaz, Mr. Fareed Sheikh, Mr. Shahid khokar

Rameen Anis and Saba
Rubina Ali, vice president SOS children's villages, Pakistan

Rameen Anees with Saba Faisal

Mr. Anees Khwaja and Mr. Hussain
Saira Nasir and Rubina Arshad

After dinner, group photo 
Mahnaz lead the tour of SOS village
Visiting one of the houses
Group photo, with the natives of youth house