Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FMS committee lunch by Fatima Gillani.

Fatima Gillani.

"In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day.  No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them."  
-  Aldo Leopold
June is among the real hot and humid months in Multan. A time of the year, when the city life gets slow due to soaring temperatures. The summer sun provides all the reason for a lazy beginning of the days and justifies the lethargy that spreads over till the sunset.

 Most of Multani-ites pack their bags and move to cooler places, as soon as the summer vacations start. This is exactly, what the hostess of the month in FMS committee, Fatima Gillani  does. As, she had to leave for Murree, where she spends her summers, with rest of the Gillani family. Also, the arrival of the sacred month of fasting, Ramadan was around the corner, Fatima decided to hold her party in the beginning of the month.

On Friday, 6th June 2014, Fatima invited all the committee members for an exquisite afternoon and luscious lunch at Shahjahan grill. Despite the summer heat, the turnover was amazing. The ladies brightened the scene in their summer outfits and discussed their plans of summer trips and shopping, with their friends, while relishing over the succulent traditional cuisine.

All those, who know Fatima Gillani, know that she is one sweet and courteous person. Her kind hospitality remained a salient feature of the event. She personally reached out to each and every guest to ensure, if they had tried each dish out of scrumptious menu she had ordered. The gathering truly admired her sweetness and her taste.

Thanks a lot Fatima, for your loving and caring attitude, like always. All the members truly enjoyed the time spent at your party. And also, they look forward to more of your hospitality in the times to come. Hope you are having a wonderful time at Murree. Best of luck.

Filza Akbar and Ramna Fayyaz

Tehmina Munir and Rameen Anees.

Zahra Bassat with her son.

Aasma, Masooma Sibtain and Annie Gillani.

Dr. Huma Athar, Rani and Rabia Bosan.

Freeha Ismail, Afsheen Bhaba and Mona Gillani.

Masooma Sibtain

Dr. Huma Athar.

Aasma Suleman, Fatima Gillani and Rani.

Freeha Ismail.

Filza Akbar and Ramna Fayyaz with Zahra Bassat in the background.

Zahra Bassat

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Filza Akbar prides herself with another exhibition.

Mrs. Shahida Buccha, Mrs. Razia Shah (Filza's mom), Filza Akbar

Multan is rich with specialities-peculiar to this land only. The traditional art of hand embroideries, is one of those, this land always remained famous for. A method of decorating and embellishing clothes, which made the city of saints historically known, far and wide in the world, during the times, when there were no means of communication. The beauty, elegance and quality spoke for itself.

 Like the rest of the creative jobs, this art is falling a prey to computerized systems and machine making but Filza Akbar is a young entrepreneur, who is bent upon reviving the art of hand embroideries. 
At Shah's Designer Hand Embroideries, Filza makes sure that her product line includes, a variety of thread work and all the traditional stitches.The traditional and most loved crossstich , the hip and funky ethnic embroideries, mellow Shadow work, the bling sheesha (mirror work), Kaamdani and Taarkashi.

Being a young lady, her emphasis also remains on styling the clothes according to the contemporary taste. That is why, her designed clothes are well admired, among the young and old alike.

Filza brings out her summer collection, every year in the month of May. This also makes her the only designer from Multan, whose exhibitions are published regularly on FarihaMunirShahTimes, every year.

Keeping up with the tradition and the public demand, Filza took her exhibition to more formal grounds. The summer collection of 2014, was displayed at Mehfil hall, Ramada, Multan.

Filza's mother, Mrs. Razia Shah, was there to support her daughter's latest venture. Alongwith her own supporter and friend, Mrs. Shahida Buccha. Lots of Filza's friends and those who heard about her exhibition, enjoyed buying her designed clothes.

This year, Filza had another feather in her cap, as she participated in Wexnet exhibition in Lahore and rocked the place by selling out all her stuff. For which she also bagged, 'best exhibitor award', which speaks volumes about the quality of her work.

Not to forget the fact; being the member of SPWCCI (the women's business chamber of Multan), Filza gets the opportunity to show case her stuff, at different exhibitions in India, France and other parts of the world.

We congratulate Filza, for arranging another successful exhibition and also on receiving the award. We are really proud of you Filza. Keep up the good work!


The designer, Filza Akbar with her friend.

Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah, selecting their favourite designs at the exhibition.

The display.

One of the designs.

The customers kept pouring, till late at night.

The art work, ready to be sold out.

The beauty of Filza's designs.
The award Filza received at Wexnet 2014.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zainab and Ayesha's birthday bash by Aasma and Suleman

Aasma Suleman with the birthday girls, her daughters,
Zainab and Ayesha.
Birthdays are becoming a serious business for the natives of the city of saints. Designers are hired to plan the theme and then contribute professional finish to all the details and arrangements.

Aasma Suleman, together with her husband Sahibzada Suleman, arranged one such designer birthday bash for her girls, Ayesha and Zainab Suleman, on 17th May, 2014. Keeping in mind the summer heat, the air-conditioned hall of Shangrilla Chinese was selected as the venue.

The theme was, 'Princess' party'. Each table was laid with different ornaments to compliment the theme. Everything, which a little princess would like to have in her party was there. All shiny and glittery stuff. The basic colour scheme which was followed throughout the party area was Pink, White and Black. Balloons, hearts, stars, circles, shaped glitterati, of the same colour scheme were hung everywhere.

On each table, there were placed, cut watermelons, crackers and cotton candy, all set as the starters for the scrumptious dinner to be followed. Also, live popcorns were being served to the kids and elders, alike.

The serving tables had concealed lighting underneath, which imparted a beautiful glow to the ambiance. Disco lights, music system, D.J played songs on demand, while kids danced an partied together.

There was also a slide show on LCD, of the pictures, from the moment, Aasma's little princess' were born. All the lights were switched off and the show went on, while the hall changed different hues.

Aasma's mother and other family members, alongwith all her inlaws were there to add living colours to the happy occasion.

Aasma appeared stunning in her designer dress with her little girls dressed as princess'. There were plenty of games for the children and elders alike. So, everybody enjoyed and had great fun in the cool environment and later entertained by the sumptuous treat of Chinese food dinner.

Congratulations Aasma for arranging a splendid party and it was by far the most beautifully detailed party ever. Stay blessed to arrange thousands of more occasions for your friends and family.

The ladies of the family with Suleman 
Aasma Suleman, looking stunning.

Cool girls, party together.
Maha Bokhari, Zahra Shah Bokhari, Shaherbano Bokhari, Hajra Shah

Sister and brother
Fatima Arshad and Abdullah Arshad.

Naughty aunties, snatched the party caps from the kids.
Rabia Bosan having fun with Mona Gillani

Freeha Ismail, with her kids Aemun and Haseeb

Afshan Qureshi.

Aasma, helping Ayesha cut her cake.

The family cutting the cake with girls.

Rabia, Mona with Zahra Bassat.

The enchanting setting.
Mamoona Bosan, Zahra Shah & Hajra Shah.

The beautiful lighting and beautiful arrangement.