Monday, January 26, 2015

Milaad at ladies club

Arrangement of milaad, awaiting guests
Allah Almighty orders all the Muslims to follow the example of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and apply his prophetic way in words, deeds, obedience to his commands, avoidance of whatever he prohibited and adopt his manner in times of ease, hardship, joy and disappointment.Immense love and respect for the holy prophet and the faith that Muhammed (peace be upon him) is the last and final apostle of Islam, are the prerequisites of this religion. 

The holy Prophet said "None of you will have faith till 
he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind." 
So, inorder to offer their respects and to show their love, Muslims around the world observe the birthday of holy prophet, as milaad. Every year, members of the ladies club also express their love for the holy personality of Muhammed by organizing one such event.

Dr. Naseem Durrani who happens to be the 'finance secretary' of this club (for a lifetime now),  is among those fortunate few, who enjoy the blessings of hosting such prestigious function every year,whenever there is her turn to party in ladies club. This year, her group members included, Mrs. Huma Shahzad, Mrs. Tahira Najam, Mrs. Shaheen Mueed, Mrs. Yasmin Bokhari, Mrs. Naheed Zulfikhar, Aliya Sipra, Shahnaz Iqbal, Musarrat Wahid, Nusrat and Bushra.

A traditional lay out of a milaad was set up. Entire place was adorned with fairy lights and flower arrangements. 
Cushions were placed on floor. Rose petals scattered everywhere. The atmosphere was brimming with light and fragrance.
The two new Assistant program secretaries, Ayesha Durrani and Farah Khwaja seemed excited to perform, responsibilities assigned to them. They vigilantly extended their help and assistance to host group members and Program secretary, Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar.

Program started with recitation of Quran, followed by Naat recitals (poems to honor and admire, the holy personality of prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him). Then a lecture was delivered to highlight the characteristics and traits of of last prophet of Islam.

Later, Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar,  went on to announce, another new induction in administration. Mrs. Yasmin Bokhari was assigned the duties of Assistant finance secretary. At the end of the show, savoury treats awaited the gathering.

We congratulate the new members on board, best of luck. Also, pray their  presence turns out to be of great advantage of the club.

The new additions in the club administration,
Farah Khwaja, Yasmin Bokhari and Ayesha Durrani

Mrs. Shagufta Khaksaar and Farah Khwaja

Yasmin Durrani

Mrs. Iffat and Mrs. Iqbal Chaudhary

Mrs. Mueed, a wonderful hostess, distributing dates

Tahira Najam

The beautifully decorated stage.

Shahnaz Iqbal, looking wonderful, like always.
             Tea Time
Mahvish Durrani and her mom.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Milania's Winter Wonderland part

Milania's picture at Left, alongwith party decorations.

''Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality''.

Milania's parents and grand parents must have believed in this quote by Andy Goldsworthy, that's why, they went on to create a winter wonderland in an oasis like Multan. The early days of January, did provide free chills to match the theme but a lot of hard work and labour was evident in the party decorations. Milania is the first child of Mr. Bakhtawar and Sidra, a well loved, popular, bright and beautiful, young couple. Bakhtawar happens to be the son of two extremely happening personalities of the city of saints. His father, Mr. Tanvir Sheikh, is among top industrialists, business magnates of the region and Mrs. Romana Tanvir. Where Mr. Tanvir Sheikh remained 'president' of different important chambers of the country, Romana still heads, Women's wing of Multan chamber of commerce, as president. A stunning lady always known for her beauty, style, great tastes and lavish parties.Living upto the traditions set by her mother-in-law, Sidra took great pains to perfect the layout required to meet the theme. Green lawns were scattered over with artificial snow. Giant, glittery snow flakes hanged, with balloon arches everywhere. Everything had a glittery, shiny, icy, glassy, classy touch about it.

What actually drove people at the party go insane, were the king size penguins cut-outs. Kids went mad taking snapshots and selfies, with Penguins and gigantic pictures of icy landscapes, out of 'Frozen' movie provided the perfect backdrop for the, winter wonderland. Blue, Pink and White, the uniformity of colours contributed serenity to the entire scene. Every nook and corner was decorated ostentatiously. Lots of games were there, with music and all the fun desired to entertain the kids and adults at a birthday party.

Tables were laid with Marsh mellows, chocolates and other candies to keep the guests, nibbling throughout the party. 
Before the mention of lunch/ brunch served at the party, bear in mind that this family is famous for serving extravagant cuisines for their guests. Famous, Multani chops, halwa poori and desi barbecued food, etc were there to please the seniors. Whereas, Western gastronomous delights were there in abundance to match the theme and to satisfy the tastes of the younger generation and kids alike. Desserts and sweets abound.

In short, it was great, great party. Perfect in every way. We congratulate Sidra and Romana for hosting such a beautiful event. Prayers for a long, happy and healthy life of Milania and a very blessed ever-after to this amazing couple of Bakhtawar and Sidra. Hope to catch up these wonderful people again with something new. It was their winter show and it made others wonder, what they have enstored for the future. In Percy Bysshe Shelley's words; 
O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
Milania's parents
Bakhtawar and Sidra

The ravishing Roamana Tanveer
Proud Granny

Rani Maqsood
Rameen Anees

Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with Ahsan Rasheed

Mahnoor, Hafsa, Zara, Amna Faisal, Saima Faisal, Zahra Shah, Hajra Shah, Fatima Shah and Anum Faisal 
Atia and Saba Anees
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah with his lovely daughters,
Fatima Shah on Left, Hajra Shah and Zahra Shah on Rght.

Mala Ahsan
Rabia Bosan

Hajra Shah, Fatima Shah, Anum Faisal and Zahra Shah

Saima Faisal and 
Milania's youngest grand uncle

The proud parents
Sidra and Bakhtawar

Hajra Shah, Zahra Shah, Fatima Shah, Hafsa and Amna

Milania's picture displayed beautifully.

Ornamentation of the tables with Candies and marsh mellows.

Penguin cut-outs, Giant snowflakes and other winter wonderland accessories

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Aasmaa Suleman's Lunch for FMS committee

Aasma Suleman
Aasma Suleman is one remarkable lady. Well known among the social circles of city of saints, for her politeness and good manners. She remains an inseparable part of FMS committee group since its inception, in 2003. Wherever, whenever, FMS committee will be remembered, Aasma's name will be there among the pioneer members.

A loving mom of two beautiful girls and a caring wife to her banker husband. Alongwith handling her responsibilities at her home front successfully, she makes special efforts to carry on her wonderful social life by entertaining her friends and family on regular basis.

 Being the daughter of one of the prominent restaurateurs of this region, she is fully aware of the art of conducting superb functions. She throws splendid, themed birthday parties for her daughters (few of which can be found on FarihaMunirShahTimes). She never hesitates to extend her hospitality required at any occasion, whether she is at her best of health or not.

Aasma was fortunate to host first party of the year 2015 in the committee group mentioned above. Though, winters were at the peak, alongwith wedding and party season in Multan and health-wise she was not too well but she managed to take time out to host a lovely party . On Saturday 10th January, she arranged a superb lunch at Shangrilla Chinese, Multan cantt. Her guests feasted over remarkable scrumptious Chinese cuisine.

Remember folks! For those who are fond of Chinese food, there is nothing better in Multan than this restaurant. It still remains the best in town for its taste and quality, for almost twenty two years now. Try their Chicken drumsticks, no match to it anywhere in entire Pakistan.

The menu selected by Aasma was indeed sumptuous. All those present at the occasion enjoyed a lot. Thanks a lot Aasma! We pray that Allah Almighty bless you with a son to complete your family and you remain an inseparable part of FMS committee, happily ever after.

Mona Gillani with Aasma Suleman

Ramna Fayyaz

Selfie with Fariha Munir Shah

Freeha Ismail