Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hina Gillani's FMS committee lunch

The hostess of the event,
Hina Gillani.
Change of weather has already taken place in the city of saints. October arrived with cooler evenings and pleasant afternoons. Allowing ladies to dress in a little more ceremonial way on the Eid as well. Women, who were tired of wearing simple cottons and lawns for over half an year now, opted more for silks and chiffons. Materials, which automatically add charm and elegance to the personality.

As, Eid-ul-Azha is quickly followed by the beginning of new Islamic year. The sacred, yet sombre month of Muharram-ul-Harram, calls for no celebrations as a sign of respect. Therefore, last few days of Zilhaj after Eid, before start of Muharram are followed by endless train of weddings and parties. During such busy days, it is indeed difficult to take time out to arrange committee parties, etc. Hats off to Hina Gillani who managed to arrange a fabulous lunch, on 18th October, for the committee members of FMS committee group.

It was the very first time for Hina Gillani to host a party for this group of ladies. As, she recently joined this committee, persuaded by her sister in law Fatima Gillani,who is among the pioneer members that FMS committee started with, more than a decade ago.

Hina had made a splendid arrangement at Shahjahan grill. She got a separate hall reserved for all her guests, so that her friends and committee 
members could enjoy a relaxed treat, in a private atmosphere. For many, it came as a revelation that there was such a big, beautifully laid, conference room type of hall in Shahjahn grill as well.

And the best part of the whole event, was the fantastic choice of menu. Special Mughlai cuisine, including barbecue and specialities fit for royalty, was the food selected by 
Hina  for all her friends. All those, who were present, thoroughly enjoyed this gastronomical delight.

Unfortunately, the turn over of members was not as much as wished for, to savour, what feast Hina had for them. As, in committee parties in Multan, it is becoming a trend that people only attend parties of those, who had attended their parties and they do remember, who had not attended theirs. So, always keep in mind, if you have joined a committee group with parties, do try to attend them all. Otherwise, people are going to refuse to be a part of whatever you are doing for them.

Anyway, Hina had done, all her best to make this party a great success and all those, who attended it, loved it. Those, who missed it, missed a great party.

Thanks a lot Hina for such a wonderful lunch. We look forward to more from you in future. Stay happy and blessed!

Freeha Ismail, Hina Gillani, Fatima Gillani
Tehmina Munir with the hostess Hina Gillani
Maha Bokhari.

Dr. Huma Athar and Marium Farrukh.

Sisters in law
Fatima Gillani and Hina Gillani
Having a good time together.

Special, delicious rice, with Cashew-nuts.

Gulab Jamun

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Garden party by Friends of SOS.

Hostesses of the evening.
Misbah Idrees, Tehmina Munir, Mala Ahsan with Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh.

Another amazing evening awaited 'Friends of SOS', on 14th October. An Eid milan, garden party in magnificent lawns of Multan Garrison Mess. Grandiose historical building of MGM, superb ambiance, pleasant weather, complimented by colourful, formal Eid attires by the members. Which was the demand of the hostesses, Mala Ahsan, Tehmina Munir, Misbah Idrees and Munaza Malik. It indeed worked well to cherish the spirit of Eid.

The hostesses had also arranged different games, with lots of prizes to entertain their guests. Being an eid milan, there had to be a prize of best dressed lady. The hostesses extended their generosity to all those, who were present. Every guest was a winner and well deserved it, as everybody appeared at their best.

Mahnaz Fareed  addressed the audience and updated them about the recent achievements, regarding SOS village and Herman Gmeiner school. Also present at the occasion, were the girls SOS is so proud of.  One of them is Salma Aslam, who just returned from a three weeks course from "Vienna International Christian - Islamic Summer University - VICISU''.

Mahnaz explained that it is not just everyday living that SOS village provides these children but their future is also kept in mind. It is made sure that every child here, when grows up, becomes a useful, respectably earning, established and law abiding citizen of Pakistan.

Back to the party now. Though a healthy number of members attended the function, but as we all know, the count of members in this committee exceeds more than one hundred. Not many members confirmed, their availability. So, the hostesses went on to hold arrangements on much bigger scales. Which caused a lot of inconvenience for them. Here is a humble request to all 'friends of SOS', that they should always confirm their availability or unavailability before the party. Rather, more appropriate to say, they must, they should take time out to attend these functions to encourage the cause that this group of ladies stand for. 

Congratulations to the organizers and the lovely hostesses for such a wonderful party and great hospitality.

The group photo.

Hania Shahid and Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh.
Dr. Huma Ather and Mala Ahsan with a guest.

Two of the members, sharing smiles with Dr. Huma Athar.

Enjoying the lovely ambiance.

Stunning Hania Shahid
Distributing prizes.

Misbah with guests.

The pride of SOS.

Listening attentively

Misbah Idrees, Tehmina Munir, Salma Aslam and Mala Ahsan

Munaza, Mala Ahsan, Misbah Idrees, Tehmina Munir

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Re-opening of Ladies Club.

3 graces of ladies club Multan.
Shagufta Khaksaar, Uzma Burana, Tahira Najam.

Ladies club, Multan is an independent organization, with a proper membership and annual subscription system. Although, a nominal amount but funds collected through that are used to pay for salaries of the staff at duty and maintenance of the place, alongwith, electricity, phone and gas bills.

Unfortunately, as our entire country is gripped by the fever of tax evasion, this place (which basically serves women of the privileged class of the city of saints) also suffers from problems of the kind. Most probably, annual contribution is an extremely small amount of money that few of the prestigious members forget to pay, in time. The staff at duty, whose livelihood depends on the sum, desperately goes on reminding them but it takes them months, sometimes years to pay their dues.

Like every other living institution, this club also faces highs and lows. Sometimes, it is the most happening place, attracting a lot of people and attention. Sometimes, it gets dull. Some members, also act like fair weather friends. They turn up only, when the best of things are happening here. Without realizing, the club still had to bear the expanses, when it was going through a low phase. They simply refuse to pay for the time, when they were not around. Such irresponsible acts, cause a lot of  inconvenience for administration and smooth functioning of this club.

There are some generous and benevolent members, like Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtiar (lifetime president of the ladies club), who lend out favours at all the difficult times to keep this place, working flawlessly. But this does not mean, others should consider it their right to free entertainment and socializing. Which in such a case, becomes accepting a charity. As mentioned earlier, most of the members here, belong to the upper strata of society, they should remain as committed towards their responsibilities, as vigilantly, as the want the club administration to run this place. So, it is a reminder and request to all the members. Pay your dues in time. No matter, what club, association, institution, you are associated with. Always, pay in time.

This issue is addressed here because there were problems that the club admin to face, reopening the club, this time. But it had to be done in September, in any case. So, Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtiar(president), Mrs. Fariha Munir (Joint secretary) and Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar (program secretary) took the plunge.

A tea was arranged on Monday, 23rd September to reopen the club. The highlights of the show were an Islamic lecture and dua by Mrs. Shahida Burq. A quiz show to mark the martyrs and war of September 1965, which was conducted by Mrs. Uzma Burana. And few games to keep the members actively involved in the program, by Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar.

The gifts/ prizes for all the competitions were also a contribution by Shagufta Khaksar. Whereas, generator was a courtesy by Dr. .Munir Hussain Shah. And tea/ refreshments were provided by Mrs. Farrukh Mukhtiar. So, this is how, the members of the administration came together, on their own to reopen the club. A good number of members attended the show and admired the efforts of the administration. At the end Mrs. Fariha Munir was requested to distribute the prizes. Later, all the members had a nice time, over tea in the open lawn.

FarihaMunirShah giving away the prize to Madam Razia Beg.

Mrs. Iqbal Chaudhary.

Mrs. Rao and Mrs. Najma Khand

Yasmin Bokhari, Mrs. Shahida Burq, Mrs. Nasim Durrani and Shahnaz

The program secretary, Shagufta Khaksar, conducting the show.

Rabia Bossan.

Sadia from Ausaaf newspaper

Siamese Twins, dressed in Khaadi clothes,
Shagufta and Azra.

Madam Razia Beg from Nawai-Waqt

The show is on.