Monday, July 31, 2017

Friends of SOS at London Courtyard

Beena Younas with children of SOS village

The month of May, seemed to be dedicated to the ladies of Khwaja family. At every club, in every committee group, it was their turn to party. Yet, their hospitality knew no bounds and they did not fail to amaze with adding a touch of unique awesomeness to whatever they did.

As the summer vacations had already started in May. Friends of SOS decided to bring two months of parties (of May and June) together. And all of the twenty hostesses, hailed from the Khwaja family.

On 16th of May, friends of SOS, alongwith some of the children from SOS village were extended an extra special treatment by these lovely ladies and were invited for a splendid hi-tea, at the most happening, the respledent, 
newest of restaurants, London Courtyard. Which is established and successfuly run by none other but their very own, Beena Younas's sons, Mr. Jawad Khawaja and Anees Muhammad Khwaja.

Response to this invitation was extra ordinairy. The place was overwhelmed with members. A personal touch of beautification by Beena Younas Khwaja could be seen in every nook and corner. A heart shaped flower wreath was set at the entrance as a prop for photography and to express fondness of the hostesses for the noble cause of SOS village. Candles, cages, flower arrangements, magnified the charms of already pulchritudinous ambiance.

The chairperson of SOS village Multan, Mrs. Mahnaz Fareed had compiled a video presentation but the hustle and bustle, flood of members left no room for anything else. Everybody was busy enjoying the bright atmosphere and happy chattering with friends. Hania Shahid announced that there will be no party during July as most of the members leave the city for vacations during this month. Also, the recepients of the committee of July are members, who live out of town and usually they donate entire sum to SOS. This generous act drew a lot of admiration by all those who were present.

Khwaja ladies were kind enough, not only to invite a group of SOS children among the guests but also arranged special gifts for them according to 'make a wish come true' scheme by SOS. The smiles on the faces of those children could simply brighten anybody's day. It is unbelievable, how a small contribution of yours can make a difference in the life of others. SOS village provides you this opportunity. Come forward, lend them a hand, enliven the spirit philanthropy in you. 

As the party was by the owners of 'London courtyard', the hi-tea offered a flamboyant menu. Everything was served in abundance. The perfectly airconditioned atmosphere made people forget, it was conflagrant month of May. All the ladies of Khwaja family, including Farrah Ilyas, Ayesha Abdullah, Rabia Bosan, Zahra Hussain, Sabah Anees Khwaja, Attia Fatima Muzaffar, Mehriya Omer and others remained extremely hospitable, reached out and attended each and evey guest. Indeed, it was a wonderful party and the hosts did their best to make it perfect. We congratulate you all for another splendid event. And we love 'London Courtyard', wish this new venture of yours a great success.

The very loving, Beena Younas with her daughters in law Sabah Anees and Mehar Jawad

The gorgeous young friends of SOS,
Sara Alamgir, Mona Jehanzeb, Seemal Kanju and Misbah Ali

Farrah Ilyas, Rabia Bosan and Zahra Hussain

Friends with Afshan, Hania Shahid and Ittrat Gillani

Smarties, Sabah Anees with Mahnaz Fareed
Mrs. Irum Mannan with Masooma Sibtain
Afshan and Mala Ahsan

Saima Faisal and Dr. Munaza

Zahra Bassat and Mahnaz Fareed

Mehriya Omer with friends
Haniya, Saima Faisal, Zahra Bassat, Tasbiha
Khadija, Irum, Saadiya Yaqub, Saira Nasir, Rubina Arshad with a friend
Ayesha Najeeb, Haniya Shahid, Mahnaz Fareed with a friend

Sara, Mona Jehanzeb and Seemal Kanju
Saira, Zainab and a friend with Khadija Babbar
Beena Younas with Asifa Khwaja and Ittrat Gillani
Mehriya Omer and Marium Farrukh
Tasbiha, Shazia Fareed and Saima Faisal
Beena Younas with Sadia Dogar
Rubina Ashraf, Misbah Ali and Mehriya Omer with children of SOS
Arfa Waqar
Asifa Khwaja
The ravishing Rubina Akhtar
Beauties together, Beena with Tehmina Munir

Farrah Khwaja with children of SOS

The superb ambiance and arrangements at the London Courtyard

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer 2017 party at Ladies club Multan

Few of the hostesses of the event. Mrs. Naseem Raheem, Bina Khwaja and Farrah Ilyas

Ladies club Multan, the oldest, most distinguished platform, meant for social interaction of the ladies of Multan. Continues to bring them together, to share their joys and sorrows. Helps them find friends to cheer in celebration. To hold their backs and provide shoulders to lament in sadness.

It is a historic place now. Generation through generation, women took pride in being its members. It was necessary, for the influential and happening to be a part of it. This club has its own legends. It is itself a living legend. 
Though, times have changed and there are plenty of other attractive activities available for women to remain busy, but those, who are associated with this place can not separate from it. Mrs. Naseem Raheem, Mrs. Farah Ilyas, Beena Younas Khawaja, Aisha Farzana Khawaja, Farah Saqib and Rabia Bosan are among few of them. And together they hosted a party for the club memebers on 13th of May. 

As, it was the holy month of Shaaban, the ladies decided to hold a prayer and an Islamic lecture. The most interesting part of this program was that it started in time (although Multani-ites are also legendary for delaying the events and late arrivals). But all the hostesses, were there in time (except Rabia Bosan, who remained absent).

The show was hosted by the 'program secretary', Mrs. Shagufta Khaksar. A renowned scholar was invited to lecture about 'the significance of 15th of Shabaan'. Followed by prayers for the country and the entire Muslim ummah. Also, an Islamic quiz was conducted as an activity. Those, present at the event displayed a lot of excitement and knowedge by answering the questions.

Beena Younas, according to her sweet nature, went on to extend her hospitality at this occassion as well. Alongwith her family and friends, Mrs. Farrah Ilyas and Aisha Khawaja, who remained involved with the guests, as if the party was at their own house. Whereas, Mrs. Naseem Raheem, in addition hospitality was also responsibe for arrainging the hi-tea. All the hostesses, played their part very well and deserve Congratulations!

At the end, the joint secretary of the club, Fariha Munir Shah was invited on the stage to address the gathering. She thanked the hostesses for their efforts and the guests for being there She extended special thanks to Mrs. Farrah Ilyas, who has contributed a railing outside club door. Which helps those seniors members, who are unable to climb the stair without some support or underlay. Fariha also announced that it was the last party of the season, club will now remain closed till September, because of summer vacations.

Mrs. Naseem Raheem also addressed the gathering, thanked them for their presence. And invited them to a scrumptious hi-tea, hosted by the group members. The turnover was amazing, despite summer heat. Everybody enjoyed the lavish menu, which is a characteristic and tradition of this group.

The  gorgeous, Mahvish Durrani

The stunning, Shahnaz Khakwani

Dr. Huma Athar among the audience

Beena Younas Khwaja
Mrs. Fakhra Ateeq Bokhari and Iffat Ahad

 Madam Shagufta Khaksar
Shaireen Rana with her children

Samina Zaffar

The media girls, Iram with Shaireen

The audience
Mrs. Naseem Raheem and Tahira Najam
Shagufta Khaksar and Shahnaz Iqbal

Friends with Azra

Mrs. Naseem Akhtar Raheem

Monday, May 1, 2017

Mi Amor collection by Zubia Zainab (ZZ)

Romance blended in clothes

Zubia Zainab is, what happens to you, when you are born in a family of pioneers in fashion designing. No matter, how good your grades are, or how high your GPA is, nobody pushes you to become a doctor or engineer. All that you are required to do is, to get a degree in fashion designing. And Zubia Zainab, not only did that but went on to become a high achiever at 'Pakistan institute of fashion designing, Lahore'. Living up to legacy of her mom  Masooma Sibtain (her mother) of being the best everywhere.

Zubia Zainab is a miracle in herself. She is among few of those fortunate people, who had a label, a brand in their name, even before the start of their professional studies. She is a fresh fashion graduate today but the brand 'Zubia Zainab' had its first outlet launched in 2012, almost half a decade ago. Throughout her academic life, she practically applied at her brand, everything she learned at the college.

And now, this fresh graduate is all set to conquer the world of fashion designing, with her fabulous new 'Mi Amor' collection. High fashion clothes, blended in romance, elegance and sophistication. Sheer grace, in Patels, infused with royal and majestic styles. Yet, extremely chic and youthful.

The brand played around with organza's pure silks as well as chiffons in mellow pastel colours for the ultimate festive looks this season. This is ZZ's first collection after graduating from PIFD. The collection "Mi Amor" meaning my love in Spanish is a tale of nostalgic affection. It brings back the sweet nostalgia through pastel tones and layerings of sheer fabrics. 
Prices of the new collection range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 40,000.

This collection is taking the fashion industry by storm with great reviews from magazines such as GT, Sunday, Paperazzi, Diva, Hello, Ok and Weekend. This collection embarks the start of the journey of the which available at FPL lahore, FPL Multan, Ensemble Islamabad and official ZZ (Zubia zainab) and Trends outlets. The chic collection has minimal details with modern sophisticated cutlines.

City of saints, takes pride in owing this brand and we wish Zubia Zainab, best of luck with this amazing venture. We know, this little genius is going to be the greatest brand of all times.

The stunning designs 

Elegance and sophistication

Fusion of tradition and the chic

Totally regal

Sheer grace

Pretty in Pink

Pastel charm

Mesmerising colours

To fall in love

The young designer,
Zubia Zainab