Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another eve with friends of SOS at Chatkhara

Asma, Iram Mannan, Ashan Waseem, Khadija Zubairand Kiran,
few of the hostesses of the evening

Friends of SOS is the only one committee group in the city of saints which agglomerates, so many resplendent causes together. First and foremost being the welfare of children of SOS village. Then it provides a huge platform with 180 members for the ladies to socialise. That too not for just for being social but for a worthy cause of helping humanity.

After its kick off party in September, the month of October fell to another remarkable group of ladies. Who managed to gather a record turnover for the party. Afshan Waseem, Asma Nadeem, Mrs. Iram Mannan, Kiran, Riffat, Mrs. Khalid, Khadija Zubair, Rabia and Zeba, the hostesses of this party left no stone unturned to extend invitations at the personal level. Each and every member of the committee was called by one of the hostesses, alongwith text messages as reminder of the party.

And Voila! The result could be seen at the gathering. Every corner of the venue was bustling with ladies. Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch was totally booked for friends of SOS. Hania Shahid, the gorgeous owner of the marvellous restaurant was among the guests and hostesses to keep the things rolling perfectly. Each and every member was treated as a VIP. Perfect kind of hospitality displayed by group of hostesses, as well as Hania.

All the members appeared fresh and beautiful. The pleasant change of weather was evident in their apparels. No other restaurant would ever host a menu as rich as laid by Lahore Chatkhara Multan for the parties hosted for friends of SOS. Simply aperitive.

Rameen Anees displayed pictures and video clips of the previous function arranged by friends of SOS and encouraged all members to involve children of SOS village in their parties as well, which was brilliantly done by the members of first party. Mahnaz Fareed also pressed upon the point that children of SOS must not be left out, as they are the reason behind holding all these activities. So, all those, who have their parties coming up, must keep a part for SOS children to play.

The party was a mega hit. Amazing number of members. Superb arrangement. Beautiful and hospitable hostesses, what else one can wish to see at a party. Congratulations to all those involved in putting it together. Keep up the good work.

Kiran Dogar, Rameen Anis, Mahnaz Fareed, Zahra Basset

Rabia Bossan, Shazia Arshad, Afshan

Farah Khwaja, Iram Mannan, Dr., Ambreen and Kiran

Hania with Shazia Fareed
Khadija, Asma Nadeem, Tasbiha and Hania Shahid
Rubina Arshad and Shazia Arshad
Zeb Khakwani with a friend
Asma Nadeem

Shimaila (Mala) Ahsan, Freeha Ismail, Shazia Arshad 

Saima Salman, Tasbiha Sarfraz and Hajra 

Mahnaz Fareed, Zahra basset, Shazia Fareed (standing) , Saleha Bokhari and Farrah Khwaja

Rameen Anis and Mahnaz Fareed

Saira, Asma, Khadijah, Farrah Saqib and Mariam Farrukh

Rameen describing activities done at previous event 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Baking classes by Zahra Shah of The Little Cake Company

Fatima, Rabail, Eliha, Zahra and Laiba. Few of the participants with the baker/teacher

 It is generally believed, the difference between a doer and loser is that, a doer does not miss an opportunity.  Many people have ideas but those who put their ideas to practice are the ones who bring change in the society.

 Same can be said about Zahra Shah, the little entrepreneur behind, 'The Little Cake Company'. She was approached by several ladies, who were interested in learning the art of baking. Interestingly, it was the holy month of Ramadan. Summer heat and electricity load shedding was on peak, but it was the only free time for most of the girls, who were back in the city of saints for summer vacations.

Zahra followed what Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook suggests, “... if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” With a number of interested lot in hand, Zahra did not wait for things to fall in place. She simply took the plunge and grabbed the opportunity of conducting baking classes. 

Two days baking classes were designed during the month of August. First day was dedicated to sweets. Simple chocolate cake, cupcakes, brownie trifle, were on the list. Second day to the savoury delights.  Making of pizza, Lasagna and baked whole chicken was to be demonstrated. Zahra typed and printed her personal recipes in a form of beautiful booklets, with some free pages to note down tips, etc. And venue could not be better than her own home,so it was.

Eliha Qureshi, Fatima Ghauri, Laiba, Rabail Khakwani, Sephora Khan Pitafi, Sara and Fizza Gardezi listed for the class. Which turned out to be superb. All the girls had a wonderful time. They enjoyed the company of other girls, as well as the recipes and techniques demonstrated by the very bright and capable baker, Zahra Shah. Most of the girls attending the class were Zahra's age fellows or little senior or junior. Therefore, the comfort level was amazing. Students did not shy away from asking anything if they failed to understand. It was indeed a great learning experience for them.

It was the story of few of the very first, baking classes arranged by Zahra Shah. In the future, she intends to hold classes for different age groups. Currently, she is running her business successfully. She operates from her home. People collect their orders from there or get them delivered at their own place.

Although, all her baked items are highly appreciated but the Macaroons, Meringue and cookies she makes are unrivalled. As no other baker in the city of saints offers these delights.

Zahra has created quite a name as a baker and an entrepreneur, in a short time. She was recently invited by Beaconhouse A-level campus to judge a cooking competition. A great acknowledgement by any alma mater for its alumni. Specially the efforts of the head mistress, Mrs. Saadia Yaqoob are greatly appreciated.

 Zahra remains thankful to all those who appreciate, admire her work and spread the good words about it around them, which keep the cycle of her work going. She remains determined to provide the best, hygienically safe, great quality products for her clients. We wish and pray that Zahra Shah and her business thrives by leaps and bounds. Best of luck to her for a big, bright future. May you bedazzle the world.

Zahra Shah invited at Beaconhouse school as judge for cooking competition

Table set for the class
The ambience

Eliha Qureshi, Zahra Shah, Fatima Ghauri

A close look of the recipe book
Recipe books laid on the table
Students, writing the instructions

More participants Sephora Khan Pitafi (standing), Sara, Fatima and Hajra (sitting)
One of the participants Fatima Ghauri

                                                    Few of the items made in the baking class                        

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friends of SOS bid Rukhsana farewell

The hostesses of the event Freeha Ismail, Rubina Ashraf, Mahnaz Fareed, Ayesha Najeed, Masooma Sitain, Esha

Friends of SOS Multan committee re-started with a big band of record number of 180 members and a very pleasant news in the month of September. One of the senior children of SOS village, Rukhsana was to be married and the recipients of the committee, Mahnaz Fareed, Rubina Arshad, Freeha Ismail, Masooma Sibtain, Ayesha Najeeb, Saira, Eesha and Humna Chatta decided to host her Mayoon/Mehndi function on their party. And these ladies did their best in arranging this event, as they would have done for their own kith and kin. Their hospitality was simply remarkable.

The venue was Multan Garrison Mess (MGM). The main hall was completely booked for the event. Adorned with Yellow flowers and bouquets, entire setting was draped in the same hue. All the members, old and new, were requested to attend the function in complete formal dresses, as they would attend a Mehndi of their own family. Everyone came up to the expectations. Each and everyone shined and sparkled beautifully. And were generous enough to shower gifts and presents for the bride to be.

Hania Shahid welcomed all the members of this new committee and made them aware of its terms and conditions. Rameen Anees made some special announcements. Including a request to all members, whenever they host a party, they must include activities to involve children of SOS village. 
Mahnaz Fareed also addressed the gathering and expressed her joy at the happy occasion of Rukhsana's wedding.

Rukhsana looked adorable in Yellow traditional mehndi outfit and jewelery made of fresh flowers. In order to cherish this resplendent event of their friend's life, girls from SOS village were there too. All dressed up, looking fabulous. All the mehndi essentials were present there. Every nook and corner was decorated with conventional decorative ornaments. Dholak, music, lots of singing and dancing. Hostesses had also arranged Glass bangles as giveaways for the guests (another wedding tradition from the city of saints). To top it all, a sumptuous dinner was served at the end.

It was no ordinary occasion. The event exhibited the seriousness of SOS village Multan towards establishing its children. When she arrived at SOS Multan, Rukhsana was little child. She was raised with care and encouraged (like rest of the children at the village) to work hard in her studies and she turned out to be a shinning example. She did her Masters and was immediately picked by SOS Herman Gmeiner school Multan to serve as teacher. The same institution, which raised her, provided the livelihood and found her a match, when the time came to tie her nuptial knot.

Rukhsana is not the only one. Many other girls were raised by SOS village Multan, in a respectable fashion and married off at suitable time. Not just girls but boys are also dealt with same care. They are followed around for studies. 
Mahnaz Fareed remains on a constant hunt to find opportunities of higher studies, professional colleges/universities and jobs for these children. Establishment of SOS Herman Gmeiner school and SOS Multan institute of technology had the same purpose behind them. To educate and employ, the SOS children, alongwith others.

We truly admire these efforts and wish all the children at SOS village, well established future. Also, we congratulate the hostesses for creating such a wonderful event. Alongwith lots of prayers and best wishes for Rukhsana, wish her a happy, content and blessed marital life. 

The bride, Rukhsana

Hania Shahid
Rubina Arshad, Huma Athar & Farah Saqib

Fariha MunirShah and Rameen Anees
Mahnaz Fareed and Zahra Basset

Mahnaz Fareed, Tehmina Munir, Rameen, Saadiya Yaqoob

Farah Kareem Khwaja with a friend
Masooma Sibtain, Marium Farrukh and Freeha Ismail

Zooni, Saima Salman and Hajra Noon

Misbah Ali

Kiran, Mudassara, Asma Nadeem
Masooma Sibtain and others, singing together
Mrs,Erum Mannan & Afshan Waseem


Rukhsana ready for mehndi ceremony

Rukhsana's house mates from SOS performing the dance ritual
Rukhsana's friends from SOS setting the Mehndi

SOS children, Mrs. Mughees A. Sheikh and Mahnaz Fareed, with the bride and groom on the wedding day

Rukhsana in her bridal glory on her wedding day