Monday, January 30, 2017

An exquisite brunch by Itrat Mujtaba Gillani

Itrat Mujtaba Gillani, the stunning hostess of the event
'God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December'. And Itrat Mujtaba Gillani is to native ladies of the city of saints, what roses are to December. Women need to get spick and span and here Itrat has Alle' Nora for all their grooming requirements. Looking for a nice restaurant with a cosy ambience and there, she has Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch, successfully run alongwith her business partner Haniya Shahid. And if you have got a sweet tooth and there, at the side of Chatkhara, sits 'Nutella shack'. And no, you are wrong in guessing this time. Not her, but her daughter and son in law, own the place.

But it is not enough. Itrat is not a lady to stop anywhere. She is so full of creative energies that she is constantly looking for something new to do. Recently, she decided to start a committee with a hefty amount. To be able to collect and provide her friends an amount, sufficient enough to start a business partnership. Great idea indeed.

 And she flaunted the first committee party with a big bang by throwing a resplendent brunch, on 19th December at her beautiful house. A day, when bright sunshine added warm glow to the wintry morning. Serene greens looked greener, everything seemed brighter, beautiful and cheerful.

Itrat, her daughter Haleema and daughter in law Khadija, proved to be as fabulous hostesses as they appeared. They extended their gentle hospitality with great care and humility to all the guests. Itrat's grandchildren were also there to add colour to the environment.

Lots of distinguished guests were invited with all the committee members. The turnover was superb and the layout was simply breathtaking. The place was flooded with unusual flower arrangements. Poinsettia, Amaryllis, Anemone and Camellia were specially brought for the occasion. Which turned the whole atmosphere fully fragrant. Crystal chandeliers and candle stands added an exquisite touch of elegance.

Those present at the event truly enjoyed that beautiful afternoon. And they were even more pleased with the scrumptious menu laid by none other but 'Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch'. A fabulous feast indeed. Followed by sumptuous sweet treat by 'Nutella Shack'.

We congratulate Itrat for carrying out such a wonderful event. Which lasted for a day but its beauty will live in the memories of the people who attended it. And we look forward to more such events by you. Wish you all the best, for all your future endeavours!

Itrat with her daughter, daughter in law and grand children

Mamoona Qasim, Khadija and Zara

Aasma Suleman, Afshan and a friend with Mehriya Omer

Superb decor

Haleema, Itrat and Khadeeja

Khadija with her son

Checking out the selfies

Haleema and her children

Dessert bar by Nutella Shack
The flower arrangements

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vintage theme by friends of SOS Multan

Impressive depiction of vintage theme

The first 'friends of SOS committee party' of the year 2017 took place on 26th January at Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch. Zeb Khakwani, Khadeeja Babbar, Saira Khakwani, Sara Amjad, Faima Aon, Zainab Arshad, Kiran Kanju, Ramla Saim, Hina Zulfiqar, Saira Khakwani were among the hostesses. They embraced a very romantic, 'Vintage' theme to embellish this event. Members were requested to adhere to the fashions of the past.

In order to reflect glory of the past, one of the hostesses, Khadeeja Babbar arranged amazing ornamentation at already beauteous backdrop of Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch. Flowers, fauna, candles and pearls with old fashioned stuff like phonograph/ gramophone, antique radio and alarm clock, conveyed a sweet, nostalgic feeling. Everything was truly beautiful and everybody appeared picture perfect. Therefore, an endless spree of selfies and photography continued at the spot.

Rameen Anis informed friends of sos, about the wedding of an SOS girl child, which recently took place. And thanked for their amazing immediate response at the previous party. In which more than ninety thousand rupees were collected at once, on the request of Mahnaz Fareed. Mahnaz added ' friends of sos Multan' are truly blessed with a generous, philanthropic spirit. She also thanked them for their continuous support.

And for the next party, taking place in February, lots of activities were announced. Including a trivia round. Friends of SOS were requested to visit SOS Children's Village Multan - Official  on facebook and prepare for a quiz about SOS. Also, there will be a momination 
for General Secretary of SOS. So, the members should not miss it.

At the end, a splendid feast of tasteful cuisine was laid for hi-tea. Emulating the great variety which Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch has to offer. The very hospitable Hania Shahid, carried on playing the role of perfect hostess of the place, alongwith the hostesses of the day. Well done everybody and keep up the good work. All the best!!

Hostesses Zeb Khakwani, Khadeeja Babbar
Khadeeja Babbar,  the genius behind the decorations

Classic personalities
Zahra Basset, Fariha Munir Shah and the twins, Mahnaz Fareed and Haniya Shahid

Rameen Anis, Sara Alamgir and Rani appa

Beautiful Bina Younas

Ravishing Rabia Bosan

Saira Nasir, Mahnaz Fareed, Sidra Bakhtawar, Haniya Shahid, Romana Tanveer, Rameen Anis, Rani, Sara

Simple yet sophisticated Shazia Arshad

Zeb, Kadija and a friend

The stunners
Bushra Gillani with friends

Farah Karim and Uzma with a friend

Hajra Noon, Saima Salman and Arfa

Farah, Arfa, Miba, Uzma, Zahra Basset and Tasbiha

Selfie time Zeb Khakwani and Bushra Gillani with friends

Zeb Khakwani, Ayesha Khan and Saira Khakwani

Zahra Basset, Hania Shahid, Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh
and Fariha Munir Shah
The scrumptious hi-tea menu and fantastic set up at Chatkhara 

Monday, December 26, 2016

French ambassador H.E Martine Dorance visits SOS village Multan

The beautiful  invitation card

SOS villages are much more than what the name suggests. An entire world of affectionate, careful nurturing is provided to children who have lost their parental care or it is not in the best interest of them to remain in their family. They are not only catered with a family based care system but also properly educated. And they are not just left at this. Efforts are made to establish them with jobs and settle them in lives by arranging marriages for them.

SOS Village Multan project houses 175 children and educates 1200 students. Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh is the proud runner of the place. Her dedication and hard-work, along-with support and philanthropic spirit of her family and friends has made her achieve miracles like SOS Herman Gmeiner school and college, SOS technical institute,which are of benefit not only to the children of SOS but also the children from low-income group families of the society. God knows what is next on her list but till now, she has left no stone unturned for the welfare of unprivileged. And never lets an opportunity go, to highlight infront of the world, the importance of the sacred cause that she has dedicated her life to.

In this regard, she recently invited the newly appointed French ambassador to Pakistan, 
Ms. H.E. Martine Dorance, who most graciously accepted the offer and visited SOS village Multan on 7th December 2016. A fabulous show awaited her. Warmly welcomed by Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh, Ms. Dorance and her team were first introduced to the staff of SOS and representatives of friends of SOS at SOS village Multan. Followed by a brief welcome address by Mahnaz, children of SOS presented spectacular dance performances and a tabloid, conveying a desire for a peaceful world.

Then, Ms. Dorance was taken from SOS village to beautifully constructed youth home. A video documentary about SOS villages Pakistan was shown to the guests, alongwith a briefing by Mahnaz Fareed. Ms. Dorance was also invited to speak and she expressed her awe and amazement over these wonderful projects in Multan. She admired such efforts for the uplift of Pakistani society.

gifted by Mr. Fareed Sheikh a scrumptious lunch with special mix of desi and western cuisine was served. Live jalebi and barbecue cooking was personally looked after by Hania Shahid as the fantastic catering at the occasion was done by her restaurant Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch. Rameen Anees also played the role of perfect hostess

The event represented the commitment of Pakistani society for the uplift of humanity and also conveyance of a positive image towards international community. A selective number of guests attended this function. Those among present were Mr. Mughees A. Sheikh, Mr. Fareed Sheikh, Mr. Shahid Khokar and Hania Shahid, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah and Fariha Munir, Mr. Mujtaba Gillani and Ittrat Gillani, Mr. Shabaz Chattha, Mr. Anees Muhammad Khwaja, Mr. Khwaja Romi, Mr. Anees A Sheikh and Rameen Aness, Mr. Tanveer Sheikh, Mr. Bakhtawar Sheikh, Mr. Najeeb Ahmed and Ayesha Najeeb, Mrs. Rubina Arshad, Mrs. Saira Nasir, Mr. Tallat and others.

We congratulate Mahnaz Fareed and Mrs. Hania Shahid for a perfectly organized event and wish SOS village Multan, the very best of everything.

The guests visiting one of the houses of SOS village

Mahnaz Fareed briefing the audience

Spectacular dance performance by SOS children

Tabloid by children of SOS 
Mahnaz Fareed guiding the ambassador to SOS youth home
The august gathering reassembles in youth house
Mr. Tanveer Sheikh and son Mr. Bakhtawar Sheikh

Lunch time
Dr. Munir Hussain Shah

Mr. Khwaja Romi, Najeeb Ahmed, Mr. Shahbaz Chatta, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah, Mr. Tallat

Mr. Gillani, Mr. Anees Khwaja, French guest, Khwaja Romi, Dr. Munir Hussain Shah
Ittrat and Mr. Mujtaba Gillani

Mr. Mughees A Sheikh and the French ambassador

Saira Nasir, Rubina Arshad, Rameen Anees, Hania Shahid, Ayesha Najeeb

Goher, Rameen Anees and Ittrat Bano

Mr. Anees Muhammed Khwaja with a French guest
Rubina Arshad with French ambassador and Saira Nasir

Itrat Bano and Hania Shahid
Mahnaz Fareed with the ambassador H.E Martine

Gohar Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Rubina, Saira and Fariha Munir Shah

Live barbecue by Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch
The layout, simple yet elegant