Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rabbania's lunch at Chatkhara

The lovely hostess, Rabbania Abbassi.

 Rabbania Abbasi is a young, extremely polite, bright and beautiful girl. A loving wife and a mother of a two year old son, but it is not her complete introduction. For several years, Rabbania remained a member of visiting faculty of department of English, Bahaudin Zakariya university, Multan. Where she gained a big fan following from her students and was greatly admired for her teaching skills. It was there, where she met FarihaMunirShah and they became good friends, regardless of an age difference between them. And when Rabbania decided to socialize, Fariha's committee group was already there to widen her social circle.

Committee for February 2015 was hosted by her for the members of FMS' committee group. And she decided to arrange it, at the newest, most happening place in the city of saints, Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch. Over there, she selected the artistically decorated courtyard to host the lunch. The lanterns hanging on the roof, the antique traditional doors, the beautiful layout is indeed itself a pleasure to lay your eyes on.

Rabbania made an effort and personally called all the members to attend. They also made a positive response by being there. The weather turned out to be in her favour as well, as clouds gathered and sitting in open courtyard seemed like heaven. The menu she selected, was scrumptious and sumptuous at the same time. Shahi biryani, Chicken Karahi, barbecued tikka, kebabs, handi, everything was ordered in abundance. Everybody truly enjoyed and admired her selection of delicious food. No matter, how diet conscious, no member could even refuse the dessert. Kulfa, a speciality in sweets by Chatkhara.

In short, it was a wonderful party. Among few of the very bests hosted in FMS committee. Thanks a lot Rabbania for your awesome hospitality. We look forward to more from you in the future. Till then, all the best for everything in life. God bless you.

FarihaMunirShah with Rabbania Abbassi.

Freeha Ismail & Fatima Gillani with Rabbania, who proved a wonderful hostess

Filza Akbar & Saima Faisal
Ramna Fayyaz and Rabbania Abbassi

Kiran Doggar

Bushra Gillani and Tehmina Munir
Aaennie Gillani

Masoma Sibtain

Hina Gillani, Fatima Gillani, Freeha Ismail

Ramna Fayyaz
This lady doesn't need an introduction. You already know her name,
Rabia Bosan

Saima Faisal

Food served in beautiful traditional pans at Chatkhara Lahore, Multan branch

Kulfa, the special desi dessert

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Opening of Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch

Lahore Chatkhara, Multan branch. Jewel of a place.
For those, who are fond of gastronomical delights, Lahore Chatkhara, is not a new name. Over the decades, it has emerged as a strong chain of restaurants with outlets around the world, offering a wide range of traditional tasty food. Unfortunately, Multan remained deprived of any of its orifice, until recently. Till two great female entrepreneurs of the city of saints, Haniya Shahid Khokar and Ittrat Gillani, decided to join hands and open a superb restaurant, which provides great aesthetic appeal along-with tantalizing food.

Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch, actually created history. As, it is the first restaurant of any kind in South Punjab, ventured by two ladies only. Of course, these ladies have educated, broad-minded and supportive husbands, who encouraged them and provided abutment to the project, wherever it was required. Haniya's husband, Mr. Shahid Khokar is a renowned industrialist, entrepreneur, political and social figure. Whereas, Ittrat is Mr. Mujtaba Gillani's wife, who is a politician of a great calibre and brother of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani.

Haniya Shahid (also recognized well by her maiden name, Haniya Tasneem Sultan) h
ad the honour of serving as Director of National Bank of Pakistan for four years, during peoples party government. Also, she remains constantly engaged with  SOS village and Herman Gmeiner school, Multan. Her efforts for charity and education have earned her a great name. Ittrat Gillani has always been known for her contributions to fashion and beauty. She has been successfully running, franchise of 'Alle Nora' beauty parlour in Multan for decades now.

So due to these wonderful ladies behind this project, the day Lahore Chatkhara  Multan branch was launched, would always be cherished as a great day for women empowerment in the region. These women of substance have laid a great example for other ladies to come forward and be enterprising.

Friday 30th January, a soft launch was organized at Chughtai street, Gulgasht, Multan. Haniya and Ittrat invited, a big number of dignitaries, luminaries, public figures, pillars of the society to the occasion and they responded whole heartedly. People like Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani, former prime-minister of Pakistan, also graced the event.A proper ribbon-cutting ceremony was arranged. The two lovely owners of the place, bestowed this honour upon their mothers to cut the ribbon. A scrumptious buffet feast was laid from 6 pm to 9 pm, extremely convenient for all the invitees to drop in by their choice and enjoy the lavish menu.

Those who had visited other branches of Chatkhara restaurant at other places, were greatly impressed to see the stylishly decorated ambiance, which is quite unusual for the kind. Haniya, went on to explain that she wanted a homely atmosphere for her restaurant. Something, where from the elites to the ordinary, could equally enjoy. Mr. Ali Nasir was trusted with the interior designing and he did a fabulous job. Mr. Najeeb, the renowned architect of the city, converted this place to a jewel, with adding beautiful courtyards and separations, created for separating the sitting areas. Hats off to the team for their marvellous effort.

On 2nd February, Lahore Chatkhara Multan branch opened its doors for public. 
This place has turned out to be an enormous success and has been drawing even greater crowds than highly publicized Western food chains - operating in the region. The commitment to taste and quality can be witnessed in the dedication of the owners. They remain present at the spot to personally keep a check at everything.
 Haniya and Ittrat were truly overwhelmed with the amazing response of the natives of the city of saints and hope it continues in the future as well. These ladies know, how to run the business and bring out the best of everything. We congratulate them for making it such a huge success, in such a short time and wish them all the best in the future.

Behind every successful woman, there is a supportive husband.
Hania and Mr. Shahid Khokar with their daughter Dania.

Former prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani

Ittrat, Haleema, Roshika and Ali Nasir.

Mr. Mujtaba Gillani, his daughter Haleema and Mrs. Ittrat with Mrs. and Dr.Munir Hussain Shah

Mahnaz Fareed, Hania Shahid, Beena Yunus, Anees Muhammad Khwaja with Mrs. Sabah Anees

Little ladies, Maha and Shaherbano Bokhari.

Mothers of the great daughters Ittrat and Hania, cutting the ribbon to inaugurate their restaurant

Dr. and Mrs. Munir Hussain Shah
Zahra, Haleema and Bushra Gillani.
Rabia Rehman, Hania Shahid and Mahnaz Fareed

Selfie time: Freha Ismail, Zahra Bassat, Hania Shahid, Rabia Rehman and Mala Ahsan with FarihaMunirShah
The impressive interiors.

The romantic courtyard
The cake

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photography contest by SWA at Nishtar Meical College

Sheikh Jawad Ahmed Munir receiving certificate of admiration by Dr. Zaffar and Dr. Siddique
Nishtar Medical College Multan is among highly prestigious institutions, known around the world for producing extremely competent doctors by providing modern, quality education in medical. Established in 1951, it is the third oldest medical institution of Pakistan.
Recently, a young doctor in making at this distinguished college, Jawad Munir, came up with the idea of forming a students organization to help support the students and patients, who are not financially sound. Also to produce healthy competition by arranging competitions and activities among the students. This idea of the young genius was proudly embraced by the students and the teachers alike and SAW (Students Welfare Association) came into existence. The very first event of Students Welfare Association (SWA) of nishtar medical college Multan took place in February 2015. A photography contest which provided a platform to many aspiring photographers all over Pakistan, alongwith the students of this medical college. An open invitation was extended for the participation and the response was simply amazing. The announcement of the results took place on 7th February, accompanied with a splendid event, which took place at Arts Council, Multan and included an extensive session of entertainment by NMC students and some local stars of the city of saints. Aesthetically pleasing dance performance, singing, skits and anecdotes by comedians. In short, a truly entertaining evening, which not only served as a tool to introduce this organization to others but also helped raise funds for it too. Names of some honorable guests, who presided over at the occasion, included: - Dr.Prof Zafar Tanveer ( Professor of Physiology. NMC)
- Dr Prof Siddique Khan Qadri ( Associate prof community Medicine. NMC) - Dr Prof Abeera Nazir Tiwana ( Prof pharmacology. NMC ) - Dr Tahira Munir - Sh Munir Akhtar ( XEN public health Multan and director PHA ) - Nazir chughtai ( Director engineering ) - Malik saleem ( Director anti-corruption) - Majid qaisrani ( Town officer ) - Dr javed kamal The organizers of the event, all SWA team members deserve a lot of admiration for their hard work and making this a huge success. Following are the names of the team and office bearers. Founder of the association : Jawad Munir Chairman: Dr Zafar Tanveer. Staff president : Dr Siddique Khan Qadri. The SWA team: Tayyba Roshni , Nigah e Mustafa , Rao Awais , Aun Shah , Qiadat , Zia , Junaid Iqbal , Junaid Zaidi and Waqas. Whereas, the prize winners of the contest were, Abdul Raphy, Sana Khan, Arva Zubair, Areeb Tiwana, Saleh Farid, Javaid Khan, Haleema Tariq,Syed Hamza Hassan,Umar Ghaffar, Ramlah Tariq, Hassan Rafique, Zainab Javed, Murtaza, Fakhir Haseeb, Ahmad Riaz. We congratulate, the organizers for such a fabulous job and hope to see more of their activities in the future. All the best to the young doctors.
The dance performance by Sadaat and companion

Nelson and the band
Muneed and Danish, singing together.

Sacchal Yar.

Zainab Javed receiving her prize.

Junaid Zaidi performing

Dr. Zaffar and Dr. Siddique
Giving away certificates

Ahmed Marral, the rapper.
Local Multani artist performing.